Traditional home office

Traditional home office interior design offers an air of refinement and sophistication that can be just the vibe you need for a productive day’s work. In order to pull off this look, a recent client reached out to Decorilla for help creating a place to focus with a warm and inviting appeal to it. And the results are utterly amazing! Read on to see how this traditional home office transformation took place from start to finish!

The Challenge: Traditional Home Office

The client recently moved into a new house with a Spanish colonial architectural style. His new home included a dedicated home office that’s been redone. Nevertheless, the space still held several challenges requiring a professional touch of an interior designer. What needed to be done was:

  • Carry the main black and white color theme of the house through the home office interior
  • Solve the issue of insufficient storage space
  • Compose the traditional home office interior design around the two key pieces the client wanted to keep
  • Include dedicated areas for the client’s hobbies and passions
  • Keep the interior designer cost within budget

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Home Office Interior Inspiration

Traditional home office inspiration board

The client provided a set of inspirational photos reflecting his home office ideas and what he expects the designers to deliver. Most of the images featured a modern perspective of traditional home office interior design. They displayed warm and woody traditional style interior design, with some rustic details, distress or farmhouse finishes, and dark/black elements with strong masculine character. It was also apparent that he would love to include some greenery too, and his instructions confirmed the presumption.

Traditional Home Office Ideas & Concepts

Traditional home office by Decorilla designer Liana S
Traditional home office by Decorilla designer, Liana S.

With an informational project brief, specific instructions, and an inspiration gallery, the client approached Decorilla. As always, the package offered included an opportunity to work with two different designers in the beginning and select the best match moving forward. After brainstorming and conceptualizing the ideas, both designers proposed their solutions in the form of a mood board. Some details vibrated with the client more than others, and finally, he decided to proceed with the concept assembled by Liana S.

Traditional Home Office Mood Board
Traditional home office moodboard by Decorilla

Liana’s vision was to create a pleasant and motivating environment for work, above all. At the same time, the space had to provide enough comfort for spending long hours daily, including relaxation periods. She also incorporated a few traditional office furniture pieces to provide sufficient additional seating for visitors or family members. Moreover, the initial concept was open to further modifications according to the client’s needs and preferences.

Home Office Interior Design Results

Home office interior design by Decorilla designer Liana s
Home office interior design by Decorilla designer Liana S

In order to maintain the black and white theming from the rest of the traditional home – but avoid too aggressive contrasts at the same time – Liana worked with a neutral color palette. The existing bookcase is painted black with a smooth finish for an elegant touch. Modern and fresh Benjamin Moore’s Shadow Gray on the walls and ceiling follows the theming without making the space appear too dark. The final effect is, in return, a powerful, masculine composition with authoritative yet sophisticated vibes. 

Home office interior by Decorilla designer Liana S
Home office interior by Decorilla designer, Liana S.

Adding brown wood elements, such as bookcases, provided warmth to the office. At the same time, it solved the issue of insufficient storage space for books and documentation. An attractive and practical wooden panel also became the functional background for displaying the client’s guitars. The other corner was turned to a reading spot, hosting the previously existing black recliner chair. It’s now complemented with a practical and modern side table featuring additional space for books and magazines. An elegant floor lamp and an anchoring rug underfoot complete the composition as functional and decorative elements. In addition, a curated set of wall art enhances the space’s visual quality, adding coziness and style. 

Home Office Interior Before

Home Office Interior Before

The previous home office provided a blank canvas for the amazing transformation that took place. However, the all white interior lacked character. The room was also in need of some additional furnishings and decor to fill in the layout of the existing desk and  leather reading recliner. Now the black elements serve as accents, complemented with the rest of the traditional office furniture, giving depth to the room while making a dramatic statement.

Traditional Home Office Shopping List

Traditional Home Office Interior Design Shopping List
Decorilla shopping list for traditional office furniture

Apart from the interior design service itself, working with Decorilla brings additional benefits for the clients. The opportunity to work with two designers instead of one ensures finding the person who will understand and share the client’s vision in the best way. Moreover, the online shopping list features significant discounts that can even equal or exceed the value of the design service itself. Every client also receives a detailed guide on how to compose their new interior. In addition, a personal shopping concierge takes over the hassle of ordering and delivering the goods. 

Top Picks for Traditional Home Office

If you feel inspired to implement some of our home office ideas in your home, we are happy to assist. Firstly, check out these hand-picked modern-traditional office furniture pieces to help you complete the look:

Top Picks for Traditional Home Office
  1. Slate Blue Rug
  2. Livingston Small Desk
  3. Framed Prints
  4. Wall Panel
  5. Traditional Armchair
  6. Floor Lamp

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