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Whether you’re looking for a unique home or an inviting business space, Chattanooga has something to offer. With its vibrant creative community and growing appreciation for beautiful design, the city is poised to become a major player in the design world. Decorilla, as always, loves being a part of local design scenes and sharing the top talent in the area. So, explore our hand-picked list of the best Chattanooga interior designers that can help create your dream interior in no time!

Chattanooga Interior Design

Modern living space by Decorilla top Chattanooga interior designers
Modern living space by Decorilla Chattanooga interior designer, Jillian Z.

Chattanooga’s interior design scene is on the rise, thanks to a growing community of talented creatives and a growing interest in beautiful homes and businesses. The city keeps attracting new talents while also inspiring existing designers to reach new heights. Meanwhile, the city’s rich history and culture are evident in its architecture, making it an inexhaustible source of inspiration. As a result, Chattanooga is quickly gaining a reputation as a design destination. A number of local shops and studios are now specializing in the industry, while the local venues showcase stunning creations.

Tip: It’s important to find a Chattanooga interior designer that works within your preferred design style. Taking an interior design style quiz can pinpoint your style and help discover the perfect designer for you!

Top Chattanooga Interior Designers    

Living room by top Decorilla Chattanooga interior designers near you
Living room by a top Decorilla interior designer near you, Jamie C.

If you’re ready to start exploring the top interior designers in Chattanooga, TN, check out our list below. You’re sure to find someone who can help you achieve your vision for your home or business!

Laurel Powell

Chattanooga interior designers Laurel Powell

Chattanooga interior designer Laurel Powell offers comprehensive expert design services. Her architectural and interior design experience guarantees that every detail is attended to, from foundation to wall paint and decoration. She helps her clients with finishing touches, reflecting their tastes faithfully in practical and aesthetic subtleties blended throughout the entire property, from beginning to end. Laurel’s top priority is ensuring clients’ homes suit their styles and characters and, most importantly, feel comfortable to live in.

Chattanooga interior design Laurel Powell

WHAT WE LOVE: that Laurel’s work varies from stylishly eclectic to kempt and curated as a result of global influences and historical accuracy.

Decorilla Chattanooga Interior Designers 

Decorilla interior designers near me (1)

It’s hard to talk about Chattanooga interior design firms without mentioning Decorilla. The company offers both online and on-site services by designers located in the city. Decorilla packages include a broad range of distinctive and diverse services, such as affordable flat-rate design and bespoke solutions for every space imaginable. No matter how small or big the task, Decorilla has an answer to your needs.

Living room design by Decorilla interior designers Chattanooga TN
Living room design by Decorilla interior designers near you, Sarah R.

When you work with Decorilla, you don’t just get one top Chattanooga interior designer. In fact, you can exercise your vision with two of them. That’s why clients always end up with a room they love as a result. Other features, like easy-to-read floorplans, custom photorealistic 3D renderings, and curated online shopping lists, make working with Decorilla even more valuable.

Modern farmhouse kitchen by Decorilla interior decorators Chattanooga TN
Modern farmhouse kitchen by Decorilla interior decorator in Chattanooga TN, Nikki G.

WHAT WE LOVE: Industry-leading design services available at affordable flat-rate packages. Get started on your design journey for less, today!

Mary Norris

Interior designers Chattanooga TN Mary Norris

As a residential interior designer in Chattanooga, TN, Mary Norris transfers her affection for beautiful interiors to her clients. She focuses on helping time-strapped professionals obtain practical yet beautiful homes, making them comfortable, but also curated and edited. Mary’s design process is comprehensive and extensive, involving her True Color Expert certification as an asset. Consequently, her portfolio features both published and award-winning designs.

Houzz interior designers Chattanooga TN Mary Norris

WHAT WE LOVE: Fresh but timeless designs that tell a story.

Catherine Fore

Chattanooga interior designers Catherine Fore

Catherine Fore is a self-educated Chattanooga interior designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, specializing in classic elegance with a modern twist. She draws her inspiration from fashion, nature, and, above all, her collections of majolica and Rose Medallion porcelain. Consequently, Catherine embellishes her designs with vintage finds and family heirlooms to create unique spaces for her clients that reflect their style sensibility. 

Chattanooga interior design Catherine Fore

WHAT WE LOVE: Heirloom pieces with genuine stories attached.

Haskel Matheny

Houzz interior designers Chattanooga TN Haskel Matheny

Haskell Interiors is a household name among interior designers in Chattanooga, TN. It was founded by Haskell Matheny, a self-driven and motivated architect who seeks to make each room functional and attractive. Inspired by architecture, Haskell regards spaces as blank canvases, aiming to make them livable, engaging, and aesthetically intriguing. His specific design vision involves giving rooms their own character even before any furniture finds its place inside.  

Top interior designers Chattanooga TN Haskel Matheny

WHAT WE LOVE: Haskel’s masterful pattern layering skills. 

Cassie Courtney

Chattanooga interior design firms Cassie Courtney

Cassie Courtney and her husband started their careers as interior decorators in Chattanooga, TN, after building and furnishing their first home. All the decor decisions and logistics involved in the process ignited Cassie’s genuine passion for interior design. Meanwhile, her husband began his career in real estate. The Featherlane design company was born as a result of these two successful paths devoted to uncovering the innate potential in people and spaces alike. 

Interior designers Chattanooga TN Cassie Courtney

WHAT WE LOVE: Calm, cool, and collected design elements infusing airiness in every space she designs. 

Lindsey Frost

Chattanooga interior decorators lindsey Frost

Lindsey Frost’s parents owned an interior woodworking business, which provoked her curiosity for stunning custom-built homes from a young age. The experience she obtained growing up made her wish to design beautiful and functional spaces for other people. She eventually pursued and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. Today as one of the well-known Houzz interior designers in Chattanooga, TN, Lindsey applies her combined experiences to enhance her clients’ homes. 

Interior designers Chattanooga TN Lindsey Frost

WHAT WE LOVE: Beautiful, livable spaces in which her clients love to dwell.

Stephanie Golden Pinney

Chattanooga interior designers Stephanie Golden Pinney

Stephanie Golden Piney is a firm believer in the transformational power of beauty. Consequently, she strives to create spaces able to unify different people and cultures. They should not only host daily life but also promote interaction, relationships, and ideas. As one of the top Houzz interior designers in Chattanooga, TN, Stephanie boasts a portfolio with over 50 successful residential interior projects nationwide. 

Chattanooga interior design Stephanie Golden Pinney

WHAT WE LOVE: Simple spaces embossed with warm elegance. 

Kim Lemmon

Chattanooga interior decorators Kim Lemmon

Kim Lemmon is a self-taught Chattanooga interior decorator who helps people create a home that surrounds them with beauty and comfort. With a passion for colors and patterns, she designs optimistic interiors for happy clients. Her vision goes beyond the surface, looking for ways to reach inside people’s souls. Consequently, she follows her heart rather than rules, celebrating each client’s unique voice.

Chattanooga interior design Kim Lemmon

WHAT WE LOVE: Exquisite, colorful, and richly ornate interiors that endure the test of time.

Kathie Penland

Chattanooga interior decorators Kathie Penland

Kathie Penland is one of the most experienced Chattanooga interior designers with over 30 years of professional experience. During that time, she created every style and size of house or workplace imaginable. Her enthusiasm for beautiful interiors enables her to create one-of-a-kind spaces that truly reflect her clients’ individuality. Kathie can bring your dream ideas to life, from new construction to inside decorating.

Chattanooga interior design Kathie Penland

WHAT WE LOVE: Well-balanced designs with a sense of measure in each detail. 

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