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The days of dull and dreary office spaces are long gone. Today, commercial interiors need to be practical as well as attractive. In fact, by prioritizing functionality and style, employees can become happier and more productive. A recent Decorilla client sought out help to create such a corporate office. Read on to see her industrial open-concept office design with a twist!

The Challenge: Industrial Office Design

Designing any open-plan interior is a challenge. However, the challenge increases when it comes to open concept office design. After all, employees need some semblance of privacy to work in peace. Thus, factors like layout are of the utmost importance. For this specific office interior design project to be a success, the designer had to:

  • Use online decorating and office design skills to develop different functional zones within a single space
  • Harmoniously blend new and existing furniture by employing some of the best office design ideas
  • Embrace and enhance the space’s existing industrial interior design features
  • Establish a casual and inviting, yet still professional and well put together atmosphere

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Industrial Office Décor Inspiration

industrial office design inspiration

The client’s inspirational images show that she likes some of the best office design ideas and trends. They depict typical industrial office décor with plenty of black metallic and rustic wooden finishes. Sharp, straight lines, arched details, and large windows are other defining features. The layouts are clean and sensible yet never lack personality or warmth. It’s thanks to small but significant touches like indoor plants and vintage-style area rugs.

Industrial Office Interior Design &  Moodboard

Open space office concept - Theresa G
Decorilla open-concept industrial office design

The client approached Decorilla with a good idea of what she wanted her industrial office design to include. It meant wrapping up the first part of the process was a breeze. The initial phase saw her completing a virtual questionnaire and design brief. Afterward, she had an online interior design consultation with a diligent Decorilla project manager. Using the collected information, they identified two designers who were best suited for the project.

The assigned designers then created a moodboard each, according to the client’s wishes. To move forward, the client had to choose a favorite concept. It was a difficult decision since both options were well-executed. Ultimately, however, she liked Theresa’s open-concept workspace vision best.

Mood board for an open concept workplace - Theresa G
Decorilla industrial-style open concept office design mood board

Theresa came up with a chic concept that ticked all the boxes. The furniture and décor had an undeniable industrial air about them because of their clean lines and prominent use of metal and wood. While the neutral color scheme was soothing, pieces like the artwork, area rug, and indoor plants brought life to the space. Overall, the moodboard gave the client a taste of the balanced office-to-be.

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Open Plan Industrial Office Design Results

Industrial office decor in an open concept design - Theresa G
Open concept design featuring industrial office décor – Decorilla 3D rendering

Once finalized, the open space office concept results were breathtaking. Apart from the private office, separated by a sleek glass panel wall, the 1,300 square foot interior houses several functional areas. Although these areas form a cohesive whole, each remains distinct too. It’s thanks to innovative zoning techniques and thoughtful furniture and décor choices.

The Open Concept Office & Different Functional Zones

Open space office concept - Theresa G
Industrial office design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Despite its modest size, the open-plan office feels light and airy while holding three distinct zones. It’s partly due to the layout and also the window-lined exterior wall. Outside of the enclosed private meeting area, the zones are:

  • A sitting area
  • A trio of workstations
  • A kitchenette with a lunch area

Each zone features only the best industrial office décor, ensuring the entire interior has a refined atmosphere. Other elements, such as potted succulents spread throughout the space, also help link the areas together. Features like the already exposed ceiling are a bonus, as it enhances the desired look. 

Chic Sitting Area

Open concept office
Open space office concept – Decorilla 3D rendering

Across from the private meeting room is a cozy sitting area. It consists of chic industrial office décor: a reclaimed wooden coffee table stands at the center of four luxe grey armchairs. The setup’s generous furniture makes it an ideal spot for casual meetings.

A faded, vintage area rug acts as the area’s anchor and contrasts the cool, polished cement floor beneath. The clamshell planter on the coffee table is noteworthy too because it echoes the marina outside. Those seated in this zone can look out across said marina on one side, while the opposite wall has a flat-screen TV within view.

Sleek Workstations

Industrial office interior design Theresa G
Open space office concept – Decorilla 3D rendering

Three workstations surround the sitting area, forming an L-shape. An alcove provides one workstation with privacy within the open-concept office design. To also offer the other workstations some privacy, they face the sitting area, with their dual-monitor screens facing the back wall. The desks are then separated even further by a mobile shelf. As it’s on castors, moving it away when working on collaborative tasks is simple.

Several filing cabinets line the back wall, alongside a printer and a paper shredder. Here, they’re out of the way and contribute to the clutter-free look yet remain close enough to be within reach. Furniture and décor in the workstation zone feature lots of clean, straight lines, wood, and brushed metal accents. Thus, the curves and rounded edges of the desk chairs are a welcome contrast.

Streamlined Kitchenette & Lunch Area

Industrial office design Theresa G
Open concept office design – Decorilla 3D rendering

By the wall with the flat-screen TV lies the kitchenette and lunch area. Black floating shelves and modern wall lamps, which fit the industrial office design well, surround the TV. These pieces serve a dual purpose, as they are stylish and practical.

Furthermore, this zone is a space of contrasts and complementary elements. For instance: the shiny black counters stand out against the matte gray cupboards. Touches like the brushed metal tap and dishwasher add brightness. A pair of circular wooden tables with black metal legs, which match the four chairs surrounding them, complete the lunch area.

Elegant Enclosed Industrial Office Design

Open concept office design - Theresa G
Industrial office décor ideas – Decorilla 3D rendering

When a little more privacy is necessary, the enclosed office space is the place to go. The room is clutter-free and elegant. It continues the trends encountered throughout the rest of the interior. A glass-top desk stands at the center, flanked by an ergonomic leather office chair on one side and twin textured armchairs on the other.

Although a shelf-desk combo stands in front of the window, its open back ensures the marina view remains uninhibited. When it comes to decorative pieces, the metal wall clock is a perfect industrial office décor pick. Along with the minimalist collection of botanical artwork, it adds visual interest to the white walls.

Industrial Office Online Shopping List

Industrial office decor ideas shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list for an industrial open concept workspace

From an open concept office to an industrial lounge – every Decorilla client gets a custom online shopping list to make their space happen. Apart from the shopping list, clients receive layout instructions, exclusive discounts, and more. When working with Decorilla, home improvement is cost-effective, fun, and stress-free!

Our Top Picks for an Industrial Look

Putting together a space with a specific look is simpler than many think. In fact, it only takes a few core elements. If you plan on using industrial office décor ideas to create a similar space at home, consider investing in a few of the pieces listed below.

Open concept office top picks


  1. Industrial Bookcase 
  2. Abstract Art 
  3. Black Sconce 
  4. Wall Clock
  5. Luxe Chair
  6. Standing Desk

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