There is no denying that the evolution of the internet and its expansive effect on human interaction is incredible. Chris Anderson, the curator of the TED Conference, offers that by bringing people together, the internet creates a phenomenon he calls “crowd-accelerated innovation.” One of these innovations comes in the form of crowdsourcing.

The concept of crowdsourcing, outsourcing tasks to a crowd,  has hugely taken off in popularity. The main principle is this: bringing creatives together, offering more ideas, options, and skills in order to generate higher quality content and/or products at affordable prices. In this way, all participants of crowdsourcing, the buyers and crowdsourcers, gain from the experience.

Under the umbrella of crowdsourcing, there are several types such as crowdsource design, crowdfunding, microtasking, and ideas crowdsourcing. One unifying quality is that they are solutions-oriented wanting to offer customers better value for their money.

Like all trends, there are distinguishing elements that can set some apart from others. With so many crowdsourcing sites popping up, these are some that are effective in saving you money while bringing the right people together.

1.      Flightfox

Does booking the right flight itinerary take up much of your time? With destination, date, and airline variables, finding the best flight can result at high costs. Flightfox uses a contest format to come up with the best fare that the flight experts can find. With customer details in hand, these travel professionals compete for three days with the winner getting 75% of the finder’s fee that the traveler pays Flightfox. For a fee as low as $34, customers have the research work done for them with a how-to guide to finding and purchasing the winning ticket. Flightfox’s services can result to as much as 25% off ticket prices. For example, a ticket from New York to Sydney with a Flightfox itinerary saved a young traveling couple $1000. That’s enough to keep customers happy and regular.

2.      99 Designs

Graphic designers are high in demand. Enter 99 Designs; a competition-based online graphic design marketplace. With over 200,000 graphic designers on board, it is a platform for customers to source graphic designs quickly(within 7 days) and affordably. This is perfect for startups, small businesses, and other marketing organizations who need designs such as logos, web pages, and business cards in their timeline, at their budget. Once a contest is launched, customers have a wide range of designs to choose from; if you don’t like it, you don’t pay. An attractive feature of 99 Designs is it’s 100% money back guarantee.

3.      Decorilla

The world of interior design is expanding with more people desiring the services of professional designers. What limits this is high cost and fear that a design will not match the client’s style. Decorilla is an online e design site that addresses these limitations. Through an easy and efficient platform that delivers customized interior design at a fraction of the price, clients receive the comfort and beauty they deserve. Here’s how it works. Once a client submits details about their space and launches a project, Decorilla’s hand-selected & skilled designers offer their designs for the choosing. Having a varied selection at the price they designated, clients get the stylized space they want at the price they want. In turn, designers enhance their portfolios with varied and exciting projects worldwide. It’s a win-win situation, don’t you think?

4.      Sidecar

Ride sharing has reached a new level of providing fast and affordable transportation with a chance to make something extra on the side. Sidecar is a site operates as an app that allows you to look for a ride to your destination from a carefully vetted Sidecar driver nearby. Information of your driver and real-time ETA personalizes your ride sharing experience. Using a dual rating system of driver and passenger, a fair rate is calculated. This is a safe and efficient way of getting around which could save you time and money when seeking adequate transportation. As a Sidecar driver, there is an opportunity for making extra cash in rides while offsetting the cost of your car in parking, insurance, repairs and gas. Not to mention the value in connecting with people on a new level and seeing your city in a unique way.

5.      Task Army

“Time is money,” we have heard said. With fast paced schedules, getting quality and quick help is a valuable service. Task Army offers a directory of popular services like web design, web marketing, copywriting, and translation services, to name a few. Furthermore, there is an 100% money back guarantee if the service does not meet customer satisfaction. Task Army sets itself apart from other crowdsourcing options by not making low prices the optimal goal. The site declares: We refuse to encourage the freelancers to push their prices down. Your work deserves attention to details.  Also, unlike the bidding systems,TaskArmy simplifies the client’s work of submitting a project, filtering proposals, interviewing the most promising ones, and picking up the one that will actually do the work. The services are already there to select.
Written by Christine Martin, Decorilla’s design expert.

Wondering how to create a comfortable and beautiful interior by mixing your own items with fresh pieces? Looking to eliminate the tiring trial-and-error experience when designing a room? Start a risk-free decorating project and have Decorilla’s designers offer you multiple design concepts.

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