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Elegant and classy, traditional interior design is a timeless choice that will never go out of style. Plus, it is able to give a sense of sophistication to just about any interior. Hence, if antiques and classic designs are something you enjoy, traditional interior design may be just the right choice for your home! So, read on to take inspiration from these 7 essentials that make the perfect traditional interior design.

What is traditional interior design?

traditional interior design moldings
Traditional living room by Decorilla interior designer, Kelli E.

Traditional style interior design creates sophisticated spaces focusing on ornate details as well as historic-inspired furniture and decor. Layers of pattern and texture add to the charm of curated conventional rooms. This style is also heavily influenced by 18th and 19th-Century European homes. Eliciting a sense of history, these well-put-together interiors are formal, yet welcoming.

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7 Tips to Perfect Traditional Decorating Style 

Traditional decorating style by Decorilla designer Lori D.
Traditional decorating style by Decorilla designer, Lori D.

We’ve asked our top designers their favorite tips and tricks for curating stunning traditional interiors. With this expert advice you’ll certainly be able to pull off the look at home.

1. Structural Embellishments in Traditional Interiors

Traditional style living room by Decorilla designer Lori D
Traditional style living room by Decorilla designer, Lori D.

First of all, a traditional interior design makeovers begin in the structure of the room itself. Moldings trims and railings are all typical elements in period homes and set the right mood for a traditional style. If your home is more modern though, you still can introduce these details later.

Traditional style home decor by Decorilla designer Farzaneh K.
Traditional style home decor by Decorilla designer, Farzaneh K.

For instance, fixing wood profiles on drywall is a very easy way to hack a molding and the result is definitely realistic. In addition, if you’re looking for living room ideas, try adding trompe l’oeil wallpapers that will give you the look without taking up any space.

2. Carved Details

traditional bedroom interior design by decorilla designer kelli e
Traditional bedroom interior design by Decorilla designer, Kelli E.

Moldings, furniture pieces, accessories…in a traditional interior design intricate carved details are everywhere! By adding a decorative layer to almost every element of the room, they contribute to the elevated look of this style, adding texture and character. To introduce carved details in your space, start with the big pieces. A carved sofa or bed will be enough to make a distinctive traditional statement!

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3. Substantial Window Treatments

Traditional home decorating by Decorilla designer Lori D.
Traditional home decorating by Decorilla designer, Lori D.

If anything, heavy lined drapes are a signature of traditional interiors and the look is often completed with matching cornices or valances. Also, you will always see full-length drapes, that make the window treatment even more impactful. Actually, this is a visual trick that applies to any style; a floor-to-ceiling window treatment is a tested pro strategy to make the room look taller and the space airier!

Traditional style living room by Decorilla designer, Drew F.
Traditional style living room by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

Then – whatever the actual size of your windows is – frame them with full-height drapes in a thick fabric. And if you need privacy, install two layers of curtains: a sheer and a thicker one.

4. Traditional Interior Design Loves Curved Lines

hire a traditional interior designer
Elegant living room by Decorilla interior designer, Mladen C.

Forget the clean and unfussy lines of modern furniture; traditional pieces are all ornate and curvy! Cabriole furniture legs, fluffy upholsteries, and swirls everywhere give traditional interiors a unique majestic yet inviting feel, that sets them apart from any other interior design style. So when you go shopping, always look for curvy profiles and you’ll see the style of your room become more and more traditional at every curve you add!

5. Traditional Style Home Decor Patterns

Traditional design by Decorilla online interior designer, Peti L.

Another important element of traditional interior design is that solid colors are never left alone. In fact, you will always find a mix of patterned fabrics. Stripes and florals are definite go-to choices, but not every stripe or floral works. Elegant, rich and ordered are the features to look for when choosing a pattern for traditional design.

traditional interior designer pattern
Traditional living room by Decorilla interior designer, Corine M.

Besides being just beautiful, patterns help to introduce an accent color and tie in the color scheme. Damask fabrics are also a great choice to create an interesting tone-on-tone effect without adding too many colors to the design. Because if colors are more than welcome in a traditional design, you will never see too many hues mixed together. To bring traditional patterns into your room, start small by adding pillows and blankets. Then – if you like the result – you will continue with bigger jobs like new curtains and upholsteries!

6. Symmetry in Traditional Home Decorating

traditional interior design symitry
Traditional living room by Decorilla interior designer, Joao A.

In addition, If you ever have a doubt on furniture placement or accessorizing, go in pairs. Indeed, symmetry is the one feature that every traditional interior has. Two armchairs on the sides of a fireplace, a pair of lamps on a buffet cabinet or two matching artworks on the wall are just some examples that come back in every traditional interior design.

Traditional interior design by Decorilla designer, Tijana Z.
Traditional interior design by Decorilla designer, Tijana Z.

In fact, symmetry is naturally soothing to our eyes and immediately makes the space feel balanced and calm. And who wouldn’t want their home to be balanced and calm?!

7. More is More in Traditional Interiors

traditional interior design accents
Traditional design styles by Decorilla interior designer, Peti L.

You will have understood it so far; a traditional interior is all but minimalist. So feel free to layer textures and decorations to give your home that cozy and full appearance that is typical of  traditional interior.

Eclectic traditional style home decor by Decorilla designer, Lori D.
Eclectic traditional style home decor by Decorilla designer, Lori D.

Light fixtures are no exception to this rule. Huge crystal chandeliers, highly decorated sconces, and sculptural table lamps are always an essential element in a traditional interior and are chosen to stand out in the space. So make sure your light fixtures make a statement too!

Get Your Dream Traditional Interior 

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