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Anyone living in Bend will tell you it’s a place where the American Dream continues to thrive. Although it’s a city, it has a small-town vibe and a true sense of community. Plus, the beauty of its surroundings, both natural and architectural, is without equal. Read on to discover the top Bend, Oregon interior designers and decorators who create spaces that compare to the stunning scenery – a true feat!

About Bend Interior Design & Architecture

Best Bend interior designers - Katerina P

Decorilla open floor plan dining by one of the best Bend, Oregon, interior designers

Before we get to Bend’s traditional and online interior design services, its structures deserve recognition too. After all, they help set the tone of the local landscape. The architecture is diverse, and there’s something to suit every resident’s taste. Some popular styles include Bungalow, Craftsman, Farmhouse, Log Cabin, Tudor, and Prairie.

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Decorilla master bedroom by one of the best Bend, Oregon, interior designers

Bend interior design is just as varied as the architecture. And there’s an ideal designer around to turn each client’s vision into reality. It’s clear from their past work that the local talent has experience creating a host of rooms in different styles. From executing gender-neutral nursery ideas and themes to designing custom home cinemas and more. They know how to conquer any design challenge.

Best Bend, Oregon Interior Designers & Decorators

Bend interior designers - Selma A

Decorilla rustic bedroom Bend interior design

A few designers and firms stand out in the Bend, Oregon, interior design community. Apart from delivering excellent results, they also offer great service from start to finish. Whatever your specific needs or preferences, one of these decorators should be a perfect fit for your next revamp.

Patricia Julber

Houzz interior designers Bend Oregon - Patricia Julber

Complements Home Interiors’ owner, Patricia Julber, is well-known in the Bend interior design world. With every project she works on, Patricia ensures her client gets their money’s worth by creating quality spaces with enduring appeal. She also firmly believes that good design leads to a comfy home, which her clients certainly can confirm.

Interior designers near me - Patricia Julber

WHAT WE LOVE: Patricia not only designs spaces but also the energy surrounding them. Her creations make her clients feel good too.

Decorilla Bend Interior Designers

Top Bend Oregon interior designers - Decorilla (3)

Among all the interior designers of Bend, Oregon, Decorilla arguably has the most convenient offering. The streamline process starts with a fun interior design style quiz! The team reduces the stress of updating interiors by identify the best designers for the task. Decorilla scours an extensive talent network to pair every client with not one, but two designers most qualified for the project. The client then gets to continue collaborating with their favorite option.

Bend interior design - Decorilla

Contemporary kitchen by one of Decorilla’s Bend interior designers

Communication is essential and takes place throughout the journey, guaranteeing client satisfaction. Best of all, Decorilla offers tiered and custom packages that cover every need and space. Plus, a ton of perks and support material come along with it. These include photorealistic 3D renderings, virtual shopping lists with exclusive discounts, and more.

Local interior designers near you - Wanda P

Contemporary cabin by Decorilla interior designers near me

WHAT WE LOVE: Decorilla has a team of the best interior designers near you and beyond – all available at affordable flat-rate packages.  

Design Bar

Bend interior designers - Design Bar

Anne Mastalir and Allison Clouser are the Bend, Oregon, interior design duo behind Design Bar. These co-founders have an impressive 17 years of industry experience each and have worked on every project imaginable. Together with their team, they transform the lives of their clients, one space at a time.

Local interior designers near me - Design Bar

WHAT WE LOVE: Design Bar interiors radiate positive feelings like joy, warmth, and calm. Anne and Allison certainly have a magical touch.

Angela Todd

Houzz interior designers Bend Oregon - Angela Todd

When hiring Angela Todd, clients can rest assured they’ll enjoy exquisite results. That’s because she only collaborates with top artisans and builders. Her studio has also won several design awards and graced the pages of many publications. Since she consistently exceeds client expectations, she’s among the top Bend, Oregon, interior designers.

Bend Oregon interior design - Angela Todd

WHAT WE LOVE: Angela creates her stunning interiors by weaving clients’ stories into the designs.

Heylen Thienes

Bend interior designers - Heylen Thienes

A client’s design, financial, and spatial needs are always at the forefront of Heylen Thienes’ mind. As a result, her Bend, Oregon interior design studio, Tricorn Black, is certainly well-known for its timeless designs. She blends vintage and contemporary pieces with sculptural elements for a distinct look.

Houzz interior designers Bend Oregon - Heylen Thienes

WHAT WE LOVE: Heylen’s love of experiencing foreign cultures, architecture, and history adds depth to her designs.

Ronda Rae Wiltse

Bend interior design - Ronda Rae Wiltse

Durable, comfy, functional, and elegant are a few words that describe Ronda Rae Wiltse’s spaces. When searching for local interior designers near me, she’s sure to appear as a top result. Her passion for interior design developed during childhood and only intensified with age.

interior designers near me - Ronda Rae Wiltse

WHAT WE LOVE: Ronda’s organizational skills, dedication, and thoughtful touch make her a joy to work with on revamps.

Cami Clawson

Bend Oregon interior design - Cami Clawson

The Bend interior design scene is certainly lucky to have Cami Clawson. She’s obsessed with the relationship between people and the objects around them. With this in mind, Cami aims to make that relationship positive by creating spaces that embody who and what they are.

Bend interior designers - Cami Clawson

WHAT WE LOVE: Cami steers her clients toward embracing their unique interior style and never forces a look onto her clients.

Kirsti Wolfe

Bend Oregon interior design - Kirsti Wolfe

After falling in love with the area during childhood vacations, Kirsti Wolfe returned to join the Bend interior design crowd. Although she initially focused on residential projects, now she also takes on hospitality and contract work. Furthermore, her areas of expertise include custom bathrooms and kitchens.

Best Bend Oregon interior designers - Kristi Wolfe

WHAT WE LOVE: Kirsti’s keen eye for detail continues to serve her well. She’s one of the five-star Houzz interior designers in Bend, Oregon.

Emily Head

Houzz interior designers Bend Oregon - Emily Head

As the owner and head designer of The Nest Design Studio, Emily Head completes each project with great care. After all, her enthusiasm for her career knows no bounds. It’s why she’s widely known in Bend, Oregon, interior design circles. She primarily focuses on residential properties and enjoys making them shine.

Interior designers near me - Emily Head

WHAT WE LOVE: Emily’s talent for blending rustic Central Oregon style with clean lines and sophisticated finishes.

Sarah Phipps

Houzz interior designers in Ben Oregon - Sarah Phipps

As one of the Houzz interior designers in Bend, Oregon, that enjoy influencer status, Sarah Phipps has an undeniably distinct style. When creating spaces according to her taste, it’s all about being eclectic, colorful, and comfy. However, she’s more than capable of working with other looks too. On the whole, she wants to help clients explore their style and make it a reality.

Bend Oregon interior designers - Sarah Phipps

WHAT WE LOVE: Sarah’s skill of repurposing salvaged materials for use in her designs.

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