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Nowadays, commercial interior design is about so much more than functionality. Perceptions have shifted, making owners realize business interiors should also be stimulating. After all, it can positively influence both customers and employees. Read on to learn more about some of the top interior design ideas for a successful business.

What is commercial interior design?

Commercial office design - wanda p
Welcoming commercial office design by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Before delving into chic work environment ideas by some of the best commercial design firms, we need to step back. First, let’s look at what designing commercial interiors is all about. Simply put, commercial interior design is about creating thoughtful spaces for businesses. It includes designs for places like office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, universities, and malls.

Scandinavian modern commercial office design by Sonia C
Sleek lobby and lounge commercial interior design by Decorilla designer, Sonia C.

Distinguishing between commercial and residential spaces is crucial since they meet different demands. Residential properties provide safety and comfort to the inhabitants that call them home. Commercial properties, on the other hand, are about making money. Thus, businesses should not only be practical but attractive as well. They need to have a motivational effect on those who spend time within, from clients to employees.

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Commercial interior designers - Theresa G
Open-plan commercial office interior by Decorilla designer, Theresa G.

While researching commercial design costs, such as pricing for business office upgrades, it may feel steep. Keep in mind that these projects tend to be far more extensive than those for homes. Also, remember it’s an investment in the future productivity of the business. Spending money on its interior improvement now means reaping the rewards later.

Expert Tips for Designing Commercial Interiors

Casual cafe commercial interior design - Sonia C
Trendy commercial interior design by one of Decorilla’s top commercial interior designers

Commercial properties come in all different shapes, sizes, and types. It also means they have unique interior design needs. As a result, the top commercial interior designers have come up with solutions to create thriving spaces for every enterprise. Explore some of the most versatile ideas below.

1. Pick the Right Theme

Commercial hotel interior design - Sonia C
Boutique hotel café by Decorilla – renowned for designing commercial interiors and residential spaces

Choosing the right theme plays a significant role in establishing a brand’s identity. Even though it may seem logical, many businesses miss the mark when creating an interior to match. For instance, a Balinese eatery should feature Balinese-inspired décor. Conversely, a fashion magazine’s commercial office design may benefit from a cutting-edge look. Decorate businesses in such a way that feels natural, then customers and employees will feel at ease.

2. Incorporate Interesting Wall Designs

Designing commercial interiors - Cutting Edge

Walls have limitless potential. In fact, they’re a blank canvas on which to express a business’ character and culture. One enduring trend is to decorate the walls in corporate colors. However, think outside the box. Have funky murals inspired by the brand painted throughout a commercial office interior. Wall coverings – be they bold paints, wallpapers, or something else – add a sense of fun, warmth, and depth to a space.

3. Introduce a Light & Bright Color Scheme

Commercial interior designers - Form and Field

Light, neutral color palettes have enjoyed increased popularity in commercial office design. It especially makes a statement when paired with touches of brighter, bolder colors. That’s because light and bright tones have mood elevating powers, making them ideal for different types of businesses.

Retail store owners should definitely use statement colors in new product displays since they draw attention so well. Also: think about decorating with different colors in different areas throughout your space. It’ll help define areas and simplify navigation too.

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4. Bring Outdoor Elements Indoors

Commercial office interior design - Aida A
Modern commercial office interior design by Decorilla designer, Aida A.

Since spending time in nature is good for a person’s wellbeing, biophilic interior design has grown more popular in commercial spaces. It’s a trend we welcome wholeheartedly since it manages to breathe new life into any space. Whatever the business, consider adding indoor plants and organic accents like wood, stone, and clay.

5. Maximize Natural Light Flow

Designing commercial interiors - Lara s
Light and airy commercial interior by Decorilla designer, Lara S.

Studies have found that exposure to natural light increases happiness and productivity. With this in mind, designers recommend making the most of it. If a commercial office interior lacks plenty of windows, there are other ways to maximize natural light flow. Think of placing mirrors in strategic spots to reflect it. Of course, décor that creates an airy illusion, like glass-topped tables, also helps.

6. Include Pieces with a Home-Away-From-Home Feeling

Commercial office design interior - IDF Studio

When thinking of a commercial office interior, the words ‘cold’ and ‘sterile’ often come to mind. Although, that perception is quickly changing. After having employees work from home for a long time, employers now want to give those returning to the office some of the comforts of home. Residential décor in the workplace, like plush seating and soft drapes, makes employees feel safe and comfy.

7. Create a Layered Lighting Look

Commercial office interior - Wanda
Luxury commercial interior design by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Depending on the business, the ideal lighting setup will differ. However, in every case, good lighting plays a significant role in the atmosphere. Lighting is one of interior design’s most versatile yet underestimated elements. It’s practical as it provides visibility and makes people feel safe. Furthermore, it can create different zones without partitions. Whether it’s for a commercial office interior design or a hair salon, a combined approach is best. So be sure to use task, ambient, artificial, and natural lighting together.

8. Embrace Versatile Designs

Commercial office restaurant interior - Kristina B
Office restaurant as part of commercial design by Decorilla designer, Kristina B.

Versatility in workplace design is on the rise, especially when it comes to a space like a commercial office interior. The reason for this is twofold: first, it saves money, and second, it streamlines the space. Versatile design solutions also often go hand in hand with a dynamic environment. This means things like comfy employee lounges, open-plan layouts, and mobile furniture are becoming the norm.

9. Add Different Textures

Commercial office interior design - Farzaneh K
Modern dental commercial office interior by Decorilla designer, Farzaneh K.

Creating visual interest in design is crucial, even in the workplace. That’s because it stimulates employees, as well as clients, and improves their experience. By combining different textures, an ordinarily dull commercial office design comes alive.

10. Invest in Sound-Dampening Materials

Commercial office interior design - Picharat A
Glamorous open concept commercial office design by Decorilla designer, Picharat A.

Anyone who’s spent time in an open concept commercial office interior will know that it may be stylish, but it can also be noisy. For this reason, it’s a good idea to invest in sound-dampening materials. Thankfully, there are sleek decorative items available to create a successful noise-absorbing space. These include curtains, area rugs, and soft seating.

11. Promote Wellness with Outdoor Spaces

Commercial interior designers - WeWork

Nowadays commercial office design often extends into an outdoor area. That’s because it boosts employee morale, giving them a scenic alternative workspace where they can retreat to enjoy the fresh air. When creating such an exterior, it’s essential to include typical interior comforts as well. Ergonomic tables and seating, as well as Wi-Fi, are must-haves.

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