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Contemporary great rooms can be the perfect place to entertain friends and family – when done right. However, it can be tricky when dealing with a room of such large proportions. That’s why a recent client came to Decorilla for help. The result is a contemporary great room design with a hint of glam – read on to discover how it came to be! 

The Challenge: Decorating Ideas for Great Rooms

living or family room is a space made for life and beautiful decoration. Yet, the client found decorating troublesome, especially when looking for contemporary home decor. Plus, they wanted some elements to stay the same while others needed to change. So, for the project to be a success, the designer needed to ensure:

  • All décor is proportionate to the large room, tall ceiling, and back wall
  • The space feels warm and friendly through injections of color
  • Shelving on either side of the fireplace is inviting and tidy, with a modern feel
  • Existing and new pieces form a stylish, cohesive whole

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Inspiration for a Contemporary Great Room 

Contemporary interior design inspiration

The client provided the design team with a handful of great room interior design images. These photos went a long way in helping pinpoint the client’s taste and vision. Luxurious furniture and decor appeared in her choices, with white, black, and gold accents. Overall, the selection had a warm yet high-end ambiance. Contemporary interior design undoubtedly topped the client’s wishlist.  

Moodboard for a Great Room Contemporary Interior Design

Great room interior design - Marine H
Decorilla contemporary great room interior design

By completing an online style quiz, the client could hand over the basics of her brief. As a result, Decorilla’s design team understood the client’s style, budget, and needs. Next on the agenda was a virtual call to discuss ideas for the contemporary great room. This also highlighted any specific requirements. And so Decorilla could match two idyllic interior designers to the project.

Contemporary great room moodboard
Decorilla moodboard with decorating ideas for great rooms

While the decision was tough, the client needed to choose her ideal designer. With her injections of color and ability to scale the room with suitable décor, Marine H. won the client over. Marine’s knack for contemporary interior design was evident. She gently balanced the current furnishings with new modern elements. All in all, her concept promised a swoon-worthy online living room design.

Contemporary Great Room Result

Contemporary home decor for two different looks
Contemporary great room with décor options – Decorilla 3D rendering

In the end, the client could pick between two covetable options. One had a coastal feel, while the alternative was a bit more glamorous. Moreover, it was easy to switch between the two looks at home. Small tweaks in accents, like swapping artwork and pillows, could transform the space.

The base, however, remains the same. Comfy contemporary seating, a designer round coffee table, and a black sideboard formed a neutral space. Dark, contrasting accents bring sophistication and depth. As the perfect social setting, the living room is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Great Room Interior Design 

Great room interior design - Marine H
Great room with contemporary black décor – Decorilla 3D rendering

With such a lofty room, scale and proportion should receive extra care. Not only did this space offer roominess, but it also brought many opportunities. The huge open back wall, for instance, made the perfect spot for a statement. A black sideboard underscores a feature artwork and makes the space functional. And lastly, two large lamps frame the setup. Altogether, décor and furniture create a mesmerizing focal point.

The sheer size of the artwork and lengthiness of the sideboard also perfectly fit the significant room. Moreover, the vignette adds depth to the interior with points of interest throughout the contemporary great room.  

Decorating ideas for great rooms in black and white
Decorating ideas for great rooms in black and white – Decorilla 3D rendering

Light also works its magic to elevate the interior. With many windows to the side of the room, there’s an abundance of sunlight streaming into the space. Brass and green accents invigorate the sleek design. These touches also complement the airy feel.

Furnishing & Contemporary Home Décor

Contemporary great room
Great room featuring contemporary wall art– Decorilla 3D rendering

The L-shaped sofa creates an inviting social setting while confidently filling the space. A brass pedestal and round coffee table add some practicality and a warming glimmer to the interior. These fit comfortably in the sizable design. While the seating frames the coffee table, the gray fireplace and statement artwork balance the whole room. Their contrasting hues ground the setting and emphasize the view too.

A generous rug anchors the seating area and structures the room. Along with the rug, a throw and scatter pillows have unique textures which create definition in an otherwise minimal room. This is contemporary interior design at its finest!

Color for a Contemporary Interior Design 

Great room with contemporary home decor - Marine H
Contemporary great room featuring coastal hues – Decorilla 3D rendering

Both options exude soothing schemes. The final, blue-tone design features nostalgic seaside hues. Brass detailing, reminiscent of golden beaches, balances darker shades. Accent pillows, on the other hand, reflect the blues and whites of rolling waves.

Blonde floors of the living room gently contrast with the white walls. The distinction between the two tones brings a warm atmosphere to the space. Similarly, the various light sources produce a welcoming glow. Overall, the room feels modern but inviting.

The coastal contemporary interior design features calming blues. Many décor pieces integrate these tones to emit a tranquil feeling. On the other hand, the glamorous black and gold option exudes sophistication and high-end living. Both were excellent options as the final luxurious great room interior design.

Shelving & Media Wall

Contemporary interior design - Marine H
Great room featuring contemporary shelving and coastal hues – Decorilla 3D rendering

Tidy shelving was a top priority for this project. As a result, clean lines and neatly shaped décor dot custom floating shelves. Balance is also important here as décor on the top shelves dictated more height and space. The composition certainly complements the tall walls. Moreover, neatly placed ottomans provide additional seating with hidden storage below the shelves. All décor is neutral to tie in with the contemporary color scheme.

There is a mix of mementos and designer finds on the black floating shelves. This injects character into the space while keeping it clutter-free and trendy. In a word, the final interior is memorable neutral with a touch of high-end elegance.  

Online Shopping List

Online shopping list for a contemporary great room
Decorilla online shopping list with contemporary home decor

With the great room interior design buttoned down, the client received a curated online shopping list. And through clickable product links, she could secure their contemporary home décor easily. This helpful resource comes along with exclusive trade discounts too! What’s more, an implementation guide further helped the client put together her great room interior design at home.

Our Top Picks for a Great Room Interior Design

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