Bluestone patio ideas

Patios are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and entertain guests. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from hosting parties to relaxing with friends. That’s why a recent Decorilla client wanted to enrich her backyard with some bluestone patio ideas giving it a unique character. Read on to see how her patio became an outdoor gathering place to enjoy for years to come!

The Challenge: Bluestone Patio Design

A bluestone patio is one of the shortcuts to add elegance and style to any backyard. The stone is durable, long-lasting, versatile, and can be used in various ways. In this case, it allowed the client more than just extending her outdoor living area to outside the veranda. It also provided a better opportunity to use some of the existing furniture, which was too big and bulky for the porch.  She needed a skilled patio designer to:

  • Create practical outdoor dining ideas with a grill
  • Use a color scheme harmonious to the house exterior
  • Come up with a new patio design for the entire outdoor space
  • Incorporate a swinging egg chair and storage trunk into the new bluestone patio design
  • Establish a cozy but elegant backyard dining area 

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Bluestone Backyard Patio Inspiration

Bluestone patio design nspiration board

The client’s set of inspirational images provided alongside the design questionnaire answers showcased a sophisticated taste for upscale patio design. Most images included bluestone brick pavers, some also featured fire pits and outdoor kitchens. Comfortable, modern patio furniture composed each cozy seating area, mostly in neutral color palettes with occasional black accents. 

Bluestone Patio Ideas & Moodboard

Outdoor patio ideas by Decorilla
Outdoor patio ideas by Decorilla

As a part of the Decorilla online interior design process, the team proposed two suitable designers who delivered their visions of a bluestone patio design with a backyard dining area. After reviewing both moodboards, the client decided to proceed with the concept by Aida A

Bluestone outdoor dining patio ideas and mood board by Decorilla
Bluestone outdoor dining patio ideas and moodboard by Decorilla

Aida understood the full potential of the patio design ideas. Based on the project briefing, she arranged a new seating scheme on the porch, more appropriate and scaled to convey balance. Moreover, the connection established between the porch and the sweeping patio erased the border between the two areas, making them look more cohesive.  

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Bluestone Patio Design

Bluestone patio ideas by Decorilla
Bluestone patio ideas by Decorilla

While visually connected, each area of the patio design was functionally separated and defined. For example, the outdoor console table provided the perfect place to serve food and drinks while also discreetly dividing the dining from the lounging. It enhanced the style as well as the hosts’ convenience during outdoor parties with family and friends.

Meanwhile, the outdoor furniture ideas in Aida’s bluestone patio design included a mixture of wicker sofa & chairs with a concrete coffee table – making a feature of light neutrals and weathered wood. This boosted the organic appeal while still maintaining the muted creams and blue accents as the color scheme. These choices also considered the Mid-Atlantic location, with materials both durable and weather resistant.

Outdoor patio ideas by Decorilla
Outdoor dining ideas by Decorilla

The dining area consisted of a generous 8-place table ready for outdoor dinner parties. In addition, a large stand umbrella ensured that guests will be comfortable day or night.

Meanwhile, the cozy seating area offered a more relaxed place to kick back with a drink of choice. Smartly clustered around the fireplace and completed with a variety of lanterns, candles, and overhead string lights – the ambiance of this space was sure to be exquisite.

Bluestone patio design render by Decorilla
Bluestone patio design render by Decorilla

Unlike the spacious patio that needed to host an ample setup, the client’s porch necessities implied a more intimate area. The idea was to establish a place for quiet relaxation or reading a book. In line with the requirements, Aida’s porch design comprised the existing egg swing chair along with the conventional seating and coffee table. The arrangement was finalized with a blue outdoor rug, braided ottomans, and sleek side tables, elevating the overall style as a result. 

Backyard Dining Area Before The Change

Bluestone backyard patio before online outdoor dining patio ideas

Before the outdoor dining patio ideas, the backyard was full of unused potential. The path made of concrete slabs led to an empty area, disconnected from the porch and the rest of the house. The makeover put it to practical purpose, filing it with cozy, inviting vibes along the way. 

Outdoor Dining Patio Ideas & Shopping List

Backyard dining ideas shopping list
Backyard dining ideas shopping list by Decorilla

Decorilla made interior design affordable and accessible with the convenient process, intuitive online platform, and all-inclusive design packages. The range of benefits also include a curated online shopping list. Every client can experience the benefit of exclusive industry discounts, often exceeding the cost of the design package alone. In addition, the list is accompanied by a detailed implementation guide and a white-glove concierge service that handles the details of ordering and delivery. 

Top Picks for Backyard Dining Ideas

Sometimes even a few well-curated pieces are enough to bring your own backyard dining ideas to life. If that’s your case, then have a look at our picks inspired by this bluestone patio design project. 

Bluestone patio design top picks by Decorilla
  1. 10’ Cantilever Umbrella 
  2. Driftwood Dining Chair
  3. Rectangular Dining Table
  4. Indoor/Outdoor Console Table
  5. Lounge Chair
  6. Acacia Wood & Knotted Rope Coffee Table

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