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A stunning home is easy to be in, yet it’s not so simple to make the interior come together. Recently, a client wanted a contemporary revamp that makes a statement. And, with interior design help, it became a reality. Discover how this Decorilla home makeover turned dated spaces into ones that wow!

The Challenge: Refreshing Home Makeover

Since needs, tastes, and preferences differ, every interior design has distinct challenges. Throughout this project, the client desired more than a contemporary look. They also wanted the combined living and dining room to reflect transitional yet glamorous room ideas for a glam interior design. Other than that, the designer had to:

  • Ensure every room makes a statement and features elements that pop
  • Avoid using mostly dark neutrals like black and brown – opt for a light, uplifting look instead
  • Create a living room design that’s unique and character-rich
  • Establish a fresh and clean yet warm and inviting atmosphere for the home makeover

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Contemporary Home Makeover Inspiration

contemporary family room inspiration

The client’s inspirational images share a light and elegant atmosphere. Soft whites and serene blues feature prominently across their favorite interiors. So do glamorous contemporary furnishings and spacious layouts. Although the rooms follow current design trends, they ultimately have enduring appeal. Overall, the client wanted a transitional glam vibe for their living room as well as for the rest of their home. But the style and details needed refining, which is where design help comes in handy.  

Transitional Glam Living Room Moodboard & Design

Transitional glam home makeover - Jessica S
Decorilla home makeover design

Once the client reached out to Decorilla, they already knew they wanted a covetable contemporary interior design. And so, completing the first part of the online interior design process was simple. It started with taking a virtual quiz and creating a design brief. Next, it was time for an online consultation. The team collected more information, then selected the two most qualified designers for the task.

home makeover mood board
Decorilla transitional glam living room mood board

Once briefed, the designers created a contemporary meets transitional glam living room moodboard each. Then, the client needed to choose a favorite. Since either concept was beautiful, it was a tough call. But in the end, they picked Jessica’s inspired vision. Her furniture and décor selection was up-to-date yet timeless and the vibrant color scheme perfectly complemented the look.

The Home Makeover Result

Contemporary family room furniture - Jessica S
Contemporary home makeover result – Decorilla 3D rendering

Every inch of the renovation turned out stunning – from the contemporary bathrooms to the living areas. In fact, even the entryway felt like a breath of fresh air. Gone were the outdated furnishings, dull hues, and uninspired ambiance. Finally, it was time for light and airy rooms, decorated in pieces with enduring appeal. In short, the results exceeded all expectations and brought the home into the present.

Elegant Entryway

Entryway to a contemporary family room - Jessica S
Entryway to transitional glam living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The main entryway sets the tone for the entire home makeover. It’s an open yet elegant area featuring a striking use of symmetry. Twin pendant lights and a geometric area rug center the foyer. Then, flanking an arched doorway are a pair of rich blue and gold accent stools, plus a set of abstract artworks. Here, more lighting enhances the interior’s elegant atmosphere. 

contemporary entryway home makeover - Jessica S
Entryway of the home makeover – Decorilla 3D rendering

The twin brass picture lights also highlight the wall art for a chic gallery effect. The one asymmetrical aspect of this design is a circular mirror right by the entrance. It complements the matte black wood of the door and makes the entryway feel wider.

Timeless Combined Living & Dining Room

Dining room in a home makeover - Jessica S
Home makeover’s dining room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The foyer opens into a transitional glam living room and dining room. Here, a vintage-style rug and mesmerizing chandelier center the dining area. A glass table with a striking gold base enhances the luxury air and pairs well with blue and gold tub dining chairs. As for the art deco accent wall – it certainly makes a statement, while an oak cabinet and minimalist table lamps bring a cozy, refined appeal.

Transitional glam living room - Jessica S
Home makeover living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

A transitional glam living room occupies the greatest part of the shared space. An oriental area rug anchors the transitional seating, which surrounds a modern cement coffee table. Although this zone also features golden accents, it’s the sunshine tones that pop. Both the yellow barrel chairs and scatter cushions draw attention. 

Living room home makeover - Jessica S
Transitional glam living and dining room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Moreover, those accent chairs do more than add a pop of color. Their shape echoes the curves of the dining chairs, unifying the overall design. Double curtains add the softening finishing touch as they frame the great windows. And, finally, a black chandelier and wall sconces complement the dark wall panels that flank the fireplace.

Art-filled Hallway 

Home makeover hallway - Jessica S
Contemporary home makeover hallway – Decorilla 3D rendering

The hallway feels as airy as the entryway, although it’s more informal. Colorful abstract artwork adorns the walls, while a stone bust and vase on nesting pedestals add visual appeal to a corner. During the home makeover, the alcove got fitted with built-in cabinets, ideal for overflow storage. Their blue tone goes beautifully with the flecked area rug in complementary hues. With all of its artwork, the space has an air of an intimate gallery. 

Relaxed Contemporary Family Room

Contemporary family room - Jessica S
Contemporary family room – Decorilla 3D rendering

A textured and dark blue wallpaper covers three of the family room walls. Its fabric-like quality helps establish the space’s cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Yet it’s just as sleek as the living space. Features like the white marble finish on the remaining wall and the bar nook make the space feel exclusive.

Contemporary family room - home makeover
Contemporary family room furniture – Decorilla 3D rendering

The contemporary family room furniture is well-balanced, equally plush and elegant. A deep-buttoned couch, packed with throw pillows, is great for lounging – with or without company. And a blue velvet barrel chair adds sophistication. The artwork ties in with others around the home, as does the color palette. All in all, the room forms part of a cohesive whole yet still stands out in its own right.

Serene Contemporary Bathroom Design

Contemporary bathroom design and decor - Jessica S
Contemporary bathroom design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Without a doubt, this has got to be one of the best rustic contemporary bathrooms around. Its white shiplap walls create a refreshing setting, while the wood cabinets add organic flair. Along with contemporary bathroom décor, like the ocean wave art, the space feels very serene.

contemporary bathroom design home makeover - Jessica S
Contemporary bathroom decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

Brushed brass faucets for the basins and the contemporary shower continue the metallic accent trend. Plus, they look particularly striking against the black geometric shower tiles. And although the window is small, the room remains well lit due to various downlights and wall sconces added during the renovation.

Online Shopping List

Online shopping list for glam interiors
Decorilla online shopping list for a home makeover

Whether working with Decorilla on a transitional glam living room or contemporary bathrooms – it has many perks. Access to true-to-life 3D renderings and layout instructions are among the benefits. And so are complete online shopping lists, which make sourcing the items for home makeovers effortless. Best of all, they often include exclusive trade discounts too!

Our Top Transitional Glam Living Room Picks

Recreating amazing real designs at home can feel daunting. However, it’s simple and only needs a few core elements. For a living room like the one above, consider getting our top picks below.

Top picks and ideas for a transitional glam living room
  1. Wall Art 
  2. Corduroy Pillow
  3. Crystal Chandelier
  4. Tambour Cabinet 
  5. Ekon Sofa
  6. Area Rug

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