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A modern minimalist apartment can be just the solution to personalizing a rental with limited square footage. And as a recent Decorilla client moved into such a space, he needed a designer’s eye to make the space his own. So, read on to see how this blank canvas becomes a covetable home right before your eyes!

The Challenge: Minimalist Apartment Design

The client approached Decorilla looking for a clean and practical layout for their newly rented one-bedroom modern apartment. The critical challenge was to create a livable, personalized, and inviting space within limits imposed by the rental contract. Remodeling was not an option, while the designer had to:

  • Be creative with practical hacks for minimalist and modern apartment design
  • Establish a functional open-concept living area layout 
  • Integrate a small home office into the living space
  • Stick to the neutral color scheme with a little pop of color

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Minimalist Apartment Decor Inspiration

Minimalist apartment inspiration board

The client’s inspirational gallery was right on point. Every image depicted functional and aesthetically pleasing minimalist home decor ideas, highlighting the beauty of simplicity. The focus on light and airy colors supported that notion, conveying the illusion of lavish spaciousness. 

Minimalist Apartment Moodboard

Minimalist style apartment by Decorilla
Minimalist style apartment by Decorilla

After the initial consultation and considering the answers from the design questionnaire, the Decorilla team connected the client with two suitable designers. Both got to work on creating a minimalist interior design that would reflect the client’s lifestyle and meet all of their functional needs. Making the final decision wasn’t easy, but in the end, the chose the moodboard proposed by Theresa W.

Minimalist apartment design mood board by Decorilla
Minimalist apartment design mood board by Decorilla

Although modern minimalist apartment design is often perceived as cold or sterile, here it wasn’t the case. Through careful planning and a focus on clean lines, Theresa was able to create a streamlined composition that still feels chic and inviting. Her moodboard professed a stylish and functional space the client would love coming home to. 

Minimalist Apartment Interior Design Results

Minimalist apartment interior design by Decorilla
Minimalist apartment interior design by Decorilla

Knowing that blue and grey are the client’s favorite hues, Teresa built the design around a matching scheme. The light and breezy palette also complements the existing kitchen as a reference for the color temperature. Most elements, such as an ample sectional sofa and accent chair, boast a neutral chic style. At the same time, the darker wooden finish of a coffee table and bookshelf provides a well-balanced contrast, further enhanced with a pop of color.

Minimalist apartment ideas by Decorilla
Minimalist apartment ideas by Decorilla

Tactical zoning also amplified visual dynamics while maintaining the feeling of a cohesive, put-together lifestyle. A relaxing and entertaining area features a comfortable, modern sectional in a performance fabric and a complementing, streamlined armchair. The focus is fully on a dark wooden media cabinet with a TV, surrounded by minimalist apartment decor. The industrial-style lamp accentuates the space, while a potted plant livens up the arrangement with a dash of freshness. 

Modern minimalist apartment by Decorilla
Modern minimalist apartment by Decorilla

Although sparse, the design scheme doesn’t feel flat or dull. On the contrary, carefully sourcing minimalist apartment furniture and high-quality finishing materials conveyed sufficient tactile and visual interest. The final hack was to use the decor to define the space’s character further. A stylish mini bar, for instance, perfectly complements the kitchen aesthetic with its functional but elaborate elements. At the same time, the mixed medium wall art helps tie the different wood finishes together. 

Minimalist Style Apartment Home Office

Minimalist apartment with a home office by Decorilla
Minimalist apartment with a home office by Decorilla

The abstract art piece serves as a mediator between the colorful accents in the room, making the design more dynamic. Its vibrant shades also add a bit of welcome warmth to the minimalist apartment design. Meanwhile, in front of the window, the desk with storage drawers in gray-washed wood provides a workspace with a spectacular view. It’s accompanied by an elegant blue office chair, while the industrial-style bookshelf completes the minimalist home office area.

Before the Change

Minimalist apartment before online interior design

The high-rise modern minimalist apartment boasted some great views, needless to compete with many distractions. Facing southwest, it also received abundant light, particularly during the afternoon. The design obstacles, on the other hand, included no changing of the walls or floor covering and the overhead lighting present only over the kitchen. Still, by paring down the essential furnishings and decorations, the designer conveyed a clean and stylish look that makes no sacrifices on comfort or function.  

Online Interior Design Shopping List

Minimalist apartment design shopping list by Decorilla
Minimalist apartment design shopping list by Decorilla

Apart from the opportunity to work with two professional designers on the same project, Decorilla packages also include other benefits. Those include expert guidance, 3D visualizations, and a custom shopping list with exclusive discounts. Furthermore, a white glove shopping concierge takes care of the logistics, leaving for the clients only the most enjoyable parts of the process – living in comfort and beauty.

Minimalist Apartment Design Top Picks

When it comes to modern minimalist apartment ideas, less is undoubtedly more. So check out our top picks to find what elements you could use in your own home:

Top picks for minimalist apartment decor by Decorilla
  1. Grey Area Rug
  2. Modern Sectional Sofa
  3. Rectangular Coffee Table
  4. Grey Wash Accent Chair
  5. Navy Office Chair
  6. Grey Ash Rotating Desk
  7. Tree Floor Lamp
  8. 3D Wall Decor

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