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Skilled contemporary interior designers can certainly transform your home into a sleek and stylish space. And as one of the most exciting avenues of homemaking, contemporary interior design is a melting pot of ideas that are ever-evolving. As a result, these designers and decorators are showcasing the best of the built environments today. So read on to find the top creatives part of the design evolution! 

Hire a Contemporary Interior Designer if You Want…

Contemporary decorating by Valerii K
Moody open living by Decorilla contemporary interior designers

Strong Neutrals

Covetable contemporary interior design has gentle neutrals at its core. Greys or sandy hues create a versatile base for higher contrast colors, like white or black. As a result, it brings about a vibrant atmosphere with pops of colors punctuating a room.

Rich Texture 

Thanks to progress in new materials, contemporary interior decorators have their pick of finishes. Contrasting elements also happen to be among the most popular contemporary style ideas. Woven rattan, for instance, combined with smooth stone keeps interiors feeling fresh.

Defined Lines & Shapes

Clear-cut lines make for a contemporary interior, yet curved or sharp shapes are trending too. Overall, it follows modern principles with a bit of playfulness.

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Contemporary interior design by Lori Dennis
Decorilla contemporary living room interior design

Natural and Industrial Features

Contemporary interior designers opt for varied materials while focusing on eco-friendly products. In doing so, they let a home’s exterior flow in through natural elements, while industrial touches create contrast.


Negative or empty space is a big part of contemporary design. It encourages a healthy flow from one zone to another. Plus, rooms with loads of natural light maximize the open and airy feel.

Bold Designer Lighting

Contemporary interior design borrows from many preceding eras, but not when it comes to lighting. Many light designs may be modern-inspired, but the boldest and most memorable are true to the moment.

Best Contemporary Interior Designers

Contemporary interior design by Anna Y
Organic open living by one of Decorilla’s contemporary interior designers

Contemporary interior designers and decorators are right on point. For one thing, they’re mindful of the latest trends and developments. Plus, they can create stylish and functional spaces. Here are a few of the best along with some of their incredible interior creations! 

Lori Dennis 

Contemporary interior designers - Lori Dennis

Native to Los Angeles, Lori Dennis is a celebrated top contemporary interior designer. Her unique style combines elements of coastal modern and stylish transitional design. For this reason, she can produce beautiful spaces that reflect her client’s personalities. By marrying loved classics and exciting trends, Lori creates the most covetable contemporary interior designs. 

Contemporary decorating by Lori Dennis
Bright kitchen by Decorilla contemporary designer, Lori D.

WHAT WE LOVE: Lori is no stranger to the spotlight. She often features in top publications, like Architectural Digest and House Beautiful!

Meric Gurani Say

Contemporary interior decorator - Meric Gurani Say

Meric Gurani Say is a world-renowned interior designer who has worked on some of the most iconic homes and interiors worldwide. Her contemporary style combines classic elegance with a modern feeling. She certainly knows how to create a space equally stylish and comfortable. Meric is also known for her use of color and texture.

Contemporary decorating by Meric S
Dining room interior by Decorilla contemporary interior decorator, Meric S.

WHAT WE LOVE: Meric’s work exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Mladen Cvokic 

One of the top contemporary interior designers - Mladen Cvocik

Mladen Cvokic is a top contemporary designer who has worked on some of the most alluring homes in the world. Plus, he’s also been part of many hotel and office designs. His unique style is a sleek and refined take on contemporary interior design. Moreover, Mladen’s attention to detail and use of high-quality materials lead to swoon-worthy homes.

Contemporary interior by Mladen C
Living room with a contemporary interior design by Decorilla designer, Mladen C.

WHAT WE LOVE: Mladen has degrees in engineering, urbanism, and architecture. As a result, he has the perfect hybrid of creativity for contemporary decorating.

Selma Arapcic

Contemporary interior decorator - Selma Arapcic

Timeless, sophisticated, and forward-thinking. Interiors by Selma Arapcic show her love for the exquisite. Moreover, her contemporary color, pattern, and material use always stand out in unexpected ways. Her work is sure to add personality and flair to any home!

Contemporary bedroom interior by Selma A
Soothing bedroom by one of Decorilla‘s top contemporary interior designers, Selma A.

WHAT WE LOVE: The ever-enthusiastic Selma lives by the saying: no can’t do! With this in mind, she strives to create bespoke interiors customized to fit each client individually.   

Darya Naryshkina

Contemporary interior designers - Darya Naryshkina

If you’re looking for a contemporary interior decorator who can make neutrals sing, Darya Naryshkina is the one! Her knack for balancing feminine and masculine aspects leads to some of the most unforgettable homes in the world. Most importantly, Darya transforms spaces into luxurious oases.

Contemporary interior decorator - Darya N
Spacious contemporary interior by Decorilla designer, Darya N.

WHAT WE LOVE: Darya’s clients include some of the most famous names in the fashion and entertainment industries. By combining Eastern European design elements with modern sensibilities, her work always impresses.

Wanda Pfeiffer

Contemporary interior decorator - Wanda P

With a portfolio spanning from bespoke remodels to luxury corporate suites, Wanda Pfeiffer is one to watch. She certainly knows contemporary interior design. Her extensive experience reaches some of the world’s most exclusive properties as a result. It’s no surprise as Wanda’s designs give off sleek energy, while all functional elements look good too! 

Contemporary dining room interior design by Wanda P
Moody dining interior by Decorilla contemporary interior decorator, Wanda P.

WHAT WE LOVE: Wanda’s clients often comment on her ability to listen and understand their dreams. She takes their checklist and delivers luxe yet livable interiors. 

Nathalie Issa

Contemporary interior designers - Nathalie Issa

Nathalie Issa’s style has the basis of clean lines, elegant furnishings, and glam decor. She strives to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in her designs, using natural materials and finishes where possible. That said, she also loves to experiment with hues and prints. Her tenacity and keen eye carve her spot among the best contemporary designers.

Contemporary interior decorator - Nathalie Issa
Luxe living room by Decorilla contemporary interior designer, Nathalie I.

WHAT WE LOVE: Nathalie draws her inspiration from the environment. With this in mind, she can refine a contemporary decorating style fit for her clients. 

Ibrahim Husin

Contemporary interior designers - Ibrahim Husin

His talent for accentuating muted tones with pops of color lets Ibrahim Husin create elegant spaces. Whether corporate or residential, his spaces are both sleek and leisurely. Ibrahim certainly has a particular affinity for adding cool tones to his designs. This results in calming, inviting, and comfortable homes. 

Contemporary interior design by Ibrahim H
Masculine contemporary bedroom by Decorilla interior designer, Ibrahim H.

WHAT WE LOVE: Ibrahim is inspired by multi-cultures when it comes to piecing together a design. His interiors have a global feel to them as a result. 

Jessica Duarte

Contemporary interior decorator - Jessica Duarte

Jessica Duarte’s sense of design has made her an international favorite. So much so that she’s worked on projects in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Her attention to detail and ability to create stunning spaces are certainly unmissable. These spaces are both beautiful and innovative. 

High-end contemporary interior by Jessica Duarte
High-end contemporary living room interior by Decorilla designer, Jessica D.

WHAT WE LOVE: Jessica’s breathtaking lighting is undeniably chic. From statement pieces to LED strips and downlights, her layered sources certainly make interiors glisten. 

Joseph Ginsberg

Contemporary interior designers - Joseph Ginsberg

An emphasis on modern lines and shimmery surfaces is clear in Joseph Ginsberg’s style. He focuses on balancing function and luxury above all. In addition, his painting, sculpture, and architecture experience elevate his designs. In fact, his contemporary decorating style has a curator’s touch. Joseph’s high-end residential and commercial projects display his talent best. 

Contemporary decorating by Joseph G
Contemporary bathroom decorating by Decorilla designer, Joseph G.

WHAT WE LOVE: Joseph uses old-world design techniques for the base of his projects. He then reforms these to accommodate current and contemporary lifestyles.

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