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Instagram is often at the helm of steering trends. But this time it’s TikTok taking the spotlight with a great new wave hitting fashion and interior design. Yet, the trendy style is not new at all. In fact, the name says it all. Coastal grandmother interiors are taking the world by storm regardless. Let’s delve into the latest covetable beachside look.

What is Coast Grandmother Aesthetic?

Coastal grandmother style décor - Tammy M
Coastal grandmother style decor by Decorilla designer, Tammy M. (left) and Rebecca Pitcher (right)

Beachside homes hold a certain magic, and those on-screen captivate audiences. So it’s no wonder the cozy but high-end aesthetic of Nancy Meyers films is making a comeback. Lex Nicoleta was the first to coin the term “coastal grandmother”, and it’s been growing ever since. But the trend is quickly growing beyond fashion and design boundaries to encapsulate a whole lifestyle. 

Coastal grandma style - Shofy D
Coastal grandma style by Decorilla designer, Shofy D.

Coastal grandmother is effortless style, exceptional hosting, and luxurious comfort all in one. It’s the Hamptons mixed with cozy cottage. At its core, the look promotes a worry-free life of casual get-togethers and appreciation of the finer things in life.

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Coastal grandmother bedroom aesthetic - Corine-M
Decorilla coastal grandmother bedroom style

From a design point of view, coastal grandmother interiors have the best of both. They are uncomplicated yet luxurious. Moreover, they hold that magnetic coastal interior charm we find so attractive. These spaces are super livable and make every day a convenient celebration of life.

Casually Cool Coast Grandmother Home Decor Ideas

Coastal grandmother interiors - Corine M
Coastal grandmother aesthetic by Decorilla

Creating coastal grandmother interiors is easy when you have inspirational design ideas to guide you. Here are the top components to pull off the look!

1. Accent with Minimalistic Patterns

Coastal Grandmother aesthetic - Rebecca Pitcher

The chic and cozy look is all about layering and plush fabrics. One of the main features is using delicate and minimal patterns. These can include stripes and nature-inspired motifs, like leaves and single blooms. Keep to similar hues to ensure your coastal grandma home décor works well together, creating that polished look.

2. Pick Wood as a Base

Coastal grandmother home style - wanda p
Coastal grandma home style by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

A well-crafted base is a must for a coastal grandmother aesthetic. For this reason, durable wood floors and furniture feature throughout. It also happens to balance the trend’s light color scheme. You can also add wood finishes by choosing furniture with timber legs and frames.  

3. Use a Neutral Palette

Coastal grandmother home décor - MaryBeth
Coastal grandma home décor by Decorilla designer, Mary Beth

Similar to Hampton’s interiors, the coastal grandmother aesthetic has a neutral color scheme. Think soft whites, milky lattes, gentle greens, and pale blues. Neutrals take the front seat here while colors come through in accents.  

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4. Create Cozy Seating with Big White Sofas

Coastal grandma style - Casey H
Generous seating in a room by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

One of the most enduring factors of coastal grandmother interiors is comfort. And nothing says it better than an abundance of cozy seats. But to get the seaside look, opt for linen slipcover sofas. They will not only look exquisite, but also be easier to clean.     

5. Add Fluffy Pillows

Coastal grandmother look - Rebecca Pitcher

Another must-have to up the comfort level is pillows – and plenty of them! The grandmother style boasts an array of soft and fluffy throw pillows put together just right. You can layer different sizes of neutrals and minimalistic patterns for a balanced look.

6. Go for a Huge Tub

Coastal grandma bathoom - Darya N
Luxurious bathroom by Decorilla designer, Darya N.

Relaxing after a successful soiree is best in a generous tub – without a doubt! An additional bath tray is good – it can hold your book or glass of wine – but a sea view is even better! Either way, be sure to make the bathtub the star. So opt for a grand built-in or a standalone tub. You can also increase the coastal grandmother look in your interiors with faintly striped wallpaper and blue accents. 

7. Dress Windows in White 

Coastal grandmother home decor - Casey H
Coastal grandmother home decor by Decorilla

Let the airiness linger with light and flowy white curtains. Floor-to-ceiling is best for giving an even more luxurious feel without being too opulent. Such a neutral element will complement the coastal grandmother style to the utmost.

8. Freshen the Room with Flowers  

Coastal grandma aesthetic - Casey H
Flowers are best in Decorilla coastal grandmother interiors

A coastal grandmother home would be incomplete without fresh flowers as décor. After all, a lush garden goes so well with the lifestyle. So it’s a great idea to show off some of your homegrown blooms. Besides, hydrangeas, roses, and tulips can certainly make any seaside abode feel special.  

9. Opt for an Immaculate Kitchen

Coastal grandmother interiors - Casey H
Decorilla kitchen perfect for a coastal grandmother style

The coastal grandmother aesthetic also revolves around effortless but classy entertaining. That’s where a big kitchen with ample space for guests to relax comes in handy. This space also needs a pristine and clean look, which is why white countertops are on the trend’s checklist. Opt for marble for the ultimate in luxury and a natural feel. Also, ensure the kitchen island features the same high-quality material. 

10. Decorate with Ginger Jars

Coastal grandma style décor - Citrine Living

Dainty designs and round curves make ginger gars undeniably beautiful. What’s more, they can be both visually striking and practical. That’s if you use them as storage and pop them on open shelves in the kitchen. However, they are perfect to do just one thing too – to beautify a coastal grandmother home as décor. Place one or two on bookshelves, a credenza, or a table. 

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