Luxe modern classic interior design

Modern classic interiors ooze sophisticated elegance. Worthy of gracing the pages of editorials, this style harmoniously blends elements from historically classic styles with a modern punch. In search of just this look, a recent Decorilla client sought professional design help after securing an authentic Queen Anne’s style home. And the result is swoon-worthy. Read on for the reveal – a modern classic interior design! 

The Challenge: Modern Classic House Design 

Moving into a historical building comes with a unique set of difficulties. Strange paint colors, questionable wiring, and hideous lighting can all make the list. However, houses in a Queen Anne’s style have so much going for them too. These include period fireplaces, decorative ceilings, wood floors, and more! That said, it still needs a trained eye to make these aged gems sparkle. More specifically, the designer had to:

  • Design a grand main living area that is functional and intentional
  • Include modern classic décor suited to a family and luxury lifestyle 
  • Ensure the modern classic house design allows for gaming, entertaining, and family time
  • Create a modern classic interior that is toddler and dog-safe 

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Modern Classic Interior Inspiration  

Modern classic house design inspiration

With ample inspiration in hand, the client gave the project good momentum. She was clear in her likes and dislikes, making the process easier for the design team. Bold furniture in velvet and leather topped her wish list, whilst gold finishes came in a close second. High-end and stunning modern interiors fueled her inspiration. All in all, she liked modern classic interior design with a blue and white color scheme above all. 

Modern Classic Interior Design & Concept

Modern classic interior for a living room
Decorilla modern classic interior design

After careful consideration of nearby Chicago based interior designers, the client decided to get the best value for her money by getting concepts from two Decorilla designers. The modern classic living room interior design is a showstopper. But before getting there, the client had the tough choice of which designer’s concept to proceed with. And it was the elegant and balanced mood board by Wanda P. the client loved most of all. Wanda put together a proposal full of sleek covetable ideas. 

Modern classic interior design for a living room mood board
Decorilla mood board for a modern classic house design

Wanda suggested modern classic décor that would complement the house’s architecture. For this reason, her mood board consisted of tasteful pieces for three rooms. The first, a grand living and dining room which leads to the second and third interiors. The latter includes an intimate family room and a sunroom. 

Modern classic interior mood board
Decorilla mood board with modern classic decor

For each selection, Wanda chose sophisticated furniture that caters to a young family. They feature straight and curved lines, characteristic of modern design, and classic fabrics. She also includes stunning lighting for an extra sparkle. 

A Trio of Living Spaces

Modern classic living room designs
Modern classic interiors by Decorilla

From grand entertaining to easy sunny lounges, the modern classic interior design features a room for every occasion. And to top them all, modern classic décor ensures a cohesive theme throughout every area.

Main Modern Classic Living Room Interior Design 

Modern classic interior for a living room
Modern classic house design reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

The combined living and dining room brings modern classic interior design to full form. The final image is polished yet robust. Dark, luxurious furniture stands boldly against a light backdrop to emphasize the sitting area. The cool-colored rug grounds the sitting area against the warm wood floors. Deep blue from the rug and velvet seating contrast the white marble coffee table and walls beautifully. 

Modern classic living room interior design
Modern classic interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

A circular bay window is a great place to highlight the modern classic interior design. Neutral seat cushions and graphic scatter pillows subtly frame the windows while letting the view take center stage. A deep tufted ottoman provides sheen and luxury to match the quartz chandelier. 

Modern classic interior design
Modern classic dining and living interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

Statement lighting highlights each area and distinct touch. These, as well as sconces and tables lamps, ensure the room is bright and inviting. A white, reflective wall color also amplifies the natural and artificial light in the room. To keep this airy feeling, the designer chose a white dining table, ghost chairs, and grey ripple fold velvet drapery.   

Family Lounge with Modern Classic Décor 

Intimate modern classic living room interior design
Modern classic family room interior reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

The family room has a relaxed air but still feels elegant. This area also doubles as the connector between the formal living room and three seasons room. Although more casual, it also features modern classic living room interior design. A floral abstract rug adds a pop of color and complements the calm grey L-shaped sofa. 

Modern classic decor in a contemporary modern lounge
Family room with modern classic decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

This family room is not without a glamorous touch. A velvet crescent occasional chair and arch floor lamp perfectly fit the modern classic house design. This space is also bright to showcase its interesting decorative features and create a lovely atmosphere. Additionally, French doors lead out to the adjacent sunroom to make the space feel more like one.  

Sunny Three Seasons Room

Online interior design of a sunroom
Online interior design reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

The modern classic interior design continues into the three-seasons room. First and foremost, blues and whites give the space a refined coastal air, blending with the outdoorsy feel of the structure. Adding on to this are layers of oceanic shades in the decoration and furniture. The layout is practical and unfussy – perfect for playing board games or lounging.  

Modern classic house design for a sunroom
Modern classic living room interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Modern classic décor, like the wire candle baskets and block wall mount, adds warmth while being minimal. The final room of the modern classic house design is relaxed and features a dining and lounge area for casual time with the family. 

The Before & After 

Classic modern interior before and after
Before the online interior design (left) and after Decorilla‘s modern classic interior design (right)

Previously, the empty shell was outdated and didn’t suit the refined architecture. Thankfully, the expertise of a leading online interior designer could bring the rooms to their true potential. 

Online Shopping List with Modern Classic Décor

Online interior design shopping list with modern classic decor
Decorilla online interior design shopping list

Each online interior design is unique, but they all come with a tailored and detailed shopping list with exclusive trade discounts. And it’s through the descriptions, specifications, designer notes, and layout plan, that a client can put everything into place at home. In the end, the client could create a dreamy high-end interior fit for a design editorial. 

Design a Modern Classic Interior 

It takes only a few pieces to make a big difference in a home. If you liked the look of this elegant interior, then use our top picks of modern classic décor below as a guide. 

Top Picks Modern Classic Decor
  1. Blue Rug 
  2. Quartz Pendant
  3. Fireplace Screen 
  4. Lacquer Buffet 
  5. Velvet Sofa 
  6. Marble Table 

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