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A first impression makes all the difference in hospitality. Eateries and cafes certainly need to pop to draw customers. When a space feels just right, patrons will come back and bring friends! One recent client knew how vital good coffee shop interior design is for attracting clientele. So, they asked Decorilla for help. Now the café is the hottest new meeting place in the area. Read on to see the transformation take place!

The Challenge: Cozy Coffee Shop Interior Design 

More than coffee pulls people to coffee shops. A good ambiance, a place to relax with friends, and peaceful surroundings all add value. Such a space needs to be attractive, inviting, and desirable. Plus, it must be practical and adhere to safety regulations as well. That’s a tall order – but an exceptional business design is possible! And to ensure this project’s success, the interior designer had to:

  • Construct the interior of the coffee shop design from scratch
  • Include floor, wall, and ceiling finishes
  • Plan the layout, fittings, and fixtures for the restroom, kitchen, outdoor, and dining area
  • Use bright, organic, and contemporary coffee shop interior design ideas

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Calming Coffee Shop Interior Inspiration  

Cozy coffee shop interior design inspiration

Fortunately, the client’s space was a large blank canvas ready for help from a commercial interior design firm. Whites, soft blues, and plants fill the client’s inspiration gallery. Their coffee shop decoration ideas feature organic materials, refined shapes, and industrial accents. With these motivational images, a stunning coffee shop result was sure to follow.

Interior Mood Board & Coffee Shop Design

Eclectic plant-filled coffee shop interior
Decorilla coffee shop interior design

Designers pitched their distinct concepts to the client. Each embodies the client’s inspiration, but Sonia’s whimsical coffee shop interior design stood out most. The light color scheme would maximize the space to create an airy and breezy look perfect for its humid location. Sonia’s concept also features youthful contemporary chic in the details.

Coffee shop interior design ideas
Decorilla mood board with coffee shop decoration ideas

In her mood board, Sonia illustrates the atmosphere of the completed space. The vibe is certainly trendy and urban. She chose many green touches – in plants and minty-toned bar chairs. Sonia also includes a thorough layout plan to give the client a better idea of her concept. In addition to the interior, Sonia also created a fun outdoor play area for kids. Overall, her ideas promise a trendy coffee shop interior design.

Dreamy Coffee Shop Interior Result

Cozy white coffee shop interior design
Coffee shop interior result – Decorilla 3D rendering

In a word, the café is intentional chic. It showcases coffee shop interior design at its best. For one thing, the interior is super welcoming, warm, airy, and relaxing. And for another, the space nails an efficient layout – perfect during quiet and peak times. What’s more, the spaciousness also makes people feel at ease. There is ample room between tables but they’re still close enough for a cozy ambiance.

Moreover, the design puts equal weight on the functionality of a coffee shop as well as its aesthetics. Main stations allow for  convenient traffic flow. These areas include the coffee bar, cup counter, and register. Additionally, the surrounding tables and barstools allow easy movement between the prime spots.

A Cozy Interior for the Coffee Shop Design 

Eclectic plant-filled coffee shop interior
Coffee shop interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

Blues, white, and grey create a subtle coastal theme perfect for a tranquil setting. A parquet wood floor is an ideal grounding neutral for the space. It also balances the industrial aspect of the room’s structure. As the ceiling is very high up, its black color keeps the interior feeling more intimate. The dark hue creates the illusion of a lower ceiling. It also makes pendants and cute lighting stand out.

There are three distinct seating zones. First, the coffee bar with trendy mint bar stools that’s perfect for on-the-go customers. Additionally, small but stylish seating arrangements flank the bar. These tables are great for meetings or those who want to grab a bite too. A generous lounge-come-dining area completes the space. It’s a comfy corner ideal for those who want to linger while reading or enjoy the company of loved ones.

The lounge space features L-shaped sectionals, upholstered armchairs, plush pillows, and rugs. Everything together encourages you to sit down and stay awhile. It also has a good view of the outdoor play area to keep an eye on children.

Tranquil Coffee Shop Decoration Ideas 

White interior coffee shop design
Interior coffee shop design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Throughout the interior, plants adorn the coffee shop design. The artwork is minimal while greenery is plentiful, making a serene atmosphere. In addition, the combination of white and green fosters focus and productivity. This café design shows that less decoration is a good choice even for an intimate space.

Online Shopping List

Coffee shop interior design shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list for the coffee shop interior

In the end, the client could construct the coffee shop interior easily thanks to a complete online design package. Decorilla ensures each includes realistic 3D renderings, an online shopping list, and an implementation guide. What’s more, products come with exclusive trade discounts. The savings often amount to the cost of the design itself! 

Shop the Coffee Shop Interior

Getting the vibe right is one of the first steps to creating a successful café. A few select items, a clear idea, perfect layout, and planning are sure to help you to your goal. Use our favorite coffee shop decoration ideas below to channel this project’s look and feel. 

Eclectic and green coffee shop interior decor ideas
  1. Colored PendantWindsor Chair
  2. Wall Shelf
  3. Planter Set
  4. Bistro Table
  5. Handwoven Cushion

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