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A bespoke bedroom, above all else, is an opportunity to make the space yours truly. One recent couple wanted their master bedroom with a custom sitting area. Good thing they turned to Decorilla – now the room is a luxurious, high-end boudoir set for rejuvenation. Read on for the dreamy result!

The Challenge: Master Bedroom with a Sitting Area

Since the pair had wildly different tastes, a compromise was crucial. Of course, every design project comes with challenges. And for this project, despite the variation in taste, the difficulties were minimal. That said, a few must-haves still had to feature in the online bedroom design. The designer needed to:

  • Choose bespoke bedroom furniture to give the interior a one-of-a-kind look
  • Include a seating area in the master bedroom
  • Incorporate existing curved chairs and ensure the design suits their style
  • Create a calming environment with a functional sitting area
  • Pick a color scheme that enables calm while making the spacious room feel even larger

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Bespoke Bedroom Inspiration 

Master bedroom with sitting area ideas and inspiration

The couple loved light hues and gentle curves for their master bedroom and sitting area ideas. Their favorite rooms certainly show off bespoke interior design. More specifically, unique feature walls, statement mirrors, and minimalist lighting stand out.

The bases of these spaces also set the tone for calm. It’s no wonder as earthy hues of stone and desert sand have a peaceful aesthetic.   

Moodboard & Bespoke Interior Design

Master bedroom with contemporary sitting area ideas - Casey H
Decorilla bespoke bedroom interior design

The clients needed contemporary interior designers who could pull off a dreamy apartment. And soon, they would find theirs, thanks to Decorilla’s easy matching process. First, they completed a quick questionnaire and hopped on a virtual consultation.

From here, the team could help match vetted interior designers to the project. Their style and expertise made them best suited. And armed with the project scope, the designers could present their concepts. Now, all the couple needed to do was pick their favorite. 

Master bedroom sitting area ideas
Decorilla moodboard featuring master bedroom sitting area ideas

They loved Casey’s proposal above all. Her master bedroom moodboard shows a sitting area and a chic bistro nook. She includes bespoke interior design finishes as well as comforts befit of high-end living. She also ensures a calming environment with a muted palette of gray and milky coffee hues.

All in all, the concept is dreamy and nuanced. It even includes eclectic touches and electric yellow to complement the clients’ fun keep-sake pillows.

Master Bedroom with Sitting Area Result

Bespoke bedroom interior design - Casey H
Bespoke bedroom interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

After a few short weeks, the final design encapsulates the couple in the most flattering way. It’s a dreamy suite with as many playful as sophisticated accents. The completed look comprises a master bedroom with a sitting area and coffee nook perfect for relaxing in peace. Plus, the spacious square footage allowed luxury and comfort in equal measure.

There is a distinct play between symmetry and mismatching. As a result, the interior is complex yet balanced and harmonious. On the one hand, a pair of bend pendants and twin accent chairs frame the bed. And on the other, asymmetric scatters and a trio of tables balance the look with their unique shapes and materials.

Bespoke interior design and contemporary bedroom furniture - Casey H
Bespoke interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering 

A modern abstract wallpaper lines the room’s feature wall. Its shades of ecru and stone set a soft yet intriguing backdrop for the space. A complementing abstract artwork enhances the aesthetic nature of the wallpaper. These neutral tones are highlighted by the warm glow from the brass pendant and the acrylic and gold side table.

In addition to bespoke bedroom furniture, the bedding suits a swoon-worthy boutique hotel. From smooth to rougher materials, they form a pleasing tactile element. Plus, they introduce contrast with gentle brown and a subtle feminine touch with a blush pink lumbar pillow.   

Bespoke Bedroom Furniture  

Bespoke master bedroom interior design - Casey H
Beautiful bespoke bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

Each piece of furniture in the bespoke bedroom is striking and beautiful in its own right. The curve bed with its modern asymmetrical lines strides from the everyday. It’s undoubtedly the focus of the room.

Master bedroom with contemporary sitting area ideas - Casey H
Master bedroom with a seating area – Decorilla 3D rendering

Boucle chairs complement the bed in texture and form. They sit atop a kilim rug that brings contrast to the light interior with its dark markings. This also adds another layer of comfort as a plush carpet covers the floor. Additionally, a swivel ottoman provides a dual purpose – as a seat and as a surface. A faceted coffee table and marble monolith pedestal round off the interior.  

Seating Area in the Master Bedroom 

Seating area in a master bedroom - Casey H
Bespoke bedroom furniture in high-end interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

The master bedroom certainly displays the best sitting area ideas, with a marble table at its center. Greenery, similar to the rest of the interior, adorns this nook. It breaks the neutral color scheme with a breath of refreshing green. This area also has the best vantage point to admire the view. It’s bright and light-filled too because of the huge windows lining the wall.  

Bespoke bedroom furniture for a sitting area in a master bedroom by Casey H
Master bedroom with a sitting area – Decorilla 3D rendering

The sitting area, just like the rest of the bespoke bedroom, features contemporary lighting to give an artistic edge. Curves continue throughout to complement straight lines and bring balance to the design.

Online Shopping List

Online shopping list for a bespoke interior design
Decorilla online shopping list

Every finished Decorilla project comes with an interactive online shopping list. From here, guests receive tips and information regarding each product. Moreover, they can shop directly from the list, while a white glove shopping concierge handles all the details of ordering, tracking, and delivery. With this and the designer’s bespoke design, the client could finally assemble their beautiful room.

Top Picks for a Bespoke Bedroom

If you liked the look of this project and want to update your own bedroom, use our top picks of bespoke bedroom furniture below to get started!

Top bespoke bedroom furniture picks for a master bedroom with a seating area

  1. Bend Pendant
  2. Modern Wallpaper
  3. Moon Mirror
  4. Curved Bed
  5. Cream Armchair
  6. Round Table

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