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Boho interior design is light, whimsical, and dreamy – making it one of the most sought after styles. One recent client, and dad of three little ones, wanted to bring the good organic vibes into his new home. He wanted plants everywhere, a modern color palette and a masculine touch. That’s why he turned to Decorilla to help create a space that feels just right for his family. Read on to see the cozy boho interior reveal!

The Challenge: Boho Interior Remodel

With a client set on “earthy, hippy vibes”, the design team could push the boundaries to create a comfy, chic and organic space. Fortunately, bohemian interior design lends itself to a plant-lover’s preferences. However, the look can often be very soft and feminine. For this reason, the client requested a toned-down color scheme and a masculine touch. 

Keeping the client’s needs in mind, the online interior designers had to address the following challenges:

  • Complete a full bohemian interior design, including a kitchen, dining area, living room, basement, and bedrooms
  • Incorporate boho style décor and many plants without cluttering the space
  • Choose masculine accents to suit a warm monochromatic color palette
  • Opt for durable, child-friendly leather furniture instead of white fabrics

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Bohemian Interior Design Inspiration 

inspiration for a bohemian interior design

The client’s inspiration board featured boho interiors with plants of all shapes and sizes. These spaces are cozy and bright without being fussy. Earthy browns and reds decorate simplified color schemes of white and warm grey. When it came to furniture, he leaned towards family-friendly seating and leather accents. In addition, his bohemian decor ideas consisted of cozy pillows, planters, and throws.

The Mood Boards & Boho Interior Design 

boho style decor in a living room
Boho interior design by Decorilla

With the project brief and the client’s Pinterest board in hand, the designers could form their preliminary concepts. From here the client considered mood boards from two different designers and picked his favorite. In the end, it was the bohemian interior design by Drew F. the client loved the most. Drew’s balance of masculine and feminine in a boho theme certainly stood out. 

Boho style living room mood board
Decorilla mood board for a boho style living room

For the main living room mood board, Drew chose a mix of modern, boho and vintage-inspired pieces. In doing so, he creates a trendy and accessible look that is balanced and cozy. Drew also suggests a framed TV to display artwork that matches the arty feel of the design.

Bohemian decor ideas mood board
Decorilla mood board for a bohemian interior design

The dining room concept celebrates modern boho at its finest. With a textured sideboard and abstract modern artwork, the selections certainly set the tone for a classy yet casual dining area.

Boho Style Living Room Result

Boho interior design for a lounge
Boho style living room reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

In the end, the lounge turned into modern boho perfection. From the earthy, warm color scheme to the comfy durable furniture, everything fits the client’s vision of an ideal home. The boho room style certainly ticks all the client’s boxes.

Bohemian interior design filled with plants
Lounge with boho style decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

A pale white wall color and matching fireplace make a great base for neutral furniture. As such, an L-shape cognac-colored sofa can frame the boho-style living room, bringing structure to the design. It also adds the masculine touch the client wanted.

boho style decor in a living room
Plant-filled boho interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

A deep lounge chair and plenty of textured scatter cushions bring the boho touch. And plants make the space feel lively and vibrant. Additionally, a hand-carved coffee table, ottoman and soft linen drapes round off the look. 

Bohemian Kitchen & Dining Interior Design Result

boho interior design for a kitchen and dining room
Boho room style by Decorilla

The layered look continues in the kitchen and dining area. Here the boho room style is colorful and organized. The open space allows for a more conversational atmosphere and casual hosting.

Colorful Boho Kitchen Interior

Light and bright boho room style kitchen
Online boho interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The kitchen has a parallel workspace, featuring the practical work triangle. A kitchen island also provides more surface area, which is perfect for family baking. Floating shelves add the rustic look, while white upper cabinets on the opposite wall are subtle and add to the brightness of the design.

Bohemian interior design for a kitchen
Kitchen and dining area with bohemian decor ideas – Decorilla 3D rendering

Lower green cabinets make the room feel tranquil and tie in with the lush and lively plant theme. Moreover, the woven pendants, wood countertops, and basket décor add warmth and an organic feel to the interior.

Bohemian Décor Ideas for a Dining Nook 

bohemian decor ideas for a dining room
Boho interior design for a dining nook – Decorilla 3D rendering

In the dining area, a round table and woven dining chairs add a modern masculine touch while providing an intimate seating area. Style and substance shine through in a carved buffet table and a delicate Scandi-style pendant. Here the designer chose abstract boho style décor for a cohesive look.

Boho Bedroom Interior Design Result

bohemian decor ideas for kids
Bohemian bedroom style by Decorilla

Last, but certainly not least, are the boho bedrooms. The client wanted a refined and robust interior for himself. And, for his daughters, a light and feminine room filled with bohemian decor ideas.

Master Bedroom with Boho Style Décor

Online interior design with a bohemian bedroom style
Boho bedroom style reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

For his bohemian bedroom style, the client wanted something set apart from the rest of the house. To this end, the designer chose indigo for the walls and modern furniture. Their straight lines are sharp against the dark walls, making a striking picture. Fluffy scatters, a multi-colored cushion and handwoven art soften the look while a vintage rug ties it all together. 

Bohemian Bedroom Style for the Kids

Bohemian bedroom style kids room
Boho room style for a kids’ bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

Chantilly Lace walls and floral wallpaper set the tone for the girls’ bedroom. It’s fun, youthful, and bright. Beds line the opposite sides of the room and have their own bedding and color scheme, making them unique to each child. The boho interior also features a central play area with a tepee hut and ottoman.

Bohemian bedroom style for kids
Feminine boho interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

The design features crochet garlands, colorful rugs, and wicker and rattan furniture. This combined with the décor accents form a sweet and feminine boho room.

Basement Boho Interior Result

Boho style living room
Boho style living room in a basement – Decorilla 3D rendering

The boho-style basement living room doubles as the family’s movie theatre and creative space. Here the kids can express themselves on a blackboard and easel while a movie plays in the background. 

Boho interior design for a family lounge
Play area with bohemian decor ideas – Decorilla 3D rendering

The space caters to young and old with a separate but combined boho interior design. Two rugs designate different areas of activity while supporting a cohesive bohemian theme. Light walls, white furniture, and blond wood ensure the space feels bright and spacious for family time. 

Online Shopping List for the Boho Interior 

Online interior design shopping list
Decorilla online interior design shopping list

Each finalized online interior design comes with a comprehensive boho shopping list. This online list features details of each product, its specifications, and an exclusive trade discount. Thanks to these savings, a bohemian interior design can almost pay for itself!

Design Your Boho Room Style

Boho interior design top picks

You can spruce up your interior with a few special items. Use our top boho style décor picks as a guide to recreate the look at home.

  1. Hanging Planter 
  2. Wall Art
  3. Woven Pendant
  4. Multi-colored Rug
  5. Green Pillow
  6. Leather Sectional

Time for your own boho online interior design? 

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