Ensuite master bedroom design
Decorilla ensuite master bedroom design

Our latest project, a gut renovation of an ensuite master bedroom, sparked a thrilling journey of design and innovation. From conceptual sketches to final touches, the transformation process was a delicate balance of creativity and practicality. Explore with us the design intricacies that turned an everyday ensuite master bedroom design into a unique haven of comfort and style.

The Challenge: Ensuite Master Bedroom With Bathroom Design

It all started with the idea to totally transform their master bathroom and bedroom. The client’s main motive was to make both areas more functional, but there was also a desire to turn the plain spaces into a magnificent sanctuary. Also, the planned gut renovation was an ideal opportunity to address a few issues; such as insufficient daylight in the ensuite bedroom and uneven floor leveling in front of the master suite bathroom. A designer was also needed to:

  • Employ stylish master bedroom and bathroom ideas to make both spaces feel brighter and airier
  • Consider changing bedroom wall colors and different wall covering options for the master bedroom bathroom
  • Maximize the potential of an odd ensuite master bedroom layout
  • Integrate one sizable walk-in closet instead of two smaller ones
  • Source new furniture and decor
  • Change the bedroom flooring to wood

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Master Bedroom & Bathroom Inspiration

Ensuite bedroom and master suite bathroom inspiration board

When it comes to stunning ensuite master bedroom design ideas, inspiration is key. That’s why the client provided a gallery of images featuring some breathtaking modern creations. From tasteful decor and sleek black accents to rich textures and patterns, the rooms boasted some of the best assets of contemporary style. In return, although prevalently neutral most schemes were still instant eye-catchers. 

Master Bedroom and Ensuite Bathroom Ideas & Moodboard

Ensuite master bedroom and bathroom design ideas by Decorilla
Ensuite master bedroom and bathroom design ideas by Decorilla

While it was clear that the stunning images would make a perfect visual guide for designers, Decorilla’s interactive questionnaire provided practical insights. It helped the client effectively communicate their lifestyle, habits, and preferences, at the same time giving our team all the information they needed. As a result, they could quickly handpick two interior designers perfectly suited for the bedroom design job.

The real challenge came when the client had to choose between their equally impressive proposals. After a few rounds of consultations, Jessica S.‘s personalized concepts ticked all the boxes.

Master bedroom with bathroom design moodboard by Decorilla
Master bedroom with bathroom design moodboard by Decorilla

Jessica’s moodboard was just what the client wanted. It promised a modern, airy, and perfectly conformed ensuite bedroom and bathroom decorating scheme. What really stood out, though, was the fusion of tactile and visual quality that characterized each space. Every detail was carefully thought out, from the lighting fixtures to the elaborate decor.

Ensuite Master Bedroom With Bathroom Design Results

Ensuite master bedroom with bathroom design ideas by Decorilla
Ensuite master bedroom with bathroom design ideas by Decorilla

This modern, luxurious, and chic ensuite master bedroom makes the client daydream of a restful night’s sleep. Its contemporary style grows around the sleek black canopy bed that immediately draws the eye. Fashionable reeded nightstands on its sides nod to classic design, together with the painting above and sumptuous upholstered white bench. The bench’s golden frame also communicates with the chandelier and table lamps, creating a chic, streamlined network of accents. Meanwhile, the modern graphic pattern of the area rug pulls the juxtaposing black and white elements together to complete the look of this elegant relaxing space. 

Ensuite bedroom design by Decorilla
Ensuite bedroom design by Decorilla

Neoclassical wall trim, the curvy armchair, and the tall framed mirror enrich the master bedroom with a classy boudoir flair. It extends throughout the niche across the bed, where a stylish grey desk plays a multifunctional role, serving as a make-up table and a workspace when needed. 

Creative Solution for a Master Suite Bathroom

Creative ensuite bathroom ideas by Decorilla
Creative ensuite bathroom ideas by Decorilla

Jessica’s stunning master bedroom bathroom ideas produced a modern setup that exudes a distinctive flair reminiscent of classic Roman baths. Gorgeous arches and striking black and white diamond ceramic tiles dominate this interior design, giving it an air of sophistication and class. Such a feeling is enhanced further with the wall art and the graceful crystal chandelier. At the same time, raw wood surfaces add a touch of organic warmth and texture to the space, making it feel cozy and inviting. 

Master suite bathroom interior design by Decorilla
Master suite bathroom interior design by Decorilla

When the client was asked what they disliked about the existing bathroom during the interview, their answer was: everything. One of the main problems was a weird space division, producing compartments that “made no sense.” Hence the designer employed fresh ensuite bathroom ideas to deliver a completely new layout, making the most of the space’s functional capacity. As a result, the new master suite bathroom now features three zones, including both a bathtub and a spacious shower cabin.

Master bedroom bathroom interior design ideas by Decorilla
Master bedroom bathroom interior design ideas by Decorilla

Whether taking a long soak in the tub or stepping into the spa-like shower, the client can feel like royalty in this beautiful master bedroom bathroom. And yet, somewhat unexpectedly, the toilet area completely steals the show. It’s covered in an abstract black-and-white wallpaper that attractively complements the floor pattern. Meanwhile, the framed wall art visually breaks the hypnotic flow with its moody depiction of a flower arrangement.

How Master Bedroom and Bathroom Ideas Transformed the Space

Ensuite master bedroom before (left) and after (right) interior design solution by Decorilla
Ensuite master bedroom before and after interior design solution by Decorilla

Do you ever walk into a room and just think, “Ugh, this doesn’t feel right?” That’s precisely how the client felt about their original master bedroom with bathroom design. The new layouts now boast an array of stunning decorative features that exude thoughtful elegance at every corner. In addition, all elements and their interaction are scaled and tailored to perfection to ensure maximum functionality.

Ensuite Bedroom & Bathroom Design Shopping List

Ensuite bedroom and master suite bathroom shopping list by Decorilla
Ensuite bedroom and master suite bathroom shopping list by Decorilla

The designers went the extra mile, crafting a stunning ensuite bedroom and a thoughtfully designed master bathroom. Before committing, the client received not only moodboards but also realistic 3D visualizations that clearly depicted their space-to-be.

But that was just the beginning! There was also the custom interior design shopping list, complete with exclusive trade discounts on all the design elements—even variations! And to take it up a notch, the package also involved a complimentary concierge service to tackle all the work of ordering and arranging delivery.

Top Picks for Ensuite Bedroom With Bathroom

The client was excited to discover the epitome of interior design with Decorilla. But if you wish to try your hand at creating your dream space, check out some of our favorite picks:

Ensuite bedroom top picks by Decorilla
  1. Area Rug
  2. Nightstand
  3. Canopy Bed
  4. Table Lamp
  5. Framed Art
  6. Drawer Chest
  7. Bouclé Pouf

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