Ishan's Masculine Studio Design

By: Ishan
Designer: Janet Y
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Project Title
Ishan's Masculine Studio Design
Project Description
My roommate and I started a lease a month ago for a 2 bd apartment, with a great lofted living room area with 2 stories of windows. We would like help on putting it together so it has some purpose: color palettes, dealing with relative small size and want to maximize the "homeyness/comfort" (and usefulness of the space). i am personally a fan of multifunctional items.
Per question asked on apt use: we'd like to entertain/ have people over, right now there's seating for exactly 2 (just us), so more seating options would be great. I like the idea of a foldable table so we can have people over for dinner, or poker, but we were realistic that dinner parties might not happen ALL that often so perhaps multitask with kitchen cart.
What's your favorite decor style?
What are some of the interior design brands or stores that you like to shop at?
ABC Kitchen & Home (but not the prices), One Kings Lane, Crate & Barrel, west elm, and picking and choosing at Ikea
Which colors do you dislike?
Dark Red
What are your favorite colors for walls?
Custom Color #1,
Light Cyan,
Light Blue,
Dodger Blue,
Cool Colors In General
What are your favorite colors for furniture and accents?
Earth Tones,
Cobalt Blue,
Custom Color #1,
Custom Color #2
17' W x 9.5'D x 25' H
Photos of your room
Items you want to keep
Room Label
Penthouse - Living Room
I want this room to feel more masculine/feminine/neutral
What type of sunlight does this room receive?
Morning light
What do you currently dislike about the room?
Its a bit small and narrow (odd size),
needs some punches of color (monochromatic and sterile)
i think a rug for in front of the couch would be good.
need ideas for an unobtrusive coffee table, preferably friendly to putting feet on (or separate ottomans)
we need ideas for the corner to left of couch to maximize the use of the area (we are thinking either an armchair, or a smaller chair and a gateleg dining table, or another loveseat to maximize seating area.
30'+ feet ceilings, which is GREAT but the lights are up there so, i think we also need help for nighttime lighting, maybe some eye level wall lighting or something, right now a cheap floor lamp is lighting up the area and it feels like a warehouse, we'd like it to feel cozy with the lighting.

What pieces of existing furniture, lighting, art or accessories do you want to keep in the design?
Current couch, Current kitchen stand/cart. Tv stand can go if needed because we were thinking of hanging the tv anyway. (perhaps additional seating below it?) You can ignore the stuff in the corners to the left of the couch, we were moving (you can assume that is clear). HOWEVER, please notice from the pic that there is a AC / Heating unit (PTEC unit) that takes up the wall under the window on that side, and sticks into the space very annoyingly. it is 20" D x 42' W x 21" H
Are you open to changing your wall colors?
Do you have a preference for either paint or wall covering, or are you open to both?
Open to both
Are you open to changing your floor covering?
Which type of flooring do you prefer?
Area Rugs
Additional comments to designers
Sofa (Ikea loveseat) = 65"
Some decisions we were unsure of:

- what to do with area left of couch?
- paint one area for accent?
- how to add punches of color?
- We'd like to add some green plants somewhere, like the idea of the green and the sunlight and the wood
- how to keep cluttered look to minimum?
- how to get nice lighting if ceilings are so high?
- how to get the best method of additional comfortable seating (beyond the TWO person love seat)?
- Hang the TV and sound bar and get rid of tv console, thereby opening up room? (maybe even for an additional piece of seating like a bench?)
- Dining table or re-use kitchen cart? -
We are thinking of putting 2 stools so that we can use the dropleaf on the kitchen cart for a breakfast table. One thought was that since the cart moves, we can move it out and use it for a dinner table with four stools. if we do that then we wouldnt need addl space for a dining table, gateleg or otherwise. with this idea, we would probably need folding stools with backs, otherwise it would be too uncomfortable for guests.
Online Designer Living Room 3D Model Online Designer Living Room 3D Model Online Designer Living Room 3D Model Online Designer Living Room 3D Model Online Designer Living Room 3D Model Online Designer Living Room 3D Model
1 Loloi Pokhara BS04 Peacock Rug

2 Merlot Coffee Table

3 Perch Bar Stool w/ Teal Base - Counter Height

4 Bentwood Pendants

5 Irondale 70.75" Low Shelving

6 Malinda Chair Cushion

7 Teal Velvet Throw Pillows

8 Dark Green Velvet Throw Pillows

9 Overarching Floor Lamp

10 Trans Ocean Ombre Stripes Grey Rug

11 Faceted Terrariums

12 Magical Thinking Geo Shelf

13 Royale Tall Glass Vase 24"

Online Designer Living Room Floorplan
Online Designer Living Room Moodboard
Living Room:
Since your room is smaller using a dark and rich color will make it feel cozy, warm, and lounge-like. With mixtures of wood and chrome accents, the light will reflect nicely with sunlight during the day.

For your main color, we chose to used smoky blue because it is calming, relaxing, and masculine. It is reminiscent of blue skies and deep blue oceans. This color works well in living rooms and can help turn your space into a soothing sanctuary. The dark color doors (leave frame white) will give your space an easy and instant modern look.

Use a matte finish paint because it will be helpful in camouflaging those surface imperfections such as bumps and cracks as it does not reflect light. Just be careful because matte finish is more difficult to clean. You may also need to touch up scratches or marks by adding more of the same paint in the future.
Living Room Colors:
ColorNameCompany / CodeLinkArea
Smoky BlueSherwin Williams / SW 7604 Smoky BlueWall with Stairs (Main)
Quick SilverSherwin Williams / SW 6245 QuicksilverRest of Living Room (Accent)
Caviar Sherwin Williams / SW 6990 Caviar Doors (Optional)
Shopping List:
PhotoNameDescriptionLinkDimensionsDecorilla Discount
Online Designer Living Room  Loloi Pokhara BS04 Peacock Rug RUGS USA
Loloi Pokhara BS04 Peacock Rug (176BS04BRWN-P)
The new Barcelona Shag Collection offers a machine-made version of the hot category. The contemporary line is made in Egypt of polypropylene and polyester for just a touch of shimmer.5'2"X7'7"
Online Designer Living Room Merlot Coffee TableLazzoni
Merlot Coffee Table
Sleek glass coffee table that does not take away from its surroundings, but embraces them. W27.56 H18(29) D53.15

10% Off

Online Designer Living Room Perch Bar Stool w/ Teal Base - Counter HeightFrom The Source
Perch Bar Stool w/ Teal Base - Counter Height
Hand-carved Teak Root Iron Frame 16" W 31" H 15" D
Online Designer Living Room Bentwood PendantsWest Elm
Bentwood Pendants
Made out of glass and gleaming nickel, they work well as single pendants. They are especially head-turning when hung in pairs or multiples at different heights. Globe: 11"diam. Ceiling plate: 5"diam. x 1"h. Cord: 116"l.

16% Off

Online Designer Living Room Irondale 70.75Crate and Barrel
Irondale 70.75" Low Shelving (SKU: 611720)
Rustic and modern meet in an eclectic mix of materials and refined industrial influence. Two solid walnut shelves with naturally occurring knots and varying grain are recessed and framed in contrasting matte black steel. Versatile low profile braced with angled steel legs hosts a sizeable flat screen and open access to media componentsWidth: 70.75" Depth: 14.25" Height: 18.5

16% Off

Online Designer Living Room Malinda Chair CushionIKEA
Malinda Chair Cushion (Article Number: 802.092.08)
Hook and loop fasteners keep the chair pad in place. Machine washable; easy to keep clean.Min. width: 14 " Max. width: 16 " Depth: 15 " Thickness: 3 "
Online Designer Living Room Teal Velvet Throw PillowsTrade Services Collection
Teal Velvet Throw Pillows
The teal velvet throw pillows are classic accents, designed to update any room with a plush feel in a lovely hue. Made of luxuriously soft 100% cotton velvet, they're an affordable way to add a splash of color to your décor.18"x18"
Online Designer Living Room Dark Green Velvet Throw PillowsTrade Services Collection
Dark Green Velvet Throw Pillows
The dark green velvet throw pillows are classic accents, designed to update any room with a plush feel in a lovely hue. Made of luxuriously soft 100% cotton velvet, they're an affordable way to add a splash of color to your décor.18"x18"
Online Designer Living Room Overarching Floor LampWest Elm
Overarching Floor Lamp
A modern classic. Polished metal sweeps up in a graceful gravity-defying arc from the base of this Overarching Floor Lamp, finishing with a simple linen shade. The smart design allows overhead light to be cast anywhere in a room.19"w x 61"d x 77"h.

16% Off

Online Designer Living Room Trans Ocean Ombre Stripes Grey RugRUGS USA
Trans Ocean Ombre Stripes Grey Rug (139962004-P)
Casual and affordable, this rug features subtle shading. Hand-tufted of 100% wool, the yarns have been carefully blended to create a gentle ombre effect. The colors range from light grey to black, creating a contemporary rug that makes decorating easy.3' 6" x 5' 6"
Online Designer Living Room Faceted TerrariumsWest Elm
Faceted Terrariums
Made out of glass and metal and home grown, these geometric terrariums are great for showcasing air plants, succulents, or cacti. Make a living diorama for your dresser or a conversation piece for your countertop.Small: 6.25”w x 5.25”d x 4.5”h. Large: 8.5”w x 7.35”d x 9”h.

16% Off

Online Designer Living Room Magical Thinking Geo ShelfUrban Outfitters
Magical Thinking Geo Shelf (SKU # 29051364)
Wooden wall shelf in an eye-catching geometric design, from Magical Thinking. Perfect as a stand-alone piece or, purchase in multiples! A fun, functional design piece that adds a unique, rustic touch to any space.Length: 17.25" Width: 5" Height: 19.5"
Online Designer Living Room Royale Tall Glass Vase 24Origin Crafts
Royale Tall Glass Vase 24" (TG202191)
Tall, large glass planters for green plants. 23.5"h x 7.25" dia.
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