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A comfortable and masculine interior with an eclectic twist is what one recent client wanted for his stylish bachelor pad design. Luckily, his clear vision combined with a professional designer’s expertise meant that his perfect bachelor pad would soon become a reality. After turning to Decorilla, the client now has a sleek apartment that balances personality and luxury!


  • Create the perfect bachelor pad that is eclectic and masculine
  • Make a small and dark condo feel spacious and light without hindering privacy
  • Balance luxury and comfort to create a sophisticated yet cozy living room


stylish bachelor pad living room design inspiration

The client gave the Decorilla team a great start thanks to his Pinterest board and guiding comments. He described what he thought the room lacked and provided valuable insight into the layout and natural light of the space. Dark and moody interiors with a distinctly masculine aesthetic inspired the client. Armed with the client’s inspiration, our interior designers set off to create a warm bachelor pad on a budget.


stylish bachelor pad living room design 1
Bachelor pad living room interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The designers had to create two separate zones within the online living room design: a living area and a dining area. The client chose Marina’s initial proposal that included a floorplan, a statement wall and black accents in the décor and furniture.

stylish bachelor pad living room design moodboard
Bachelor pad moodboard by Decorilla interior designer, Marina S.

After a few tweaks, Marina presented her mood board that swapped most of the black décor with warmer wood and luxurious accents. The final concept for the bachelor pad design boasts a chandelier, classic artwork, leather loungers and a contemporary rug.


stylish bachelor pad living room design 2
Stylish bachelor pad design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The 3D renderings reveal an online living room design that is perfectly transitional, balancing contemporary and traditional elements. A vibrant brown leather couch grounds the interior in comfort while industrial gear décor, iron frame lamp and typewriter add a well-traveled atmosphere. Light walls certainly help to make the apartment feel fresh and spacious. Additionally, textured cotton curtains ensure privacy without darkening the room.

stylish bachelor pad living room design 3
Bachelor pad interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Two wall sconces and prints of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous artwork perfect for a masculine apartment frame a large mirror that hangs at the middle of the statement wall.

Above all, natural light from the grand window and artificial light from the wall sconces double as they reflect in the mirror, making the space feel light and airy. Plus, the designer purposefully placed the mirror on the south wall to make the most of the views of Salt Lake City, which also makes the room feel bigger than it is.

stylish bachelor pad living room design 4
Online living room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

On the opposite end of the room, more prints from Leonardo da Vinci decorate the walls. However, here the art is complemented by industrial style décor and black contemporary leather accent chairs. Meanwhile, plush black and white scatter pillows cleverly soften the stylish bachelor pad to make it cozy and welcoming.

stylish bachelor pad living room design 5
Transitional interior design- Decorilla 3D rendering

Making this perfect bachelor pad feel extra luxurious is a tiered glass chandelier that hangs above the dining table. The chandelier and the geometric rug create two distinct zones that flow into the other: living to dining area.

The rug, made from light and dark cowhide strips, is a contemporary take the traditional cowhide rug. Now, instead of adding rustic charm like its conventional counterpart, the underfoot pattern adds opulence when decorating a bachelor pad on a budget. Even though it looks delicate, the rug is durable and ideal for rooms with high traffic like the living room.

stylish bachelor pad living room design shopping list
Decorilla shopping list


stylish bachelor pad living room design get the look
  1. Fringe Pillow
  2. Vitruvian Man
  3. Iron Shade Lamp
  4. Ivory Rug
  5. Leather Chair
  6. Side Table

Thrilled with a sleek and inviting online living room design, the client couldn’t wait to make it a reality. Because Marina’s 3D renderings and accompanying shopping list ticks all the client’s boxes and boasts a stunning bachelor pad on a budget, the client was happy.

Not only do Decorilla’s clients get a design they love, but they also receive exclusive discounts! So, if you want to create your ultimate dream home, get free interior design consultation to get started.

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