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These days, having a dedicated at-home office space is the luxury equivalent of having a hot tub or a large walk-in closet. Having enough square footage for more than one office space at home is even more opulent. However, putting together spaces that are expressive of your taste and equally motivating, can certainly be challenging. For that reason, recent clients turned to Decorilla’s online interior design for help, for not one, but two work from home spaces. And the results tick all the boxes – read on for the covetable his-and-hers home office reveal!

The Challenge: His-and-Hers Office Space Design

Setting up a home workplace comes with a few unexpected challenges. Perfecting your office background, for instance, is one of many. For these clients, balancing their opposing ideas was tricky. They needed external expertise to find a long-term solution and his-and-hers office spaces they both adore. A boho home office for her, and an industrial home office for him. To create a harmonious interior, the designer had to:
  • Design two separate interiors according to very different style preferences
  • Equip the industrial home office with the necessary technology
  • Create a relaxing and creative atmosphere using boho office decor
  • Find a common thread between the two spaces
  • Use the layout of the his-and-hers home office to create insulation and privacy
  • Maximize the high ceilings and natural light

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The Inspiration: His-and-Hers Home Office Ideas

His and hers office design inspiration
Both clients had distinct home office ideas. Bohemian office decor appealed to her, while industrial office decor made him feel right at home. Thankfully, a mix of industrial and boho office decor is practical and harmonious. The clients wanted organic features, like wood and wool, to match the rest of their interior. And when it came to his-and-hers desk options, both clients leaned toward solid wood worktops. Although bohemian and industrial looks are very different some features are similar. Floor-to-ceiling open shelves, for instance, were one of many similarities.
After receiving the clients’ wishlist, Decorilla’s designers could create customized concepts. The pair loved the neutral mood board by Wanda P. most, and chose her to finish the design. From here, she could fine-tune her concept and create 3D renderings of the office spaces.

The Concept & His and Hers Office Space Design

his and hers desk for a office space in a boho and industrial rooms
His and her office designs by Decorilla 

Harmonizing two opposing styles was high on Wanda’s list. Plus, she also had to make sure both rooms fit into the neutral and organic aesthetic of the home. To achieve this Wanda focused on a muted palette and natural elements, especially woods and woven materials. Her concept for each room shows distinct character, but they also tie into the scheme and style of the house.

His Industrial Home Office Mood Board

masculine mood board filled with his and hers home office ideas
Decorilla mood board with industrial office decor

Absolute practicality meets modern masculine in this industrial home office mood board. The appeal was clear. The combination of wood and metals brings endless possibilities for industrial home office decor. With the high ceilings in mind, Wanda suggested tall shelves, rolling ladders, and loft space. These fixtures match the wood floor tiles, accent table, and desk. Additionally, a coffee nook and soft couch would be perfect for quick breaks.

Wanda also encouraged the addition of recessed lights, sound equipment, and a glass board for utmost efficiency. One client’s office needed to have a calm and collected atmosphere for him and his clients. By using natural stone gray, blue and warm wood tones, this mood is achieved effortlessly.

Her Boho Home Office Mood Board

bohemian office decor for a his and hers home office - mood board
Decorilla mood board with boho office decor

For the other client, boho home office ideas with a softer, more creative palette took precedence. She needed a space in which she could do yoga, write and develop ideas. And natural creams, gray tones, and flowy boho home office decor make such a great backdrop. The designer included soft decor, a meditation pillow, rattan pieces, and ripple-fold drapery for a tactile boost. She also provided unique items to inspire creativity, like the macrame wall hanging.

His-and-Hers Office Space Result

In the end, the clients could get the best without compromise. His office is a striking marvel in industrial design, with high ceilings showing off beautiful exposed wood beams. Her boho home work space has a quiet luxury while simultaneously celebrating organic materials.

His Industrial Home Office

industrial home office with a his and hers desk
Industrial office space reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

The clean-cut result has everything the client needs to be productive and feel good. Indeed, this industrial home office exceeds in both masculine lines and convenience. Taking breaks is crucial to maintain work efficiency, and this layout is a great encourager. A separate coffee station, complete with floating shelves and a bespoke cabinet, is tucked just out of reach. The little walk to and from the coffee machine provides a little break to clear one’s mind.

masculine his and hers home office
Interior with industrial office decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

The client spends much of his time delivering online presentations. That’s why good lighting is vital, maximizing natural even more so. The light walls and woven rug reflect and bounce more light into the space, ideal for reading. And, when necessary, recessed loft lights allow late-night work. Here his-and-hers home office ideas also include sound equipment for creating high-quality content. The spacious floor plan allows easy access to any item while it’s within reach. The open truss ceiling also makes the room feel large and airy.

industrial home decor for a his and hers office space
His industrial office desk – Decorilla 3D rendering

Symmetric sliding ladders add a touch of formality, but also fun as they lead to loft space. Additionally, a mix of floating and industrial shelving punctuates the light stone-colored wallpaper. Blue minimalist couches and a cream rug soften the edges in this gray-brown industrial home office.

Her Boho Home Office

his and hers desk for a office space
Boho home office reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

And, finally, her boho home office is the picture of contemplative action. With his and her desks matching in wood and metal, it adds structure to an otherwise subtle, flowy feel. With its light stone-gray palette and textured drapes, it balances its masculine counterpart with ease.

shelving as his and hers home office ideas
Boho office shelving – Decorilla 3D rendering

The tall wooden shelves subtly function as a room divider in the his-and-hers home office. Floating shelves strengthen the connection between boho and industrial while providing storage space. But most importantly, there is more than enough room for the client’s yoga and meditation practice. With natural light flooding in, this is the place to muse and meditate on what matters.

boho home office as his and hers home office ideas
Her office space with bohemian office decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

Exposed roof beams also bring balance and visual texture to this home office. Furthermore, overhead pendants draw the eye up to the wooden details. The combination of truss ceiling and glass sliding doors blur the boundary between the office and living room. In fact, monochromatic boho home office decor complements the natural look of the adjacent lounge.

His-and-Hers Home Office Shopping List

his and hers office space shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

Each Decorilla online interior design package comes with a carefully curated shopping list. The client can shop for the products with exclusive discounts directly from this list, which means a dream design is just a few clicks away.

Design Your His-and-Hers Office Space

Every design starts with inspiration. Some of our favorites may just become your favorites too. Look at our top picks perfect for a his-and-hers office space below.
His and hers home office design top picks

In the end, clear communication and design expertise led to his-and-hers office spaces just right for each client. Now both clients have a room of their own, set to their exact needs and likes.

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