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Nothing beats the quiet comfort of a log cabin in the woods. It can certainly be a cozy escape from the everyday. This was the exact thought of one recent Decorilla client, but she needed help. Her dated log cabin living room was in serious need of TLC. Discover how online interior design transformed her space for the better!

The Challenge: A Refined & Contemporary Log Cabin Living Room

There are plenty of cabin interior design tips out there for anyone who wants to redo their space. However, many challenges are tricky to overcome when working alone. After all, every interior design project’s challenges are unique and easier to overcome with expert assistance. The client realized this early on, which is why she sought help with her cozy log cabin living room. The challenges designers needed to tackle were:

  • Honoring the rustic architecture while introducing refined, contemporary log cabin living room furniture
  • Keeping existing pieces, such as the grand piano and TV stand, and tastefully incorporating them into the new design
  • Making the large room feel warm, inviting, and less cavernous

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The Inspiration: Log Cabin Style Living Rooms

log cabin style living rooms

The client knew her living room had great potential and wasn’t living up to it. She was sure of everything she wanted to change and which pieces she wanted to keep. However, she was open to suggestions when it came to log home living room decorating ideas. She wanted the online living room design transformation to be warm and inviting. After all, the living room is the main socializing and entertainment area. Furthermore, the rustic architecture needed to remain a key feature, whatever the style turned out to be.

Cozy Log Cabin Living Room Mood Board & Design

log cabin living room furniture
Decorilla log cabin living room design

The client knew what she wanted and laid it all out for the designers in her brief. Some existing furnishings had to stay, while others needed to go. After filling out a questionnaire and submitting her brief, the client received two distinct moodboards. Her list of do’s and don’ts guided the designers in coming up with their log cabin living room ideas. Two talented Decorilla designers took the supplied information and created a log cabin living room concept each.

Both assigned interior designers used the client’s wishes to create stunning concepts. Each suggested a contemporary style for the living room that allowed the architecture to shine. The recommended color palette was simple. When paired with natural accents, it would further enhance the log structure. The designs certainly promised to be rustic yet refined.

log cabin living room ideas
Decorilla log home living room decorating ideas

In the end, the client had to make the tough decision: picking her favorite. Ultimately, she decided on Drew F.’s sophisticated design that brought out the best in the space.

Drew’s design captured the essence of the region’s rural beauty, translating it into a stunning indoor space. His design also enhanced the rustic features of the living room, like the exposed log walls and support beams. He worked with a refined yet unpretentious color palette of warm wooden tones, off-white, black iron, and flax. Furthermore, Drew incorporated plenty of natural fabrics, iron, reclaimed wood, and leather. These elements, plus modern log cabin living room furniture, would transform the interior.

The Log Cabin Living Room Results

log home living room decorating ideas
Log cabin living room result – Decorilla 3D rendering

The collaboration between designer and client was a resounding success. It resulted in a layered, cozy log cabin lounge with an inviting atmosphere. Finally, the space lived up to expectations. It went from outdated and zestless to timeless and attractive. The interior is a testament to the difference good interior design can make.

Snuggly-Sleek Lounge

cozy log cabin living room
Cozy cabin lounge – Decorilla 3D rendering

The refreshed interior features both new and existing furniture, organized to utilize the space better. A light-colored couch helps establish the contemporary look of the living room. It’s situated at the center of the room, by the rustic fireplace. This creates the perfect spot for relaxing with family or friends.

A wooden coffee table, as well as two fine leather armchairs, add contrast to the main sitting area. Although the space is neutral, pieces like the black iron side tables, give off a masculine air. They’re rugged, industrial, and contrast well with the space’s softer touches.

log cabin living room furniture
Contemporary cabin – Decorilla 3D rendering

Oversized scatter cushions arranged on the couch add texture and depth. A neutral, geometric-patterned area rug breaks up the wooden floor and anchors the main seating area as a focal point. The smaller seating area to the side of the room, by the original piano, features two wingback chairs. These chairs can easily incorporate into the main seating area when needed.

Other pieces of log cabin living room furniture include the original TV stand, which fits in perfectly, as well as a cabinet under the stairs. The cabinet features black metal sliding doors, making it a quirky yet fun addition to the room.

log cabin living room décor
Log cabin living room decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

A handwoven basket featuring a sun motif sits above the log cabin fireplace, reinforcing feelings of coziness. Another spectacular art piece within the space is the gold-flecked eagle feathers print. It undeniably contributes to the interior’s modernity. Apart from the fireplace and large windows, various other light sources dot the room. Modern chandeliers, floor lamps, and wall sconces all keep things light and bright.

Online Shopping List

Log cabin living room shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

Every client working with Decorilla receives an online interior design shopping list, making sourcing décor a breeze. The best part is the list gives clients access to exclusive discounts, guaranteeing them the best price when shopping through Decorilla.

Our Top Log Cabin Living Room Décor Picks

Recreate a cozy, cabin-style living room at home – you only need a handful of pieces. We’ve selected some of our favorite log cabin living room furniture to help get you started.

log cabin living room furniture top picks
  1. Cheval Print 
  2. Ring Chandelier 
  3. Neutral Rug
  4. Accent Table
  5. Silk-Grey Pillow
  6. Velvet Wingback

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