Airplane theme nursery design

Expecting parents dream of a perfectly themed and decorated nursery for their new bundle of joy. However, among a daunting to-do list, designing the perfect airplane nursery for their soon-to-arrive baby can feel overwhelming. Luckily, recent Decorilla clients and to-be parents got in touch to help curate an adorable space for their little one. Read more to find out how this airplane-themed nursery came to life!

The Challenge: Airplane Nursery Interior Design Online

As soon as the clients found out they were going to welcome a baby boy, all they wanted was a cute little nursery for him. As future parents, they had tons of ideas on how their nursery interior design should be. However, they were too overwhelmed to bring those ideas to reality on their own. Therefore, they decided to go for with an online interior design service to help make their dream nursery come true.

Meanwhile, the Decorilla interior designers had to face some challenges too. Such as:

  • Coming up with an adorable theme for the nursery interior design
  • Focus on contemporary style with modular features
  • Create a perfect space that is extremely functional
  • Transform the layout of the room to accommodate baby furniture

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The Inspiration: Airplane Nursery Interior Design

Inspiration board for airplane nursery design

As the news popped up about welcoming their baby boy, the clients had a myriad of things that they wanted to achieve in the space. For instance, they were sure about a themed nursery designed in neutral tones with functional and stylish furniture. However, they didn’t want commonly overdone themes or something too gender specific. Travel motifs such as airplanes, trains, and rocket ships were reoccurring in their inspiration photos. With these ideas in mind, the designers had a great foundation to get started with their proposals.

The Airplane Baby Room Concept

airplane themed nursery interior design
Airplane themed nursery interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Two interior designers thoroughly went through the client’s brief and artistically created themed nursery décor. With proposals from two amazing designers, it was a tough choice for the clients. However, they decided to go ahead with Berkeley’s travel and themed nursery interior design. In the end, they loved her classy approach to a baby’s room, meaning the design could grow with their child as he ages.

Beautiful moodboard for arplane nursery interior design
Airplane nursery decor moodboard by Decorilla

The Airplane Nursery Interior Design Online Results

Airplane baby room
Airplane baby room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The interior designer, Berkeley came up with the most amazing suggestions for airplane decor that would tick every box on the nursery interior design checklist. Firstly, after reading the client’s brief she knew they wanted a theme related to travel. Therefore, she came up with the idea of airplanes and also included trains, and rockets. Secondly, she decided to keep the color palette very subtle and neutral. By opting for light grey and white tones she was able to give a fresh look to the space. Lastly, she selected modern baby room furniture with a minimal design to keep the decor contemporary.

Airplane nursery decor
Airplane nursery decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

To make the room look edgier, very minimal wallpaper is used on the walls with subtle moon silhouettes. This adds a character to the otherwise dull white walls and also makes the space more harmonious with travel and airplane nursery decor. The deep blue crib is a perfect addition and acts as a statement piece in the room. What makes the airplane-themed nursery even more special is the astronomical wallpaper on the ceiling. Coherent with the theme, this little detail completely elevates the nursery decor.

airplane nursery online interior design
Airplane nursery online interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

However, this airplane nursery is not only about cute decor and delightful walls. For toys and storybooks, there is a sleek shelf on the side of the crib. The wooden and brass details on the shelf give a high-end feel. In addition, there is a quaint grey recliner armchair with a side table which is perfect when it’s feeding time and for those cherished cuddle moments. On the other empty wall, the designer added a rustic-looking changing table. The leather details and hardware of the unit resemble vintage luggage bags and complements the airplane nursery decor perfectly. For these clients, designing an airplane-themed nursery with the right elements was essential. And by combining functional furniture with playful elements like the hanging toy airplane, celestial ceiling wallpaper, and more, the room was ready to welcome the baby.

Online Interior Design Shopping List

airplane baby room shopping list
Airplane baby room shopping list with discounts by Decorilla

Online interior design services with Decorilla come with a lot of perks. And one of the main selling points is the complimentary white glove shopping concierge service included with every project. A personalized shopping list curated to each client’s budget makes purchasing a breeze. Not to mention the exclusive trade discounts that can equal enough savings to cover the design fee! Furthermore, the Decorilla team handles everything from ordering, to tracking, and delivery.

Shop the Airplane Nursery Decor

This airplane baby room is certainly all about adorable decor and practical furniture. If you want to recreate this airplane-themed nursery, keep in mind a few things. Firstly, select a color palette based on pastel shades to achieve a calm look. Then, opt for only those furniture pieces that are practical and comfortable. So, here is a list of few furniture items that will help you design a cute airplane nursery for your baby.

Airplane nursery design top picks
  1. Blue Convertible Crib
  2. Recliner Armchair
  3. Cosy Pouf
  4. Moon Wallpaper
  5. Cute Laundry Bag
  6. Airplane Rug

Get Your Own Airplane Nursery Interior Design

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