Transitional craft room design

Every keen crafter deserves a space where they can let their creativity flow. After all, self-expression is vital to enjoying a fulfilling life. One recent client wanted to transform her home office into a place of work and play. However, she needed help turning her practical yet pretty vision into reality. And that’s where Decorilla comes in – Read on for the team’s stunning craft room design result!

The Challenge: Designing & Decorating a Craft Room

Since the space was free of existing built-ins, it was a blank canvas. The craft room had unlimited potential for online office home design. Because the client has plenty of hobbies, her office craft room ideas centered around including ample storage. Ultimately, she wanted a room that was equal parts functional and beautiful. To call the project a success, the designer had to:

  • Create a light, transitional interior design with a contemporary flair – the room needed to have a quiet and calm ambiance
  • Add lots of built-in storage space, enclosed by cabinet doors to keep everything neat and organized
  • Incorporate hidden, pull-out cat litter boxes
  • Include a large desk and at least two chairs – one for the desk, the other for the craft station
  • Design a craft room that’s functional as well as sophisticated

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Craft Room Ideas & Inspiration

craft room design inspiration

The client had a good idea of what she wanted, which helped a great deal with the craft room design. Built-in, floor-to-ceiling storage was a common theme across her inspirational images. She also clearly preferred spacious workstations and simple, clean, elegant woodwork. 

Although she found dark offices beautiful, light and airy ones remained her favorite. Overall, her décor style was quite diverse, but hints of transitional, glam, and contemporary designs shone through.

Design Mood Board Featuring Craft Room Ideas

Craft room designs - Darya N
Decorilla craft room design

To get the process started, the client first completed a fun questionnaire. Then she completed a quick design brief that described her craft room needs and objectives. Finally, she had an online consultation with a member of the Decorilla team. During the meeting, they reviewed her preferences and project goals. All the information was used to shine the online interior design spotlight on two designers perfect for the job.

The designers then created a mood board each, based on the client’s information. Despite both options embodying her wishes, there could only be one winning concept. Ultimately, it was Darya’s refined take on a craft room that took her breath away.

Craft room ideas on a mood board - Darya N
Decorilla mood board featuring craft room ideas

Darya’s design concept featured a light, neutral color palette with hints of blue in decor and black metal accents. Her proposal also stood out because she completely embraced the built-in storage solutions the client so desired. Furthermore, in her concept, the craft room is set up to feel light and airy, which is ideal for a creative space.

The Result of Creative Craft Room Ideas

Decorating a craft room with contemporary pieces - Darya N
Craft room final set up – Decorilla 3D rendering

The resulting craft room design is a hobbyist’s dream. Not only is the interior practical, but it’s stylish as well. Plus, it celebrates the existing architecture. By painting all the walls and cabinet doors a warm white, the space appears far brighter and roomier than it truly is. This was an excellent move, as the room only has a single window.

Decorating a craft room with mainly white furniture and décor, like this interior, allows the few splashes of color to pop. The soft blue and metallic black accents contrast nicely and give the space depth. Also, when the sliding cabinet doors are open, the wooden shelves add visual interest and an extra level of coziness.

Again, despite only having a single window, the interior is nice and bright. The combination of natural and artificial lighting from several sources is great for crafting, day or night. Since the room features plenty of hard surfaces, pieces like the runner area rug bring an element of softness without being the main focus.

Craft Room Layout

Craft room designs - Darya N
Office and craft room ideas for storage – Decorilla 3D rendering

An essential part of decorating a craft room is dividing it into different functional areas. First off, when stepping through the door, is the crafting station and shelving units. These can hide behind sliding doors for a simple, tidy office look. The clever addition of a rolling library ladder makes reaching the top cupboards a breeze. Plus, it elongates the walls, making them seem taller than they truly are. Again, it creates the illusion of a far larger interior.

Second, is the home office area, situated right in front of the window. Its defining feature is the grand desk which spans the length of the double window. Although the desk lacks drawers, there’s more than enough storage space on either side, thanks to more built-in shelves and cupboards.

Office craft room ideas - Darya N
Office and craft room ideas put to action – Decorilla 3D rendering

The third of these bright craft room ideas and functional zones stands at the center. A white, round table and dusty pink office chair offer an extra work surface. Because of the placement, it also ties the room together well. Furthermore, it keeps the interior from feeling bare – especially with the cabinet doors shut.

A final unique feature worth mentioning is the built-in litterbox drawer. Since the hole in the front is only big enough to fit a cat, the litterbox remains completely hidden. An air purifier exhaust above ensures the interior continues smelling fresh.

Defining Craft Room Décor Ideas

Craft room set up and design - Darya N
Home office filled with craft room ideas – Decorilla 3D renderings

When decorating a craft room, the décor and furniture can all be from different styles and still look beautiful together. For example, this interior has a distinctly contemporary feeling overall. It’s due to features like the trendy white office chair and simple, clean-lined desk. However, the space also includes other style elements, such as the transitional-style chandelier. The more industrial rolling ladder is another example. All in all, the craft room exudes a fresh, cozy, and collected atmosphere.

Decorating a Craft Room: Online Shopping List

Online shopping list for a craft room design
Decorilla online shopping list for the craft room design

Every Decorilla client gets an online shopping list to complete their design at home. The list features descriptions and implementation guidelines, as well as exclusive trade discounts. Following a designer’s office and craft room ideas for an at-home space has never been more convenient!

Our Top Picks for Craft Room Design

It’s possible to enjoy a similar craft room and office design at home. In fact, you’d be surprised what difference a few key pieces can make. Our top picks below are a great starting point for recreating the look.

Decor picks for a craft room design
  1. Cylindric Sconce 
  2. Abstract Artwork
  3. Ceramic Vase
  4. Turkish Rug
  5. Transitional Chair
  6. Minimalist Desk

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