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An elegant master bedroom can easily serve as a sanctuary away from the rest of the home. But creating that refined and curated look without a design eye can be trickier than expected. Fortunately, one couple eager to design their dream bedroom found the help they needed with Decorilla. Good thing they did because the result is captivating. See the airy and elegant master bedroom design below!

The Challenge: A Luxury Master Suite with an Office

With a new home, your design can take on any form you like. And for this newly built interior, the clients sought elegant luxury throughout. However, as it was their first online interior design project, the clients tried one room first. They wanted to find the theme and look before continuing with the rest of their home. So, to succeed, the interior designer needed to:

  • Conceptualize a look that fits the black accents, windowsills, and doors in the new space
  • Ensure the luxury master bedroom design matches the predominantly black and white base of the home
  • Include seating, artwork, and wainscoting
  • Add an office desk while ensuring a spacious bedroom layout

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Luxury Master Bedroom Ideas & Inspiration 

elegant master bedroom ideas and inspiration

The model house that hooked the clients on buying their new home has a black and white theme, but they wanted something different. This was particularly true of the bedroom. They wanted a low-contrast and calming interior. Besides soothing color schemes, the clients favored contemporary luxury interior design above all.

Their luxury master bedroom ideas also included ultra-plush furniture and upholstered glam headboards. Chandeliers, feature walls, and flowy drapes made their wishlist as well. Altogether, the clients’ inspiration painted a promising picture. 

Elegant Luxury Master Bedroom Design & Mood Board

Luxury master suite - Drew F
Decorilla luxury master bedroom design

The clients started the design process with a style questionnaire and complimentary consultation. Combined with project specs, the info enabled Decorilla to match three interior designers to the clients’ needs. From here, the designers each created a luxury master bedroom design concept.

But this is where it becomes tricky – especially when they are all exceptional. So, to find their ideal concept, the clients and designers discussed possible alterations. In the end, the clients picked their initial favorite – the tranquil proposal by Drew F. that they loved the most.

Luxury master bedroom ideas and mood board
Decorilla mood board with luxury master bedroom ideas

Drew chose a timeless color scheme of cool greys, blue, sage, and black. And to add warmth, he suggests wood accents and gold finishes. Drew used luxury master bedroom ideas that were light and airy. With the clients’ inspiration as a guide, he could create an uplifting concept that would work with a monochromatic theme.

Contemporary Luxury Master Suite Result  

Luxury master bedroom by Drew F
Elegant luxury master bedroom result – Decorilla 3D rendering

The final design is a luxury master suite with a casual air. Its light palette is perfect for promoting a feeling of spaciousness. It also allows any dark accents to pop without being stark. Cool greys merge with earthy green and coastal blues to create an organic look and feel. Altogether, the finished design shows how contemporary design can result in an elegant master bedroom. 

Wainscoting sets the base for the luxurious interior. Three panels bring structure, formality, and symmetry to the bedroom. It also designates a more intimate space in a room with a high ceiling. In the trio of panels above the bed, two delicate gold sconces frame a soft blue abstract artwork. Below, the wood nightstands hug the plush white bed to echo the symmetry. What’s more, layered accent pillows make the bed feel like it is in a chic boutique hotel. 

Glam Workspace in the Luxury Master Bedroom 

Luxury master bedroom design - Drew F
Luxury master suite office nook – Decorilla 3D rendering

Not only does the luxury master bedroom design have a luxe bed, but it also has a sleek workspace. This tasteful nook is all-white with touches of gold and grey. A white desk sits in the extended bay window, looking out on the garden. It has the perfect vantage of the wall of windows bringing in a flood of natural light.

As final touches, a floor lamp provides task lighting and a flourishing potted fig tree adds a refreshing green pop. The large plant also works as a softening element, blending the bedroom and workspace. It also smooths the visual transition from the interior to gazing outside to the garden. 

Elegant Finishing Touches

Luxury master suite - Drew F
Luxury master bedroom design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Opposite the bed, wainscoting continues the symmetric look and provides a balancing base for décor. Here an industrial-style photo gallery and mirror line the wall. Just below, a sleek white dresser adds storage and surface area for a decorative bowl.

A round and romantic bench sits at the foot of the bed, below a modern geometric pendant. Together, all these elements create the exquisite air of the luxury master suite. And as a final but essential touch, a modern blue-and-white rug rounds off the look while providing comfort underfoot.

Online Shopping List

Luxury master bedroom online shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

Each Decorilla client receives a personalized online shopping list to complete their designs at home. Here there is a link and exclusive trade discount to every product necessary for the design. This means the elegant master bedroom design could also come together in no time.

Designer Picks for a Luxury Master Suite 

If you liked the look of this project and want to start decorating your own home in a similar style, use our top picks below to guide you. In the end, all you need are luxury master bedroom ideas and some know-how to make a change.

Luxury master bedroom ideas top picks
  1. Gold Lantern
  2. Modern Rug
  3. Bed Set
  4. Abstract Art
  5. Nightstand
  6. Upholstered Bench

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