With the thrill of your dream home – brand new and waiting – comes the pressure to perfect the inside so that it looks amazing inside and out. That’s why one recent client turned to Decorilla. He didn’t want to cut corners, but rather make sure that he gets the interior perfect for his new home. Read on to see the bespoke modern white kitchen fit for its beautiful beachfront home.

Challenges of the Modern White Kitchen

With a new build comes a range of challenges best suited to an adept interior designer. For this particular project, the client needed help with his entire home. Decorilla’s designers took one room at a time, starting with the kitchen. Here, the designer needed to:

  • Create a cohesive and balanced interior that is in harmony with the beach view
  • Take full initiative with the kitchen design online with limited input from the client
  • Ensure the white modern kitchen is intriguing and inviting
  • Incorporate décor without cluttering the surfaces

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Modern White Kitchen Ideas and Inspiration

Modern white kitchen ideas for redesign inspiration

With a short brief from the client, interior designers had to puzzle together which kitchen interior design trends would suit the architecture and, ultimately, the client’s preferences. Fortunately, the client provided a photo of the kitchen and the wood of the kitchen cupboards. These images combined with the initial questionnaire the client completed at the start of his journey, helped piece together a look for the space: a sleek modern white kitchen design.

Kitchen Mood Board & Design Online

Modern white kitchen design concept – Decorilla 3D rendering

After receiving two initial proposals, the client chose the minimal, modern white kitchen by Laura A.. Her concept celebrates clean lines and precision design. By keeping the color palette neutral, Laura can highlight interior features through accent lighting and contrasting black accent pieces. One of the captivating aspects of the design is its balance – the perfect interior accompaniment to a seascape.

Online Kitchen Design Result

Online kitchen design result - sleek modern interior
L-shape kitchen design online  – Decorilla 3D rendering

The modern white kitchen design features clever contemporary and minimalist décor ideas that complement the refined and clean style. First of all, the color palette is neutral sunny, and bright. The white, light wood, and black is a great natural combination that resembles beach sand, boulders, and seafoam. Even though this look is minimal, it’s far from stark. Making sure the design elements are balances are among the most important aspects of a kitchen remodel.

Modern Design and Contemporary Finishes

Sophisticated contemporary aesthetics combined with the sensibility of modern design gives the kitchen a refined, luxurious look. There is minimalism in the finishes and materials, with no unnecessary ornamentation, which is characteristic of modern interior design. The fully handle-less kitchen is not only easy on the eye, but it’s also user friendly. There is no visual or tangible clutter. More than enough storage space and beautiful décor ensure the look is clean, sleek, and calming.

Light wood cabinets and flooring create a seamless look while also making the design flow from one element to the next. The handle-less kitchen cabinets and drawers are neat and convenient, thanks to their soft-close mechanisms and finger pulls. Moreover, grooved pull-out drawers visually elongate the wall, making the rather narrow kitchen feel wider than it is. It also echoes the vertical lines of the subway tile above the countertops. Besides, they look undoubtedly sophisticated and eliminate the chance of bumping against a handle.

Light Ash wood, marble and white kitchen design with contemporary furniture and decor
Bright modern white kitchen – Decorilla 3D rendering

White-on-White Design

At times, white kitchens can be dull, but this is far from it. The reason being every surface is intriguing, from the walls to the countertops. Nothing is flat, visually speaking. The marble-effect quartz countertops’ subtle grey veining contrast to the white ever so slightly, just enough to spark a conversation. Quartz is a great alternative to marble, especially for creating waterfall islands like in this kitchen design online. It’s also a perfect material to use in kitchens as it’s durable, stain-, heat- and germ-resistant.

Nearly every angle of the modern white kitchen could double as the main focal point – each being balanced and aesthetically pleasing. The white Metro tile wall, for instance, adds yet another interesting quality to the kitchen. It also provides textural depth for the accent lighting below the floating shelves to highlight even more. This tactile aspect paired with the marble extractor hood and white accent pieces shows just how attractive white-on-white can be.

Black and Green Accents in the Modern White Kitchen

To balance white modern kitchen ideas in the design, the designer added contrasting black bar chairs, pendants, and greenery. The contemporary bar stools are elegant yet edgy. They break the lightness of the kitchen just enough to add interest without being overbearing. What’s more, their low backrests ensure the view is unobstructed.

Similarly, the black pendant lights are contemporary, through and through, but minimal and sleek as to not interfere with the view from the kitchen. Their slender silhouettes are also visually light, giving a delicate feel to the interior. Finally, a few pot plants invigorate the kitchen with a fresh pop of green.

Before and After the Kitchen Design Online

Before and after the modern white kitchen design online
Before photo (left) and the realistic Decorilla 3D rendering of the kitchen design online (right)

At first, the new build was an empty space in need of direction and character. But it did have large windows and glass doors opening to the beachside, as well as a recessed ceiling. These two architectural features would become central to the final design.

The light color scheme reflects the incoming light even more, making the kitchen a wonderfully airy and bright place to spend time in. What’s more, the addition of black pendant lights in the recessed ceiling hanging above the kitchen island creates a striking feature.

A modified L-shape kitchen layout with a kitchen island, like this one, is a great way to implement the kitchen work triangle. In other words, an effective design plan which dictates a clear path between the stovetop, kitchen sink, and refrigerator. It makes maneuvering in the kitchen and cooking effortless.

Shopping List for the Online Kitchen Design

Modern white kitchen shopping list
Online shopping list for the modern white design by Decorilla

The kitchen design, like every Decorilla project, comes with a detailed online shopping list. Here clients can get substantial discounts that often amount to the cost of the design itself. These lists also come with an implementation guide to help clients easily put the kitchen design together at home.

Design Your Own Modern Kitchen

With a few modern white kitchen ideas, you can create your own beautiful kitchen at home. Have a look at our top picks below for inspiration.

Modern white kitchen design top ideas

  1. Cylinder Pendant
  2. Floating Shelves
  3. Subway Tiles
  4. Marbled Quartz
  5. Nerd Chair
  6. Potted Plant

In the end, the modern white kitchen design gave the room a spacious and functional look and feel while allowing the client to appreciate the view from every angle.

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[images: 1, Decorilla project images]