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Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is among the famed US summer vacation destinations. Yet, many are lucky enough to call the idyllic peninsula home year-round. After all, the region offers a great quality of life and natural beauty. Its appeal also extends to the local architecture and interiors. Read on to learn about the top Cape Cod interior designers and decorators who infuse spaces with New England charm.

About Interior Design in Cape Cod

Interior design Cape Cod - Jordan S

Contemporary coastal living room by Decorilla‘s best Cape Cod interior designers

Before getting into what interior design comes down to in Cape Cod, let’s start with the exteriors. Its coastal towns and villages boast beautiful buildings full of personality. Cape Cod architecture is synonymous with the area and features prominently. Other styles are popular too, including Victorian, Greek Revival, Federal, Georgian, and Colonial.

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Best CApe Cod interior designers - Dina H

Contemporary coastal open concept by one of Decorilla’s top Cape Cod interior designers

The top interior decorators in Cape Cod definitely have a broad range of expertise. They’re pros at producing and executing the best tips for creating a beautiful traditional interior design – and more! In fact, they can make any style work in any room. Plus, they always ensure the inside complements the outside to create a tasteful whole while respecting the client’s wishes.

Best Cape Cod Interior Designers & Decorators

Modern Cape Cod interior design by Decorilla designers

Modern Cape Cod interior design by Decorilla designers

Interior design in Cape Cod is among the best in the US when it comes to service and results. The designers are there for their clients every step of the way. From helping them discover their style to sourcing the best sectional sofas for family rooms and more. However, a select few are especially sought-after. Discover who residents are flocking to for assistance below.

Michele Chagnon-Holbrook

Houzz interior designers Cape Cod - Michele Chagnon Holbrook

Since opening Casabella Interiors in 2011, Michele Chagnon-Holbrook’s services have been in high demand. She and her team are among the best interior decorators in Cape Cod because they deliver high-end results for a fair price. If a rich, layered space with an elegant East Coast charm is what you desire, then Michele is your ideal designer.

Interior designers near me - Michele Holbrook

WHAT WE LOVE: Michele’s talent for finding unique items that suit the classiest interiors.

Decorilla Interior Design in Cape Cod

One of the best Portland Maine interior design firms near me

Among the interior designers in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Decorilla stands out. Apart from offering affordable design packages to suit every need, they make bespoke dreams come alive time and again. After all, their designers specialize in every room and style imaginable.

Interior design Cape Cod - Elizabeth L

Coastal modern kitchen by one of the top Decorilla interior designers near me

To ensure clients enjoy stunning, tailored results, the seamless interior design process matches them with two designers. Both of which are best suited to complete the specific project. After going over their custom concepts, clients continue working with their favorite. Constant communication is also part of the process and leads to great satisfaction. Moreover, every project comes complete with helpful implementation tips, a custom color palette, as well as a curated shopping list with exclusive trade discounts!

Modern open living by Decorilla's best Cape Cod interior designers

Modern open living by Decorilla‘s best Cape Cod interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Decorilla’s extensive selection of industry-leading interior designers ensures clients find the perfect designer for their home. You can even start a project with concepts from two interior designers today!

Angela Hamwey

Best interior decorators of Cape Cod - Angela Hamway

Mackenzie & Co.’s owner, Angela Hamwey, has loved curating welcoming spaces forever. Her skill at creating comfy, cohesive spaces that can handle family life is certainly what makes her one of the best interior decorators in Cape Cod. She delivers balanced results without delay, thanks to her creative and logical mindset.

Houzz interior designers Cape Cod - Angela Hamway

WHAT WE LOVE:  Angela pays equal attention to the big picture and small details, which leads to refined spaces.

Janine Dowling

Interior design Cape Cod - Janine Dowling

Search for five-star Houzz interior designers in Cape Cod, and Janine Dowling is sure to appear. She’s a master of many styles, ranging from vintage to ultra-modern and everything in-between. Her genuine interest in her clients’ lives allows her to design spaces that meet their every need.

Interior design Cape Cod - Janine Dowling

WHAT WE LOVE: Janine is passionate about the environment. As a result, she opts for sustainable design solutions whenever possible.

Margie Huggard

Best interior decorators Cape Cod - Margie Huggard

Margo’s owner, Margie Huggard, is among the top Cape Cod interior designers and always adds the most unusual yet functional pieces to her spaces. Teaming up with clients to design interiors they’ll love for years to come certainly brings her great joy. Moreover, she’s committed to proving that the creation process can be just as enjoyable as the results.

Houzz interior designers Cape Cod - Margie Huggard

WHAT WE LOVE: Margie actively communicates with all her clients throughout their projects.

Cathy Kert

Best interior decorators Cape Cod - Cathy Kert

An industry veteran of more than two decades, Cathy Kert’s interior design in Cape Cod is in a class of its own. The secret to her enduring success is listening closely to clients’ wishes. She also involves them in the project to guarantee they get their ideal room in terms of style and needs.

Top interior decorators Cape Cod - Cathy Kert

WHAT WE LOVE: Cathy introduces her clients to new materials, products, and ideas that can further enhance their space.

Melinda Headrick

Interior design in Cape Cod - Melinda Headrick

The principle designer behind Chatham Interiors, Inc. is one of the top interior decorators in Cape Cod for a good reason. Melinda Headrick has mastered national, international, residential, and commercial design projects. However, her passion lies with new builds and remodels. That’s because she loves seeing their evolution from concept to reality.

Interior designers near me - Melinda Headrick

WHAT WE LOVE: Melinda’s timeless creations – she steers clear of temporary fads, embracing enduring trends instead.

Irina MacPhee

Houzz interior designers Cape Cod - Irina MacPhee

As one of the celebrated Houzz interior Designers in Cape Cod, Irina MacPhee has plenty of satisfied clients. With a textile merchant and antique collector as parents, she developed an appreciation for form, function, and art early in life. She’s certainly a natural creative who started her studio, Pastiche of Cape Cod, for the love of creating.

Interior designers near me - Irina MacPhee

WHAT WE LOVE: Irina’s designs inspire her clients to live their lives well by drawing from the things that feed their souls.

Janet Shea

Interior design in Cape Cod - Janet Shea

Interior design in Cape Cod is all the better, thanks to Janet Shae’s work. Her choice of fabric, texture, and color has seen her receive accolades from clients many times over. Although she prefers contemporary and transitional styles, she’s also skilled at executing other looks.

Best Cape Cod interior designers - Janet Shea

WHAT WE LOVE: Janet encourages her clients to take calculated design risks.

Carolyn Thayer

Top interior decorators of Cape Cod - Carolyn Thayer

Enduring beauty sums up Carolyn Thayer’s spaces, and she absolutely deserves her status as one of the top interior decorators of Cape Cod. When transforming a room, she maintains its individuality while also infusing it with elegance. With nearly two decades of experience, peace of mind is guaranteed when working with her.

Houzz interior designers Cape Cod - Carolyn Thayer

WHAT WE LOVE: Carolyn’s quick and professional work impresses clients.

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