Contemporary kitchen and living room addition

Few places are as welcoming as a spacious combined kitchen and living room. An open-plan hub not only makes a home feel airy and exquisite, but it can also bring the household together. However, designing a cohesive space between the two areas can pose a challenge, especially when a home addition is included. Which is exactly why one recent client sought out Decorilla’s help. He sought a sleek, inviting contemporary living room and kitchen and his vision became reality. Read on for the reveal!

The Challenge: Contemporary Living Room & Kitchen Addition 

Simply put, every home addition comes with a set of design problems. This is why the client turned to professionals to turn their existing lounge into an open concept contemporary living room with a kitchen addition. For this project, the interior designer had to:

  • Design a contemporary room with a Zen aesthetic that blends with the outdoor area
  • Ensure lighting makes the space feel light and bright
  • Zone each space and include a practical flow of furniture, from the kitchen to the dining and living areas

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The Inspiration: Contemporary Kitchen & Living Room Furniture

Contemporary living room and kitchen ideas

The two most used areas of a home, namely the kitchen and lounge, certainly make a good combo. The client’s selection of inspirational images includes living room and kitchen designs, which feature modern islands and contemporary kitchen cabinets. Another thing these modern and contemporary interiors have in common is a lofty look. That’s thanks to light color schemes and layered lighting. Additionally, these spaces feature minimal furniture aimed at functional design. 

Home Addition Design & Mood Board

Contemporary living room furniture and decor in an open concept home
Contemporary living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

To get started, the client received two initial concepts from different interior designers. Each proposal features a floor plan, color palette, and lighting and furniture suggestions. After considering both, the client picked Tiara’s uplifting and open concept for the home addition. Together, the client and interior designer refined every aspect and included kitchen design ideas to perfect the final design. 

Mood board for a kitchen addition with contemporary kitchen cabinets
Decorilla kitchen addition mood board 

For the kitchen addition, Tiara suggests an open and light design. She includes fixed windows and bi-fold doors to integrate the outdoors and ensure natural light fills the room. The neutral palette also echoes the colors found in nature. Apart from natural tones, the design is decidedly edgy. Two-tone lacquer contemporary kitchen cabinets, wood shelving, and minimal furniture certainly add to the trendy look. 

Contemporary mood board for a home addition - living and dining room
Decorilla home addition mood board

Furthermore, by using an off-white wall color, the designer makes sure more natural and artificial light reflects into the interior. Contemporary living room furniture is not only functional, as it also doubles as décor. The lighting, for instance, is sculptural and striking. Additionally, the coffee and accent tables also have equally attractive designs. 

Contemporary Living Room Result 

Contemporary living room as a home addition
Contemporary living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Meeting the client’s need for a peaceful but polished interior, the designer finalized a beautiful contemporary living room and kitchen. The final design perfectly ticks off the project requirements and more – thanks to clear client and designer communication. The room looks spacious, light and bright and is showstopper without being overwhelming. 

The main feature wall is a marble television and fireplace mount. The gas fire element and media screen sit at its center, taking attention from the black screen. Additionally, two identical wood shelving units add warmth and symmetry. The combination of stone, wood, and fire not only hides technology in plain sight, but it also pays tribute to natural elements. 

Contemporary living room furniture and decor in an open concept home
Contemporary living room and kitchen – Decorilla 3D rendering

Throughout the design, dark and light are put together to highlight and balance each other. Although the neutral color scheme consists of brown, black and white, it feels rich and diverse. For instance, the contemporary living room furniture, L-shaped couch, lounge chairs, and duo-tone coffee tables resemble how a shadow echoes an object in sunlight. The effect is due to the color harmony, furniture choice, and room layout. 

Soothing Dining Area

Contemporary living room furniture for a living and dining room
Dining area of the home addition – Decorilla 3D rendering

Beyond the contemporary living room is the dining area, which also doubles as a softening element between the living room and kitchen. That’s because the round furniture and accents contrast with the straight lines in the living room and kitchen. Here, the colors are muted to emphasize the shape of these objects above all else. 

As the dining area is in the middle of the room, lighting is minimal to keep the view from either end of the room clear. There is also symmetry and cohesion of the whole design. On one side, the fireplace feature wall decorates the living area. On the other is a cooking area set in wood panels, inverting the colors and materials on the opposite end of the room. 

Contemporary Kitchen Result 

Contemporary kitchen addition with a view of the backyard
Kitchen addition – Decorilla 3D rendering

The kitchen design highlights natural elements as well as human manufacturing. Every aspect, from the contemporary kitchen cabinets to the bar stools, is minimal. Here the focus is on function as much as form. The elements are sleek, refined, and luxe. However, they still complement the outer surroundings. This in part due to no embellishment distracting or obstructing the view through the windows. Moreover, the kitchen’s refined natural elements are harmonious and create a stylish composition and restrained color palette.

Contemporary kitchen and dining room home addition
Contemporary kitchen and dining area – Decorilla 3D rendering

From the view of the living room, the light kitchen is a pretty sight. The contemporary white kitchen cabinets frame the wood center where the hob and stove take centerstage. Small teardrop pendants hang above the kitchen island and provide just enough visual intrigue without obscuring the window view or feature wall behind them.

Wood cabinets and industrial floating shelves line the wall of the dining section to provide practical storage. The black bar stools sit in front of the dark backdrop, the island base, but still stand out subtly owing to their steel outlines. The kitchen island’s marble countertop and asymmetrical wood slab also echo the hues of the stone tiles, forming one cohesive and satisfying design. 

Contemporary Living Room Shopping List

Online shopping list for a contemporary living room and kitchen addition
Decorilla home addition shopping list with exclusive trade discounts

The finalized project comes with a detailed shopping list and guide for the client to implement at home. This list consists of contemporary living room furniture and trade discounts. These savings often equal the design cost, which means online interior design can pay for itself!

Design Your Own Contemporary Interior

With contemporary living room furniture, kitchen ideas, and a few tips, you can put together a sleek interior of your own. Use our top picks below to guide you – or scroll down for help from an expert!

Top picks for a contemporary living room and kitchen addition
  1. Bar Stool 
  2. Abstract Rug 
  3. Pillow Arrangement 
  4. Dome Pendant 
  5. Lounge Chair
  6. Coffee Table 

Through innovative virtual design, the client could create a high-end contemporary living room and kitchen addition. Now, his interior is soothing, symmetrical, and luxurious – customized to tick off everything on his wish list. Most importantly, the client is thrilled with his new space!

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