Office interior design for a corporate business by Lara S

Google, Facebook, Pixar and Etsy all have it! That is an incredible office layout and fun work hubs. With the explosion of new businesses, office interior design is becoming a more serious element of business success. Wondering how to create a great office interior design? Here are our 6 best office interior designer tips to help you and your employees love the office you’re in – from startup design to high-end commercial spaces!

Essential Office Interior Design Must-Haves

Plants in a modern office interior design by Lorenzo C
Plants in a modern office interior design by Decorilla designer, Lorenzo C.

Get ready to transform your workplace into a stylish and functional haven with our expert advice. Whether you’re a small startup or a big corporate giant, we’ll help you create an office that boosts productivity and employee morale with essential office interior design tips.

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1. Reflect Your Office Interior Design with Style

Contemporary eclectic office interior design by Decorilla designer, Rawan A.
Contemporary eclectic office interior design by Decorilla designer, Rawan A.

Just like residential design, the soul of commercial office design comes from the style it exudes. Consider the goal and mission of your company and mirror that in your modern office interior design. The Etsy Dumbo office, for example, translates the eclectic and playful nature of its site into bright colors and a cozy, hand-crafted feel. Austin’s Homeaway Office takes its purpose literally by simulating a vacation while at work!

Office kitchen interior design by Elizabeth T
Office kitchen interior design by Decorilla designer, Elizabeth T.

If pinning down a style is challenging, the expertise of an office interior designer can help. In a recent California startup office project, the client expressed wanting to make the loft-style unit “modern looking with the right accents.” With exposed ceilings offering an urban feel, he was looking for a “trendy modern look that matches (their) business of Internet Marketing.” With this information, Decorilla office interior designers did just that.

2. Create Comfort with Textures and Furniture Design

Foyer of an office design interior by Wanda P
Casual zone of an office interior by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

More and more people are working remotely from the comfort of their own homes. With the hours put into work, creating a comfortable environment much like home, is something to consider. To start, select the right pieces of office furniture that offer varied postures for comfortable work. Whether it is an ergonomic office chair, a plush sofas with ottomans to kick up your feet, giving employees options of where to work makes a difference in work efficiency. Wayfair, West Elm, and Herman Miller are some furniture vendors that carry commercial-grade furniture with many office decor possibilities.

Vibrant office design interior by Rawan A
Vibrant office design interior by Decorilla designer, Rawan A.

Apart from ergonomic furniture, lighting also has a huge role in office interior design. One light definitely does not fit all. To increase productivity, bright, white lights help simulate daylight which makes us feel more awake and focused.

Black and white office interior design by Jazmine U
Black and white office interior design by Decorilla designer, Jazmine U.

On the contrary, it’s crucial to think about times of relaxation in big and small office interior design as well. Staring at a computer screen (like most of us do daily) can cause fatigue, so don’t forget about dim task lighting to help give the eye a break from the brightness.

3. Incorporate Office Design Inspiration

creative startup office interior design with lobby
Creative office lobby design by Decorilla office interior designer, Haitham D.

The mood of an office design is highly influential through design choices. Through color psychology, we know that different hues can evoke energy, conversation, and happiness. Selecting a cool blue or green for a lounge area encourages relaxation, while a space that has red or yellow is best for meeting rooms where ideas are being generated. Other elements like custom art with inspirational quotes or an homage to the city are other ways to maintain good morale and, in turn, happy employees.

Bright office interior design ideas by Drew F
Bright office interior design by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

We are in an age where people like to be alone together. Creating pod-like work spaces is something that has taken off drastically in recent years. Gone are the days of a closed-in blah cubicle. Welcome the new trend of color, open concepts, and togetherness. Having multiple areas where one can work increases creativity and productivity. After all, who doesn’t love a change of scenery every once in a while?

4. Offer Collaboration Opportunities Through Design

Fun office meeting room interior design by Elizabeth T.
Fun office meeting room interior design by Decorilla designer, Elizabeth T.

Most businesses thrive on opportunities for collaboration and the meeting of ideas. A good office interior designer makes that possible by creating intentional zones where small or large groups can gather. This is where a smart spatial layout is needed. Writable walls, round meeting tables, and corkboard panels to pin ideas are some ways to do this.

Office meeting room interior by Lara S
Office meeting room interior by Decorilla designer, Lara S.

Office interior design services and the furniture industry have come so far from your average stuffy conference room. Try adding in some movable furniture! For example, small tables that can be combined into one large table, a hanging chair, and pieces that will make you excited to gather with your fellow employees and collaborate. When we’re stagnant, so are our brains!

5. Encourage Employee Productivity

Startup interior design by Aldrin C
Startup interior design by Decorilla designer, Aldrin C.

Office layout is possibly the most critical part of the design in commercial projects. Whether talking about a small company size of under ten employees or one that is a couple hundred and growing, being mindful of how space best promotes productivity is vital.

Colorful office interior design ideas by Lea S
Colorful office interior design by Decorilla designer, Lea S.

Recent research has found that  “giving employees input into the interior design of their workspace can improve productivity by as much as 32 percent. Any positive changes can improve productivity by up to 17 percent,” according to This offers proof to the theory that creative office spaces lead to the positive performance of employees. While quiet areas for concentrated work are essential, so is offering engaging areas in the workspace. A ping-pong table, bean bags, and even a slide can be unique forms of stimulating productivity.

Office cafe interior design by Elizabeth T
Office cafe interior design by Decorilla designer, Elizabeth T.

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6. Create an Unforgettable First Impression with Your Reception

Clean commercial office interior design with brick and blue color
Reception and lobby design by Decorilla interior designer, Sydney

Ever heard the saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”? Well, that couldn’t ring more true when it comes to commercial office interior design. Having a well-designed reception or lobby area can make or break the overall office mood. Have a friend meeting you for lunch? They’ll enjoy waiting in a well-designed space. Have an important meeting with a client? They’ll take you more seriously if they’re in a well-designed environment.

Office foyer interior design by Mena H
Office foyer interior design by Decorilla designer, Mena H.

Reception areas are a great place to go big. Add in the feature wall you’ve been swooning over, have the most comfortable furniture so your guests feel immediately at home, we bet you won’t hear anyone say we wish your reception area was less inviting. You’d be surprised how the first impression of a great office design can actually increase business as well.

There’s no doubt that the traditional design of an office space has long evolved from rigidly lined cubicles and cold overhead lighting. Modern interior design caters to the flexible office schedule and engaging startup and business challenges. With these tips, you can create an efficient and pleasing office design!

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