Lyns-modern-living-room-bedroom-design-Aldrin-C-3DModel-1Have you ever tried to picture a new mod sofa in your rustic living room or imagine what an accent blue wall would do for the rest of your bedroom? Ever purchased that gorgeous side table only to find it does not quite fit?

Designing spaces has often meant taking a level of risks that could lead to style mishaps or expensive mistakes.

How do you get around this? Making sure you know what you’re getting beforehand helps.

Today visualization of interior design and architecture is best illustrated in 3D renderings. Through these images, you get a clearer understanding of what a space can look like without relying on the imagination. They are so realistic, they seem like photos themselves! Not to mention that they contribute greatly in making design more affordable. 

Still not convinced 3D design is for you? Here are 3 great reasons why:

Mark’s Contemporary/Minimal Kitchen Design

1. They bring 2D floor plans to life.

Many people can get the general gist of a design from reading a floor plan. The challenge is visualizing it. Being able to see and experience the design in 3D will help in understanding how it will look and feel. Bringing all the elements in a way we can visually understand allows for the ease in making confident decisions.

April’s Fun & Eclectic Bedroom Design

2. They save money on design changes.

Trial-and-error expenses can be significantly reduced by making changes in a virtual image. Getting a 3D preview of your space eliminates unfortunate surprises and helps in finalizing the design. The end result is a customized and affordable design you love!

Ryan’s Contemporary Office Design

3. They inspire turning a concept into reality.

Let’s be honest, with our busy lives, interior/architectural make-over concepts can take time to come to fruition. But, having 3D images that capture the “real” possibilities for a new design can be just the thing to motivate action and inspire our very own “AFTER” photos.

Incorporating the technology of 3D renderings into interior design has been an incredible resource for both designers and clients. Not only does it save time and money, but it also makes looking at design before committing to it so much easier.

Decorilla believes this. All design packages include professional 3D renderings. And, why not? You should be able to get what you see.

Written by Decorilla designer, Christine M.