Christmas Decor Trends 2020: 7 Simple and Festive Ways To Get Your Home Holiday Ready

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It’s time to dust off the stockings and hang them from the mantel with care, because before you know it Saint Nicholas will be there! Whether you prefer more traditional decor or perhaps minimalist is your favorite, these 2020 Christmas décor trends can fit into any interior design style. Keep reading for 7 simple and festive ways to add a little holiday magic to your home.

1. Christmas Decor Trends: Bottle Brush Tree Collection

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Sometimes it’s the smallest accessory that makes the biggest statement. Bottle brush trees are a great addition to all holiday home décor. Use them in a vignette on the kitchen island, or display a collection of trees on the mantle to make a statement. When using multiple trees together incorporate multiple coordinating colors to add more depth and interest.

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2. Holiday Home Decor Must Have – Wreaths

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Perhaps one of the simplest ways to add instant holiday cheer to your home this season is to add a wreath. Whether it’s hanging in the window or welcoming your guests on the front door, it’s a cozy symbol everyone can appreciate. In addition, greenery wreathes are great for seasonal decorating because they can transition into cozy winter décor and fit any interior design style.

3. Festive Chandelier Decorating Ideas

christmas chandelier decor

One of our favorite Christmas décor trends involves looking up. That’s right, we’re talking about your lighting! Chandeliers are a great opportunity to add some Christmas décor to your space. Try draping garland to give a wreath effect. We also love hanging ornaments from some ribbon. The possibilities are endless! The extra attention to detail won’t go unnoticed.

4. Christmas Decor Must Have: Twinkle Lights

christmas decor trends 2019 twinkle lights

One could argue that no Christmas home decor is complete without the addition of some twinkle lights. If you were wondering how many lights are too many – the limit does not exist. Lights can be added anywhere in Christmas décor. They aren’t just for Christmas trees and fireplace garlands anymore. Think about something like your dining room table centerpiece for example. How magical to have the glow of twinkle lights as you enjoy dinner with family and friends.

5. DIY Citrus Garland

christmas decor trends citrus garland

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box this year! We’ve been seeing citrus fruit’s utilized in so many ways this season but one of our favorite has to be the baked citrus garland. Simply slice, dry out in the oven, thread, and bam you have a beautiful festive garland. Use it alone, or our personal favorite, incorporated with greenery garland for an unexpected pop. Oranges and grapefruit dry out beautifully!

6. Christmas Decor Idea: Wrap Your Gallery Wall

christmas decor trends wrapped art

Instagram can be a source for so much Christmas décor inspiration. There are always creative and innovative ideas to be found. For budget friendly Christmas decorating grab a roll of your favorite wrapping paper and start covering your artwork. It will make everything feel not only festive, but also cohesive and organized.

7. Make A Statement With Graphic Art

christmas decor trends 2019 oversized art

Rounding out our favorite Christmas decor trends of 2020 has to be large graphic art. Some retailers even sell double sided art that can be used for different seasons. Large art pieces are great when you don’t want to clutter your space with décor, but you still want to be festive. It can look great on its own, or even layered with other décor you already have!

With these simple and festive tips in tow you have everything you need to get started adding some Christmas magic into your home. Need some help beyond holiday décor? Schedule A Free Interior Design Consultation with a Decorilla interior designer today!

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