Masculine and feminine home office decor

When a home provides enough space for two home offices why not tailor each to its occupant? That’s exactly what recent Decorilla clients were after when they reached out for design help. They wanted one masculine and one feminine home office to fit each of their styles. Read on for the stunningly chic result perfect for its spot in New York!

The Challenge: Combined Masculine & Feminine Home Office

Becoming a new homeowner comes with a lot of excitement. You can truly put your stamp on a house and make it yours. That said, renovating and updating the existing interior can come with a few headaches. For this project, the designer had to:

  • Remove existing wood paneling in one small home office and include a wall-mounted television
  • Create a practical layout for the feminine home office/guest room that includes a sleeper couch and a sizable desk
  • Incorporate feminine office décor for a transitional neutral room with pops of pink
  • Design a neutral masculine home office with contemporary features
  • Offer practical yet affordable home office solutions
  • Make the most of the views throughout the design

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Feminine & Masculine Home Office Ideas & Inspiration

Masculine and feminine ofice ideas and inspiration

The clients’ inspiration merged feminine and masculine office décor into classy and ergonomic spaces. These interiors are roomy and on-trend. Pink walls, accent chairs, and abstract art filled ideas for her office. Whereas neutral, contemporary interiors with dark details overflowed his masculine interior design ideas. Together, the two were juxtaposed but still aligned with the overall look and feel of the home. Whatever the result, they knew their online home office design would suit them perfectly.

Mood Board & Home Office Design

Feminine and masculine home offices
Decorilla home office design

After getting started, the client could choose between two distinguished interior designers. In considering their initial concepts, the clients soon fell in love with Wanda’s take on masculine and feminine home office design. She also liked Wanda’s proposal for the rest of the apartment, which included the other living spaces.

Masculine home office ideas
Decorilla masculine home office ideas

For the masculine home office, Wanda chose minimal but striking décor. These photographic prints would give an impressive atmosphere to the interior. With an aviation-inspired aesthetic, the space promises bold curves and strong lines with an industrial feel.

Feminine office decor and ideas
Decorilla feminine home office ideas

The feminine home office has a mix of transitional and contemporary ideas. Wanda used the client’s favorite hues – pink, black, white, and grey – for the statement interior. The combination of sleek lines, textural wallpaper, and accents will ensure the space is neat but cozy. The mix is ideal for a home office that doubles as a guest room. 

Online Interior Design Result

Feminine and masculine home office ideas
Masculine and feminine home office design results – Decorilla 3D renderings

The final pair of interiors match each client’s preferences and personality seamlessly. For the masculine home office, a neutral color scheme ensures modern lines take precedence. The room also has a distinctly industrial feel. On the other hand, the feminine home office is cozy and sophisticated. This space not only allows productivity but also rest when the pull-out sofa extends into a queen-sized bed.

Masculine Home Office with Robust Décor

Masculine home office design
Masculine home office result – Decorilla 3D renderings

Neutral but arresting, the space is a prime example of masculine home office ideas coming to life. Simplicity ensures each element of the home office design stands out. By keeping the room neat, distractions are limited – perfect for honing focus when necessary. The layout also makes the best of the view, encouraging mindfulness. Moreover, fresh houseplants further encourage a relaxing atmosphere.

Masculine home office decor
Design with masculine office decor – Decorilla 3D renderings

A modern steel and wood desk paired with a trendy filing cabinet creates an ideal workspace. From here, the client can have meetings, plan, design, and receive visitors in style and comfort. The task chair is mid-century modern sophistication at its best with a curved aluminum frame and cupping leather seat. The retro-inspired aviator swivel chair certainly fits the setting.

Modern masculine home office ideas
Masculine home office design – Decorilla 3D renderings

Throughout the home office design, photographic prints of aviation dot the walls. The close-up angles are striking, resembling abstract artwork. Every element was thoughtfully chosen to create a space of productivity that’s also a joy to be in. And the resulting masculine space is exactly that, work merged with enjoyment.

Feminine Home Office with Pink Décor

Feminine home office design ideas
Feminine home office design result – Decorilla 3D renderings

The feminine space is one part office and one part guest room. Yet the final design is fully successful in both aspects. To ensure the home office design is practical, the layout is versatile as the modular desk sits opposite a sleeper sofa. Both settings have access to the lovely view and brilliant natural light flooding the room.

Feminine home office design
Online interior design with feminine office decor – Decorilla 3D renderings

The office nook features feminine office décor, a bookshelf, and soothing artwork. When guests visit, the desk and task chair can move into the nook space and the sleeper sofa can pull out to reveal a queen-sized bed. So, in essence, the room can transform from a spacious office into a cute spare bedroom in minutes.

Feminine office decor and a sleeper couch
Cozy feminine home office – Decorilla 3D renderings

A bright, fun pink grasscloth wallpapered wall injects a healthy dose of color into the home office design. It also balances the formality of the space with carefree whimsy. Lastly, pale and bold scatter cushions decorate and round off the interior. 

Online Interior Design Shopping List

Online interior design shopping list
Decorilla online interior design shopping list

The finished online interior design comes with more than stunning photorealistic 3D renderings of the room. In fact, it comes with even more surprise conveniences. The online shopping list, for instance, lets clients shop directly through Decorilla’s platform. It also comes with details and impressive trade-exclusive discounts. What’s more, clients also receive a detailed guide to ensure everything goes smoothly at home.

Top Picks for a Masculine & Feminine Home Office

With a few masculine and feminine home office décor ideas, you can create your his-and-her office in no time. Use our favorite products from the project to inspire or guide your next interior update.

Masculine and feminine home office - Top Picks
  1. Abstract Art
  2. Modular Desk
  3. Floor Lamp
  4. Accent Chair
  5. Contemporary Rug
  6. Task Chair

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