Is your apartment lacking some sexy factor? As a once single and dating girl in New York City, I’ve seen my fair share of tacky bachelor pads. Marshmallow sofas and silky red sheets… or worse, no sheets…Eek! “Is that an over-sized performance photo of yourself? “Geez, it’s getting late.” Luckily, getting help from the comfort of your own home is easier than you thought with online room design! But here or some tips to get you started…


Do have sheets.
A well dressed bed for a well dressed man! Make sure you have sheets and change them frequently. A dirty mattress on the floor can be a turn off. Find some good quality sheets like these super soft bamboo sheets that will keep you cool and prevent you from sweating:)

Don’t have animal prints like leopards, say.


Do keep it cozy with throws, pillows plants, mirrors and picture frames.
Simple frames of family and friends show that you’re a loving man that cares about the people in your life. For a neutral look, Restoration Hardware has great pieces that are excellent for add ons to any decor. From lighting to bar carts, you can find almost anything you need.

Don’t have any sort of self-portraits or performance posters of yourself. Switch it up with a photography wall of friends, family or vacation pictures. Frame them into pictures frames and show off your adventurous and artistic side. Flickr is a great place to find creative prints for free!


Do have living room furniture consisting of a sofa, a side chair, a coffee table and preferably an area rug. It shows that you are capable of organizing a comfortable livable space for visitors and friends.

Don’t allow the existence of any form of inflatable furniture.


Do have dishes and utensils in case you decided to have a dinner date at home.
It’s a really sweet idea providing that you have more dishes than one spoon and a cereal bowl! Try sets that are great for display on the dining tables as well.

Don’t have a full kitchen display of empty liquor bottles and shot glasses.
Enough said!


Do make an effort to paint your walls. Even just painting the doors a darker shade can bring an instant update. Darker tones will give a charming and modern feel to any space. Might we suggest some sexy tones from Farrow & Ball such as Hague Blue or Studio Green.

Don’t have your team’s mascot on your wallpaper. We know you want to show your team love, but there’s usually a better design solution.

Check out this online bachelor pad transformation that we recently did!

Written and designed by Janet Yang, Decorilla designer and writer. Check out her gorgeous work and amazing portfolio!