Minimalist modern home interior design with a patio

A complete house interior design is quite a project, especially on a grand scale. Recent clients needed an expert designer’s touch to create a luxurious modern home interior – and Decorilla delivered! Read on to see ultimate high-end luxury home come to fruition. 

The Challenge: Full & Cohesive Modern Home Interior Design 

With so much ground to cover, the project needed focus areas. The client wanted the modern patio design and main living spaces completed before moving on to the more private rooms. Regardless, the interior designer needed to excel with a beautiful modern interior design. And to do so, they had to take on the following challenges: 

  • Renovate the media and fireplace walls in the modern minimalist living room 
  • Include a built-in to house and hide the sound system as well as opt for sleek design obscuring speakers throughout the room
  • Select modern home décor and sleek light fixtures
  • Ensure the modern bedroom interior design dresses the fireplaces and includes comfy seating

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Modern & Minimalist Home Décor Inspiration

modern home decor inspiration

The clients’ taste in interiors was decidedly luxe. Not only did great rooms draw their attention, but grand bedrooms also caught their eye. The details of these spaces, alongside refined and oversized patio designs, topped their list of must-haves. Additionally, they wanted a neutral base, white interior details, and towering artwork. They wanted a striking modern home interior above all else. 

Moodboard and Modern Home Interior Design

Elegant modern minimalist living room - Wanda P
Decorilla modern minimalist living room design

After viewing Wanda’s portfolio, the clients knew she would be up to the task of designing their home. So, they sent Decorilla a request to start a project with Wanda. As an introduction, the clients completed a style questionnaire and brief. Both aspects would help the designer better understand their needs. 

modern minimalist living room mood board
Decorilla mood board with modern home decor and furniture

For the modern minimalist living room, Wanda suggested a simplified color scheme. This palette would form the base throughout the home. Similarly, striking artwork, lighting, and furniture would dress every room. Wanda’s suggested use of modern home décor and details are minimal. However, the scale and quality themselves make a memorable statement. 

modern bedroom interior design mood board
Decorilla mood board for the modern bedroom interior design

The proposal includes multiple moodboards, one for each room. The private part of the home would also feature warming tones, like a burnt amber. The modified color scheme added coziness to the modern bedroom interior designs and family room. 

Complete Minimal Home Makeover Result 

Minimalist modern interior design - Wanda P
Final modern home interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The final modern home is a curated display of high-end interior design. From the entryway to the great room and patio, the color palette is refined and uniform. Whites, cream, soft beige, and grey keeps the design sophisticated and airy. These shades give the space a layered look. Moreover, the combination of modern home décor and soft furnishings creates an interesting and impressive interior.

Entryway & Minimalist Modern Interior Design

Great spaces with swooping layouts and grand artwork make up the open areas of the minimalist modern home design. These rooms welcome guests and family alike in a breathtaking setting. 

Vivid Contemporary Hallway

Entryway with modern home decor
Entryway with modern home decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

The show of impressive design starts with the first point of contact: the entryway. Here, the sheer volume of the windows and hallway set the tone for splendor. That said, decoration is done with restraint. A less-is-more approach is evident in the entryway as well as the rest of the home. 

modern home decor for an entryway
Modern home decor for an entryway – Decorilla 3D rendering

By keeping modern home décor minimal, graphic details come to the fore even more. This includes vivid artwork, precise lighting design, and grand architecture. The showstopper entryway also doubles as a hallway that leads to a spiral staircase, the great room, and the kitchen. The dividing pillar serves as both a feature wall to display a masterpiece, as well as a pause point to slowly take in the modern home design. 

Modern Minimalist Living Room 

Modern minimalist home interior design and decor - Wanda P.
Great room with modern home interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Beyond the foyer, a modern minimalist living room sits at the center of a double-volume space. Here natural light floods in, making the room feel radiant and airy. Despite the interior’s grandeur, the seating area is cozy. This is due to an 8-piece sectional with deep, low seating and a selection of comfy throw pillows. A textured rug and nest coffee tables further enhance the unity. 

modern minimalist living room design
Modern minimalist living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The U-shaped couch forms a hub around the main entertainment area. This space features a concealed sound system and a built-in media console – perfect for stowing remotes and electronics. Additionally, vertical modern home décor draws the eye upwards to balance the room’s proportions. These include a collection of abstracts above the fireplace wall and a chandelier of rain-drop pendants. 

Timeless Modern Patio & Dining Design 

modern patio interior design
Modern patio design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Since they love entertaining, the clients’ stressed the importance of their outdoor design. Fortunately, the result is a multi-tier success! The modern patio design certainly has everything a grand exterior requires. From an outdoor lounge to a dining space, and poolside bar – it’s equipped for leisure.  

modern patio design for poolside living
Poolside details of the modern patio design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Similar to the interior, the modern patio design has a neutral and muted color palette. Earthy greys and sandy-toned furniture complement the surrounding environment. Additionally, gentle pops of soft orange add a touch of fun to poolside chairs. 

High-End Cozy Living 

At the other end of the house, a relaxed atmosphere takes priority. Here, the clients can unwind and reconnect in a comfy yet pristine environment. 

Chic Family Room 

cozy modern minimalist living room - Wanda P
Cozy modern minimalist living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Yet still striking, the family room certainly has a more casual and intimate air. As the color palette moves from neutral to warm, the space feels cozy and personal. A more compact television sits above the fireplace, an equal attraction. 

modern minimalist family living room
Modern family room with minimal decoration – Decorilla 3D rendering

A bold, rust-colored L-shaped sofa draws the focus to the seating area and conversation or company. Ultimately, modern home décor, like the ivory rug, accent table, and artwork pulls the look together. 

Master Bedroom with Private Lounge

modern bedroom interior design with a lounge - Wanda P
Modern bedroom interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The master bedroom is a generous space, partially divided by a double-sided fireplace wall. A luxurious king bed and lounge chairs make the bedroom side. And on the other half, a small modern minimalist living room decorates the space. The colors are subtle but in high contrast. The depth brings balance and a pleasing aesthetic. 

Modern master bedroom interior design - Wanda P
Luxe modern bedroom interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The modern bedroom interior design is undeniably lush and snug even though it’s spacious. Floor-to-ceiling curtains soften the edges of structural features and add cozy layers to the room. Its ivory hue comes through in the rugs and nightstands. White, on the other hand, acts as a highlight in bedding and contemporary chairs. 

Modern Bedroom Interior Design 

modern bedroom interior design
Spacious modern bedroom interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Since it is on the bottom floor, the second bedroom has higher ceilings and bigger windows. For this reason, the modern bedroom interior design shares the opulent look of the great room and foyer. It also has more earthy and subtle contrasts thanks to its dark floor, leather lounger, and mustard throw. It also has access to the pool and a small outdoor lounge area. 

Online Shopping List

Modern home decor shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

The modern home interior comes with an online shopping list. Like each Decorilla design package, this one features discounts on products necessary to complete the look at home. What’s more, it also includes a complimentary shopping concierge that handles all the ordering, tracking, and delivery details.  

Modern Home Décor Top Picks

You can create your luxurious modern abode. All you need is some inspiration or a helping hand. So, if you liked the look of this Decorilla project, use the top modern home décor and furniture picks below to guide your design

top picks modern home interior and decor
  1. Amber Artwork 
  2. Glass Pendant 
  3. Black Scatter 
  4. Black & Ivory Rug 
  5. Grey Sectional 
  6. Cocktail Table 

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