Decorilla interior designer eclectic living room

“Every design project is a new adventure, a new way to communicate, and an opportunity to discover new worlds.”-Laura A. 

With a flair for international design, Laura Attolini’s spaces offer sophistication in every style. She has a diverse portfolio having worked for different architectural and design firms in Paris, Italy and the U.S. and also has worked as an interior designer for high-end furniture brand Roche-Bobois. Laura consistently nurtures her curiosity for fresh and contemporary trends by keeping herself inspired and informed through design publications and travel. This greatly influences the quality of her designs.

Her attention to detail and ability to manifest clients’ unique preferences are reasons she is given the designer spotlight.

1. Were you always interested in design?

Yes! My mom was an architect and since I was little I wanted to be like her.

Decorilla interior designer, Laura A.

2. How would you define your design style?

Modern, clean, monochromatic. But, I always like to add some eclectic touches like vintage or eclectic pieces. 


3. If you had to pick a favorite room in your home, which would it be and why?

My living room! I like the high ceiling, the natural light, the fireplace.
Our furniture is a mix of pieces from our previous houses as we moved from Paris to Idaho and now in London. Some of them made the trip Europe-USA twice! As spaces are so different from a country to another, I always complement with some new entries. I like to think that our house tells our story.

Decorilla designer eclectic decor
Decorilla eclectic living room

4. Who or what influences your work?

It depends on the client and on the moment. I can find inspiration in everything around me so everything that catches my attention.

5. What’s a must-have item you make sure your interior designs include?

I always like to include beautiful lights as I think light is very important. And a nice original/eclectic something that could be for example a vintage or designer chair, an interesting art piece. I also like to include green plants as they give freshness and life to every space.

laura 1
laura 2

6. Which TV show or film has what you consider interior design eye candy?

Honestly, I think TV shows about design are some kind of fun but they deliver to people an idea of design that is totally unreal.. A remodel cannot be done overnight and at a very cheap price! On the other hand, there are a lot of movies that have beautiful interesting interiors. I particularly love interiors from the 70’s and the 80’s they have a big fascination on me.

70s inspired interior design
7. What is your favorite design magazine or blog and why?

I read regularly Dezeen , Remodelista and various design blogs. I also regularly buy architectural/design magazine Dwell, and others depending in which country I am.


8. What is the best thing about being an interior designer?

Having the capacity to envision and transform the space, I think it’s kind of magic! It’s such an exciting feeling to see your vision come to life! And of course helping people to realize their dream space- it’s very important to live in inspiring and beautiful environment.

laura 3

9. What was your first big project and what was your favorite part?

A home remodel in Paris that I did about 12 years ago. It was my first personal project all by myself – at the time I was still working with architecture agencies. The customer had a very particular and sophisticated taste and trusted in me to realize her dream retreat in Paris – I was thrilled and I spent so much time in searching every detail of that house.

contemporary kitchen design rendering

10. How do you manage challenges that come up during a design project?

I always try to protect the customer first and assume the responsibilities on myself – the key is  find good rational solutions to mediate and solve the situation. There is always a rational way out!

To see more of Laura’s work, check out her Decorilla design portfolio or start a project with her today.

[image credit: Laura A. and 1, 2, 3, 4]

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