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A transitional decor style is one of the most flexible in interior design. Why? It can merge classic with modern to your exact preferences. With this in mind, recent clients wanted a bespoke design for their new home. So, they turned to Decorilla for help. In no time, they could enjoy the transitional interior design in style – read on to see the spiffy transformation!  

The Challenge: Moody Coastal Transitional Decor Style 

Relocating brings about a whole adventure. From adjusting to a different community to making a new space feel like home, many challenges arise. What’s more, the client couple also needed to integrate workspaces in their house. Fortunately, Decorilla’s online interior design services were up to the task. More specifically, the interior designer needed to:

  • Create a character-rich transitional interior design bespoke to the clients
  • Design two office spaces; one in the existing sunroom and another that will also double as a guest room
  • Add transitional house decor that uplifts the interior
  • Choose pet-friendly furniture

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Inspiration for a Transitional Interior Design Style 

transitional interior design inspiration

The clients loved transitional interior design with a moody style and dark accents. For the bedroom, they wanted soothing yet bold tones as the base. They also liked minimal and natural details. Throughout their home, they hoped to create a tranquil but memorable look. All in all, their interior design ideas captured the best of modern designs and the comfort of traditional favorites.

Moodboard & Transitional Interior Design 

Transitional style living room with coastal accents - Jessica S
Decorilla transitional interior design

To get started, the client completed a brief style questionnaire, followed by a Decorilla consultation. From here, the team could match two designers to the project. And with a thorough outline, the creatives could dive right in. And soon, the clients had to choose between two swoon-worthy transitional interior design concepts full of lively decor and style.   

Moodboard with transitional house decor for a living room
Decorilla moodboard with transitional house decor for a living room

In the end, the clients picked Jessica’s contemporary meets traditional concept. It oozed chic vibes full of bold designer pieces. Moreover, the proposal ticked all the clients’ boxes. Dark blues and hints of natural wood would create an unforgettable interior full of personality.

Layered Transitional House Decor Result

Transitional style interior design result
Transitional style interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Beautiful deep blue hues define a soothing transitional interior design. In the same way, the color scheme complements the dark colors. Warming woods, contrasting whites, and grounding blacks form a pleasing base. From here, a balance of cozy traditional and modern accents dress the interior.

The final design merges the best of contemporary design ideas and what makes a house feel like home. To this end, cozy furniture and a mix of abstract art and traditional details form a beautiful whole.

Transitional Style Living Room 

Living room with transitional house decor
Living room with transitional house decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

High contrast fills the transitional-style living room. The plush sectional sofa features textural blue, white and gray scatter pillows. A pair of throws also add definition to the setting. They also match the fluffy rustic rug that anchors the layout.

Transitional style living room
Transitional style living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Black details, from frames to decor and the accent lounge chair, dot the interior. It brings more depth to the navy feature wall. This focal point also completely transforms the look. Now, it is a statement in style. By painting the entire wall, the room feels longer than it did. It’s a clever design technique to make a room feel bigger than it is.

Dining Room with Coastal Moodiness

Transitional interior design style - Jessica S
Transitional interior design style for a dining room – Decorilla 3D rendering

A bold wallpaper with subtle geometrics dresses the dining room. Here, the transitional interior design feels edgy yet nostalgic. The reason lies in the on-trend base and artwork mixed with classics. More specifically, farmhouse-style wood dining chairs complement the hardwood floors and black-base table.  

Transitional house decor in a dining room - Jessica S
Transitional house decor in a dining room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Twin sideboards and two dome table lamps frame the setting. Their compact size allows a more spacious feeling while injecting a healthy dose of style. The lighting’s warm gold hue also balances the cool scheme.

Transitional Style Kitchen Design  

Transitional kitchen design Jessica S
Black and white transitional kitchen design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The kitchen is compact but perfect! Black cabinets bring impact to a predominantly white interior. Here, transitional decor style comes in the details – the drawer pulls and moveable kitchen island are among the favorites.

Kitchen with transitional house decor
Kitchen with transitional house decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

Despite a dark base, the transitional kitchen design feels light and spacious. This is owing to the white top cabinets, metro tile, and gray floor. A light wood counter and greenery also bring harmony to the cool scheme.

Tranquil & Transitional Style Bedroom Furniture 

Transitional style bedroom - Jessica S
Organic and transitional style bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

Coziness and tranquillity peak in the transitional-style bedroom. A rich olive green creates an intimate setting. Moreover, with the wood bed base, it feels organic and reminiscent of a woodland cabin. Sculptural table lamps and abstract artwork make up the minimal but effective transitional house decor.

Transitional style bedroom furniture
Transitional style bedroom furniture in a chic interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

The layered bedding complements the transitional bedroom furniture. Grays and nature-inspired hues make the best combination for a restful space, like a bedroom. And as a result, the room is the ideal getaway.

Online Shopping List

Transitional house decor online shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

The complete project came with a personalized online shopping list. From here, the clients could shop for furniture and decor directly from Decorilla. What’s more, they also had access to trade-exclusive discounts. This perk, together with realistic 3D renderings and a helpful implementation guide, lets clients create their dream transitional home with ease.

Transitional Décor Style Top Picks

You can spruce up your home with design help too. If you liked the look of this project, use our top transitional house decor below to get started!

Transitional decor style top pick
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  2. Anchor Sculpture
  3. Rustic Rug 
  4. Woven Scatter
  5. Wall Print
  6. Marble Pedestal

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