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Who says work and play can’t go together? Not us. A recent client’s new addition promised to double as an office space as well as an entertainment center. But to get there, the homeowner needed help. So he turned to Decorilla to make his dream home office lounge ideas a marvelous reality. See the stylish masculine result below!  

The Challenge: Home Office with a Lounge Area 

As it was a new bump out of an existing home, this home office had to come with a lounge area. The client wanted both a space for his work hours and a place to relax and unwind. That’s why the seating and entertainment area needed to take up the most space. To be successful, the online office designers needed to:

  • Maximize the floor space to include multiple functional zones and home office lounge furniture
  • Include an online office design, entertainment area, and lounge
  • Add games like shuffleboard and dartboard
  • Incorporate custom carpentry details and built-ins to surround the big screen TV

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Home Office Lounge Ideas & Inspiration 

home office lounge ideas

Inspirations are the start of great things, and for his home office lounge, the client was overflowing with good ideas. For starters, his design aesthetic is a sleek and sharp masculine look with the sophistication of contemporary design. He also loved built-in shelving, wood furniture, and dark walls. Plus, he also fancied a chandelier. With office design ideas like these, the future of the client’s interior was bright.  

Mood Board & Home Office Lounge Design

Cozy seating for the home office lounge
Decorilla home office lounge design

Once he got started, the client completed a questionnaire and design consultation. From here, Decorilla’s team could pair two exceptional interior designers to his project. And set with a clear brief, designers could create their preliminary concepts.

Their options ticked all the boxes, which made choosing between them tough. In the end, Ibrahim’s swanky mood board won. His proposal promised an awesome space that could double as a sleek office background for online meetings.  

Mood board with home office lounge ideas
Decorilla mood board with home office lounge furniture ideas

Ibrahim chose a color scheme of dark and light gray with accents of blue, black, and off-white. His mood board includes a concept for the home office with a lounge area and entertainment space. Ibrahim’s choice of home office lounge furniture, décor, and lighting would create a moody look, resembling a high-end cigar lounge.  

Home Office Lounge Result

Home office lounge ideas with a masculine twist
Home office lounge result – Decorilla 3D rendering

The final home office lounge is an absolute showstopper. Not only does this space pull off luxurious ideas, but it also feels much bigger than it is. When done right, dark walls can give an impression of a bigger room as boundaries are less distinct. And this space is a prime example. The dark gray walls and home office lounge furniture also create an undeniably cozy atmosphere. 

Light wood trim and warm lights balance the dark walls and wood floor. They also accentuate the built-in TV unit, housing a drinks cabinet, cabinets, shelving, and the media center. Despite the room’s small size, the expansive custom carpentry and generous sofa are perfectly suited to the space. The C-side tables are clever space-saving additions that are both sleek and practical. Last but not least, a warm beige and blue rug as well as scatter pillows add the finishing touches to the cozy nook.

Work, Play, Relax 

Home office with lounge furniture
Home office leading to the lounge area – Decorilla 3D rendering

This home office with a lounge area is on the second floor and the steps enter the office area. It’s neat and professional. A vertical slat installation ensures the ceiling feels high up as it draws the eye upward.

The workspace is minimalist with a mounted dual monitor and ergonomic chair. This is thanks to shelving and cabinets that line the entire room. Besides, they provide essential storage while saying goodbye to clutter. The light wooden details also double as a good transition element to the games area. 

Transitional Home Office Lounge Furniture 

L-shaped home office with a lounge area
Game’s area of the home office lounge – Decorilla 3D rendering

As an introduction to the entertainment area, the shuffleboard elongates the narrow strip of the L-shaped room. It leads up to a dartboard and connects the home office with the lounge area. In addition, a compact yet comfy bench lines the wall next to the play area – ideal for spectators or a brief rest before another round. From here, the lounge is in clear view, making the work-come-party space perfect for intimate social gatherings. 

This compact room certainly packs a punch. It’s full of character and caters to so many needs. Here, the client can take care of a day’s work, an afternoon’s entertainment with a game or two, and wind down the night with a beverage and a movie. The home office lounge offers a breakaway, whatever time of day.  

Online Shopping List 

Online shopping list for a home office with a lounge area
Decorilla online shopping list

An online shopping list comes with each Decorilla project. In the final stages, these lists show clients exactly what they need to complete the look at home. Plus, it comes with exclusive trade discounts, descriptions, and helpful implementation guidelines. Not only will you be able to put home office lounge ideas into action, but you’ll also save on costs! 

Top Picks for Home Office Lounge Ideas

You can elevate your own home office with lounge furniture and décor. In fact, with a few tips and beautiful pieces, you can make a substantial improvement in your home’s design. Use our favorite picks from this project to guide your office update.

Home office with a lounge area top picks
  1. Dartboard 
  2. Silo Sconce 
  3. Abstract Artwork 
  4. Blue Rug 
  5. C-Side Table 
  6. Modular Sectional 

Want to make your home office lounge ideas a reality? 

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