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Cozy and comfortable; that’s what a cottage is all about. Born from the simplicities of country life, these homes have a little rustic flare and loads of personality. If an interior filled with vintage charm, comfort, and sophistication is what you’re after, look no further. Our top online interior designers have put together 7 tips for creating a cottage interior design to help you get it right.

1) Neutral Base

Design by Decorilla online interior designer, Angela S.

Start with a neutral wall color like oatmeal, white or off-white. Homes with a cottage interior design often have a light unifying palette that gives the usually smaller rooms an airy feel. Add one or two darker furniture pieces for a balanced contrast.

Wooden floors can give a lovely contrast to the light walls of a traditional cottage. However, if the floor is a similar shade to the wall, use dark colored scatters and furniture to add visual depth.

2) Vintage & Thrifty Collections

cozy cottage interior design with wood
Designs by Decorilla online interior designers, Corine M. and Cynthia T.

Cottage style decor and furniture tend to be interesting because they tell the story of a life lived. Weathered vintage and antique items from different design periods are essential as they add a little sophistication to the relaxed style.

contemporary cottage design ideas
Design by Decorilla online interior designer, Kimber P.

Look out for thrift-store finds to build up an eclectic cottage style and don’t shy away from mixing design eras. Make these items match by keeping to a unified color scheme or material like wood, brick or metal.

3) Wood Furniture

Design by Decorilla online interior designer, Corine M.

Reclaimed, weathered or painted wood always feature in a cottage interior design. Dark natural wood is a brilliant alternative for those who want to add depth and contrast to their home without adding another color. Similarly, weathered or painted wood can add color and break up the white base.

shiplap in a cottage interior design
Design by Decorilla online interior designer, Corine M.

Classic white shiplap paneling is also an essential wood element to add to your collection of cottage design ideas – even if you make use of a faux wood finish. This paneling trend is also popular as external cladding and in contemporary house designs.

4) Patterned Textiles

colorful cottage interior design ideas

A mix of patterns is a must! Since cottage interior design resembles a life’s collection, all pattern styles are welcome. Cottage homes are perfect for experimenting with different textiles, with a mixture of florals and stripes a firm favorite.

transitional cottage design ideas with eclectic accents
Design by Decorilla online interior designer, Corine M.

It can be challenging to come up with a balanced color combination on your own, but use inspirational images to guide you with cottage design ideas.

5) Must Love Books

Design by Decorilla online interior designer, Angela S.

Even if you are not an avid reader, a bookshelf fits in perfectly with a cottage home. Alternatively, use the quaint shelf to showcase your favorite cottage style décor.

You can also incorporate bookshelf-like cupboards in the kitchen or bathroom to display utilitarian items or your favorite vintage pieces. Most importantly, let the bookshelf blend in with the walls by using the same paint color on the shelves. This approach will make your decor pop even more.

6) Antique Light Fixtures

grey cottage interior design
Design by Decorilla online interior designer, Dominika Z.

Decorative vintage brass and porcelain pendants and chandeliers fit beautifully in a cottage interior design, but it also lives comfortably with more modern light fixtures. As with the other décor items, you can mix and match from different eras to get the right look.

duckegg cottage interior design dining room

Warm light is essential to create the ultimate cozy room, so mix your lighting to create layered light: general lighting, task lighting, focal lighting, and decorative lights are all equally important.

7) Decor, Decor, Decor!

colorful cottage design decor

To keep your cottage style decor looking great without going overboard, use these style tips. Choose the best items and arrange them in sets of two, three or five to create a cohesive look.

cottage style decor in a transitional home
Design by Decorilla interior designer, Nathalie A.

Comfy rooms and family-oriented living are at the heart of a cottage style. So, decorate and design your home with your family at heart.

We hope you’re eager to try your new cottage design ideas, and if you need any advice or help with your home journey contact us.

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