Having a relaxing and inviting outdoor space at home is a great thing. No matter how small, it’s the perfect spot to gather during warm nights and the right design can give a true holiday vibe to it. Sometimes though, outdoor spaces get forgotten or turn messy. That’s what happened to the clients of this project, who reached out to Decorilla for online patio design help. The result speaks for itself! Keep reading to see the outdoor living essentials used to transform this space into an oasis.


This outdoor space had to become an entertaining area. Therefore, it needed to be both practical and inviting. Besides that, this project presented some practical challenges:

  • Improve artificial lighting (since the space took very little sunlight).
  • Incorporate different patio design ideas from around the world
  • Create an easy communication with the kitchen to make serving more practical.
  • Protect the space from mosquitoes.
  • Create a well-traveled and eclectic feeling
  • Incorporate a few existing pieces in the design.

Finally, this patio design was particularly important for these clients, as it was the first thing guests saw when entering the home!


Eclectic and bohemian patio design ideas

The clients wanted their patio to have a romantic, inviting feel without it being neither particularly feminine nor masculine. They also had pretty clear ideas on style and the inspiration pictures they provided are all examples of bohemian interior design. Together with the measurements of the space, these inspirations gave the designers all they needed to start creating the perfect bohemian design for the clients.


Luxury bohemian patio design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The clients reviewed two different proposals and then chose the one designed by Sarah M.: a Moroccan-inspired patio design. This bohemian design gives a fresh summer vibe to the space, and by looking at it one would really think to be in Morocco! In fact, bohemian design was also a particularly good choice for this home. Tall curved windows, white majestic columns and plenty of greenery were just the perfect starting point to recreate a corner of Morocco in the middle of Texas! The color palette is neutral with bold red accents that clearly recall Moroccan traditional interiors and a mix of materials and textures brings the perfect bohemian design to life. Plants are an important element in the space and connect the patio with the garden. But anyways, plants are always a great addition in a boho interior design home!


Bohemian interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering
Patio interior design – Before picture

When looking at the finished space, the touch of a designer is clearly visible. And – if anything – the new patio design surely gives an amazing first impression to this boho interior design home! The space is divided into two areas: out of the columns is an informal seating corner, whereas under the porch is a spacious dining area. The dining table comfortably sits 8 people. On top, three benches under the windows add plenty of seating, allowing to fit many more people for a buffet-style dinner. As it was requested by the clients, the dining area connects practically with the kitchen. And a buffet cabinet gives additional space to store tableware and serve food outdoors.

Bohemian design patio – Decorilla 3D rendering

The plain concrete table is a piece that the clients already owned. And in this space, it sets a perfect foundation for the dining area. Tone-on-tone woven chairs coordinate with it and a red rug livens up the dining corner while grounding it. Rattan and wood pieces warm up the design and typical ethnical textures repeat throughout this patio design. White draping curtains highlight the beautiful columns that frame the porch and they protect from mosquitoes at the same time.

The dining area tends to get a little dark, especially with the curtains closed. For this reason, the designer added wall sconces and lanterns to the chandelier over the table, which also adds to the boho style. Outside the porch is an informal seating area. The designer decided to keep the seating low; an unusual feature that adds a fun vibe and clearly recalls Moroccan traditions. And this area is just the perfect spot for a quick appetizer or an after-dinner drink!

patio design online shopping list
Decorilla interior design shopping list


  1. Rattan loveseats
  2. Bohemian pattern pillow
  3. Bohemian leather pouf
  4. Red ethnic rug
  5. Wall metal planters
  6. Moroccan lantern

This patio design was a huge transformation and we’re sure the clients are now using it a lot to entertain! How does your outdoor space look? Need an online patio design help? Schedule your Free Interior Design Consultation with Decorilla and get started today!

[Images: 1Decorilla designer Sarah M.]