Modern high ceiling living room

Nothing screams luxury more than a high ceiling living room. There is something very posh and sophisticated about the airy, height of tall ceilings that literally make everyone swoon. However, designing these space can pose a challenge. With so much extra room comes the responsibility to decorate it in a thoughtfully proportionate way. Recently, a client was dealing with the same problem and decided to reach out to Decorilla for help giving his living room new life. Read on for the breath-taking result? 

The Challenge: High Ceiling Living Room

This tall ceiling living room had ample space that needed attention and posed some challenges along the way. So, the designer had to come up with smart solutions to design the room to its full potential. And to achieve such outstanding results, the designer had to address a few things, including:

  • Work the existing fireplace mantle and built-ins into the design
  • The client was torn between modern and contemporary design ideas and needed help choosing the right look
  • Update the cabinetry, fittings, and plumbing in the kitchen 
  • Completely change the flooring and walls in the living room
  • Introduce contemporary lighting fixtures all around the space

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High Ceiling Living Room Inspiration 

Contemporary high ceiling living room moodboard

The client approached with a crystal-clear idea of how he wanted his space to look like. He loved contemporary interior style with hints of industrial throughout. But he felt overwhelmed with how to bring these elements into the living room. Moreover, the living room was spacious and still lacked character. The existing furnishings were dated and he wanted to give a new life to the room by doing a complete renovation. Above all, from his inspiration gallery, it was quite easy to comprehend that he was looking for a contemporary high ceiling living room furnished with industrial style pieces.

High Ceiling Living Room Décor: Moodboard 

Contemporary high ceiling living room
Contemporary high ceiling living room design by Decorilla

As soon as the client contacted Decorilla, two very talented interior designers worked on the brief and developed initial concept moodboards. Both the ideas were unique and tried to capture the essence of the client’s requirements. However, Berkeley’s moodboard instantly caught the client’s attention and he decided to go further with her.

Contemporary high ceiling living room moodboard with inductrial style
Contemporary high ceiling living room decor moodboard by Decorilla

The selections that the designer presented were absolutely on-point with what the clients living room inspiration. She incorporated some rustic elements to bring the industrial look into the living room décor. In addition, more modern pieces also instantly captured the client’s desire for a contemporary space. After that, with just a few tweaks, the client was on his way towards his dream interior!

Contemporary High Ceiling Living Room: Result 

Tall ceiling living room with wooden finishes
Tall ceiling living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The final result of this contemporary high ceiling living room was just outstanding! It looked like it was taken out straight from a luxury interior design magazine! There were a few key changes that the designer made in order to make the interior look industrial yet luxurious. Firstly, the dark wooden flooring brought so much character to the space. Secondly, the tall curtains starting from the ceiling helped in mellowing down the vastness of the space. In the end, just by changing the central panel in the fireplace, the whole design felt more updated and modern!

While furnishing the living room, the designer used rich textures. For instance, the tan leather sofa with clean lines and channel tufting brings a contemporary look to a classic sofa. In addition, the structural armchairs in dark leather bring further dimension to the space. The wooden pieces of furniture like a coffee table, side tables and bar stools perfectly tie in the flooring and fireplace surround. The furry rug and linen curtains help in making the space look warm and welcoming. To accentuate the whole décor, the arched floor lamp and modern Sputnik chandelier keep with the overall contemporary look.

High ceiling living room decor and dining area
Tall ceiling living room with adjoining dining area – Decorilla 3D rendering

For the dining area, the tulip dining table with a wooden top enhances the décor perfectly and makes it look more stylish. Moreover, the chairs with brass detailing, a glam lamp on the side buffet, as well as an abstract art piece and sculpture help in bringing that contemporary feel to the space. In the end, the whole space is punctuated by a modern pendant that draws attention upward to give height to the space.

Kitchen Design Details

Modern contemporary high ceiling living room with kitchen decor
Modern contemporary high ceiling living room with kitchen – Decorilla 3D rendering

The living room with high ceiling decorating ideas suggested by the designer also included a revamp for the kitchen. Since the old cabinetry was completely outdated, it gave so much room for the new design style to be implemented efficiently. The dark paint refresh on the cabinets looks absolutely gorgeous! Furthermore, a quick update to the hardware and finishes refines the space. And updating the countertops to a white, veined marble perfectly balances the dark cabinets. Just by adding a few elements, the kitchen was now synced perfectly with the high ceiling living room!

Tall Ceiling Living Room: Shopping List 

High ceiling living room decor shopping list
High ceiling living room – Decorilla shopping list

Every interior design project with Decorilla comes with a full package so the entire process of execution becomes effortless for the clients. Firstly, the designers work meticulously on creating a functional layout and moodboard. Later once the design is finalized, realistic 3D renders help the client in visualizing the space. Finally, every design package includes a shopping list with exclusive designer discounts and one-stop shopping!

Shop the Look

Are you looking for a living room with high ceilings decorating ideas, but not sure which pieces work best. Our creative interior designers at Decorilla have specially curated some top picks just for you. Now, you can achieve the same look in your living room! 

Contemporary high ceiling living room - Shopping list
  1. Contemporary Artwork
  2. Leather Sofa
  3. Wooden Coffee Table
  4. Floor Lamp
  5. Modern Rug
  6. Rustic Bar Stool

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[Images – 1, Decorilla designer]