Known as the ‘Charm City’, Baltimore has more to offer than people anticipate. Baltimore interior designers have previously stayed under the radar. However, a growing design scene all across the city has completely turned over Baltimore’s interior design style. With sleek city condos, cozy suburban houses and everything in between, the city is booming on the design front. So, if you are looking for creative designers to help you spruce up your home, we have a list of top Baltimore interior designers and decorators ready for you. Read more to find out who made our list! 

Patrick Sutton

Luxury living room by one of the top Baltimore interior designers, Patrick Sutton

For Patrick Sutton, every house is a story waiting to be told. Ever since he was a kid, Patrick traveled intensively with his parents. As a result, he takes all his inspirations from his early childhood traveling trips. In addition, his architectural background acts as a solid foundation for the exceptional designs that he creates. Recognized for creating opulent and timeless spaces, Patrick is truly a top interior decorator in Baltimore and we cannot wait to see his next project unfold!

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WHAT WE LOVE: Simple yet sophisticated interiors that brings a true joy just by the first look!

Decorilla Baltimore Interior Designers

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To find an interior designer who is not only creative but is also able to make the design process convenient is hard to come by. However with Decorilla’s vetted team of top Baltimore interior designers, you can hire an interior designer in just a click! Moreover, clients have the choice of completing their project or choosing a designer that’s available to work in their home, if needed. 

Modern bedroom by Decorilla, top Baltimore interior design firm
Modern bedroom by Decorilla Baltimore interior designers

Every interior design package comes with a thorough list of deliverables. Two talented designers work on the initial design, each submitting their unique concept. Then, the client has the choice to go forward with the design they like the most. Subsequently, the selected designer works on the final layout and detailed 3D renderings to help the client visualize their space. In addition, every design package includes a shopping list filled with exclusive discounts!

Transitional baltimore interior design by decorilla
Home office by a Decorilla top interior decorator in Baltimore

WHAT WE LOVE: Such a remarkable interior design at affordable flat-rate packages just makes designing your home way more enjoyable!

Stephanie Gamble 


Unlike most of the designers, Stephanie did not start her career in a conventional way. However, working in biology made her realize that she is destined for a more creative field. As a result, she opened her first retail store, ‘The Home Downtown’ in 2003. Years after that, she expanded her design skills by transforming homes for her clients. With SGI, she doesn’t only include luxurious fabric, finishes and furnishings but also goes out of her way to make clients happy. As a result, Stephanie has changed the definition of Baltimore interior design completely with her luxurious and personalized design style!

Chic kitchen by one of the top Baltimore interior design firms

WHAT WE LOVE: Detail-oriented design perfectly accentuated with modern accessories!

Elizabeth Lawson

Neutral bedroom by of the top Baltimore interior designers, Elizabeth Lawson

With almost a decade of experience in the industry, Elizabeth is one of the top Houzz interior designers in Baltimore. With her unique ability to blend different styles, she has designed some amazing spaces spread across the city. In addition, Elizabeth has been featured in numerous publications and magazines. To describe her design style is to imagine a space straight out of Pinterest dream homes! She loves curating clean, comfortable and contemporary interiors that have a fresh feel. 

Chic bedroom by top interior decorator, Elizabeth Lawson

WHAT WE LOVE: Passionate design projects just have a charm to them that literally take your breath away. And Elizabeth is literally a queen of modern, sophisticated design! 

Liz Dickson

Colorful dining space by top Baltimore interior design firm

Being a member of ASID, Liz has earned a great reputation in the interior design industry with her timeless style. Her portfolio of work doesn’t only include residential spaces but also clubs, restaurants, cafes and hotels. As a result, she is one of the most sought-after interior decorators in Baltimore. Moreover, she has appeared in many television programs and regional publications. For Liz, every design project is a harmonious collaboration with the homeowner and designer. Therefore, she believes in accommodating both aesthetics and functionality into her projects. 

Modern living room by of the top Baltimore interior designers, Liz Dickson

WHAT WE LOVE: Cosy and comfortable spaces designed with utter perfection! 

Dan Proctor

Eclectic living room by top interior decorator in baltimore, Dan Proctor

Fun, quirky and charming! Dan’s design style is all about creating lively spaces. With his decades of experience, Dan has created some of the most marvelous houses in the area. As a result, he is one of the top Baltimore interior designers with impeccable taste. Dan takes pride in keeping up with the trends and building a strong design portfolio. Moreover, through his projects, Dan curates spaces for clients that can help them feel inspired every single day!

Colorful living spaces by of the the top Baltimore interior design firm

WHAT WE LOVE: Colorful interiors filled with fascinating accessories are just blissful!

Arianna Pannoni

Modern kitchen by one of the top Baltimore interior designers, Arianna Pannoni

Graduating in fine arts, Arianna has a knack for all things artsy and aesthetic. As a result, with her firm, she has transformed the Baltimore interior design scene for the better. She started her design career working in luxury hospitality projects and later switched to working on residential design. Arianna loves designing modern spaces that are still filled with character. Moreover, her design style is refined and incorporates a variety of furnishings and accessories.

Scandinavian inspired spaces by top interior decorator, Arianna Pannoni

WHAT WE LOVE: Contemporary sanctuaries filled with a strong personality and defined lines. 

Jackie Bayer & Sadie Johnson

Modern living room by one of the top Baltmore interior designers, Jackie and Sadie

Jackie and Sadie are a powerful designer duo who are passionate about creating beautiful homes in the city. Their underlying affinity for custom design, eclectic home décor and sophisticated furnishings made them come together to create amazing homes. Moreover, they complement each other with every project they undertake and work as true business soulmates. Jackie and Sadie are truly talented Baltimore interior designers and their stunning designs are just second to none! 

Open plan living room by top Baltimore interior design firm

WHAT WE LOVE: Simple interiors punctuated with detailed home décor and chic upholstery. Attention to detail is everything in interior design, isn’t it?

Juliette Palarea

All-white dining area by top interior decorator, Juliette Palarea

Juliette, along with her team, has worked on a myriad of projects all over the country ranging from multi-million-dollar homes to renovation models. She believes in creating spaces that evoke a feeling of belongingness and comfort. As a result, Juliette’s clients truly trust her with the whole process of design and execution. She takes pride in working on various design styles as per her client’s desires. From modern farmhouse to Hollywood glam, Juliette excels at all of them!  

Modern farmhouse style living room by one of the top Baltimore interior designers, Juliette Palarea

WHAT WE LOVE: Bright, fresh designs that make your heart happy! Juliette is definitely a top interior decorator in Baltimore. 

Laura Hodges

Minimal bedroom by top interior decorator, Laura Hodges

Laura Hodges is the principal designer with a unique sense of aesthetics. Her signature style is a mix of minimal and Scandinavian. In addition, with her creative abilities, she fills the space with organic elements and tailored pieces. For Laura, the design process is as enjoyable as the results. Therefore, with every project, she thinks out of the box to achieve a modern, clean vibe. Without a doubt, Laura is among the top Houzz interior designers in Baltimore. 

Modern Scandinavian living room by one of the top Baltimore interior designers, Laura Hodges

WHAT WE LOVE: Minimal designs studded with vintage finds, antique décor and natural furnishings. 

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