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The global style interior design trend borrows elements from traditional design motifs from all corners of the globe, resulting in a unique, eclectic look. Combining it with luxurious materials and finishes can convey some seriously striking results. And it was exactly this style that a recent Decorilla client was after for their home’s living areas. Read on to see how global decorating style brought this home to life!

The Challenge: Glam Global Style Interior Design

As a way to fill the space with luxury and excitement, glam global style interior design never fails to impress. However, put the composition wrong, and you will get quite the opposite feedback. The clients were very aware of such risks when they first contacted Decorilla in order to find the best match for their newly purchased house. Some of their wishes included: 

  • Finding a way to incorporate some existing furniture pieces 
  • Designing the great hall and making it a suitable environment for a piano 
  • Translating the owners’ lifestyle and personalities into their home 
  • Creating a new lighting configuration

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Global Style Interior Design Inspiration

Global decorating style inspiration board

Both clients had in common great affection for nature, food, and healthy living that they wanted to see reflected in their surroundings. Their brief, as well as the set of inspirational photos, mostly showcased an eclectic character with glitzy accents. So, the global home decor style with touches of glam interior design emerged as a natural solution. The clients’ intentions were straightforward – finding a designer who is not afraid to play and get creative. Someone who will mix things up to produce a unique, tailored interior filled with the owners’ personalities.

Global Eclectic Interior Ideas & Concepts

Glam global style interior design by Decorilla
Glam global style interior design by Decorilla

With such a specific project brief, instructions, and an inspiration gallery, it was not hard to find designers whose portfolios were promising to deliver on point. Picking only one designer was, however, somewhat more challenging. At that point, the full advantage of Decorilla’s unique approach came to the spotlight. The client got the opportunity to begin the project with two different designers and move forward with the best match. After reviewing their concepts, visions, and mood boards, the clients decided to proceed with Laura A.

Global style interior design mood board by Decorilla
Global style interior design mood board by Decorilla

Laura’s concept showcased a beautiful global style interior design of an open concept living & dining space with discrete glamorous accents. She followed the clients’ lifestyle and inspiration to come up with a natural, warm, and earthy palette. Furthermore, in order to reflect the global style in every detail, her meticulously detailed moodboard represented textures, materials, and colors, almost conveying the real feel of the eclectic space.

Global Style Interior Design Results

Global home decor style by Decorilla
Global home decor style by Decorilla

The global style living space has been transformed into a unique work of art. To elaborate on the client’s idea of a sleek bronze fireplace, Laura proposed two options. One was a genuine metallic wrap, and the other was porcelain slabs with a bronze texture that the clients finally went with. Since the fireplace is flanked by an exterior door on either side, the corners of the room were reserved for decor. A large potted tree and a wooden sculpture help balance the vertical height of the room. Then, two poufs serve has extra seating while incorporating the color scheme of the large abstract painting.

Glam global style interior design by Decorilla
Global style interior design by Decorilla

The living room’s volume allowed for a strong statement in the form of a light fixture. The oversized multi-lantern chandelier added a punch of drama, putting a signature stamp to the global decorating style of the place at the same time. The metallic motif from the lanterns was carried through the decor atop the two cubed coffee tables that anchor the room. Lastly, the clients existing linear sofas are complemented by dark grey swivel chairs, providing ample seating for the large space.

Global decorating style dining room render by Decorilla
Global decorating style dining room render by Decorilla

In the dining room, Laura proposed keeping the existing table. Characterized by a muted hue, the thick wooden top, and a slightly industrial flair, it fit perfectly with the new design. The textured pattern of velvet chair upholstery complemented it with a subtly elegant glam touch. In addition, a pair of large beaded bohemian tiered chandeliers and a textured rug completed the composition from floor to ceiling. Finally, the trio of textured abstract art perfectly complemented the home’s new glam global style interior design. 

Before Glam Interior Design

Before glam interior design

While the existing space already reflected the eclectic character of its owners, some details were slightly out of place. Laura decided to keep the couches in the new design, as they were big and comfortable, with attractive upholstery texture. Matching coffee tables also found their place in the new room, while the addition of two curved streamlined swivel chairs complemented the sofas, enhancing the set with even more comfort. In the end, the room received an upgrade in character.

Global Home Decor Style Shopping List

Glam global decorating style shopping list by Decorilla
Glam global decorating style shopping list by Decorilla

Decorilla offers more than a standard interior design package. In fact, the benefits sometimes add so high that their value exceeds the initial package cost. Besides the opportunity to work with two designers instead of one, each design comes with an online shopping list. Moreover, the list is full of significant discounts on all featured items, and accompanied by a detailed guide on how to make the design come alive. To sweeten up the ideal further, a personal shopping concierge will take care of every step from ordering to delivering.

Top Picks for Global Decorating Style

Do you wish to try the look of global eclectic interiors in your home? If you liked the featured items, and are now thinking of getting something for yourself, here is the shortlist of our favorites:

Glam global decorating style top picks
  1. Ivory-Gold Rug
  2. Swivel Armchair
  3. Beaded Chandelier
  4. Decorative Cushion
  5. Slipcovered Sofa
  6. Round Ottoman

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