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Natural beauty surrounds the village of Winnetka, Illinois. Famous for its quaint charm, this family-orientated community has maintained a rich history. With its sprawling lakeside estates and grand homes, there is no shortage of appealing spaces. The best Winnetka interior designers and decorators have certainly made their mark. Read on to see who’s among the top local talent!

Winnetka Interior Design 

Winnetka luxury interior design by Amelia R
Glamorous living room by one of Decorilla’s top Winnetka interior designers

The best Winnetka interior decorators and designers are in high demand. It’s no wonder as their exceptional spaces are nothing less than editorial-worthy. Their interiors echo the location while boasting a fresh approach to classical design. These creatives certainly know how to use the town’s history to inspire home interiors. All in all, practicality meets style throughout the area.

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Best Winnetka Interior Designers & Decorators

Transitional open living by Decorilla Winnetka interior design
Transitional open living by Decorilla Winnetka interior design

With their honed expertise, local interior designers near you are sure to find a solution that suits your inimitable style. So if you need help remodeling your space, look no further than the top 10 Winnetka interior decorators from the list below!

Marshall Erb 

Winnetka interior decorators - Marshall Erb

Marshall Erb brings the latest technology and techniques to all his interior design projects. He attributes his success to combining his architecture and interior design qualifications. With a luxurious and welcoming style, Marshall is undeniably one of the best Winnetka interior designers in town.

Interior designers near me in Winnetka - Marshall Erb

WHAT WE LOVE: Marshall’s background in architecture and interior design results in a hybrid of creativity.

Eileen Psenka 

Best Winnetka interior designers - Eileen Psenka

One to watch, Eileen Psenka has over 25 years of experience in the interior design sphere. She knows how to capture her client’s essence and then blend it into a practical design. Her style encapsulates “classical items, color, and dramatic accents”. Due to her family history of owning a furnishings business, her artistic instinct developed from a young age.  

Winnetka home office interior design - Eileen Psenska
A home office with artistic flair, by Decorilla designer Eileen Psenka

Eileen’s goal is to work with clients in a manner that discovers their unique tastes. Her depth of experience allows her to use a variety of styles, resulting in functional yet comfortable spaces. Eileen draws her inspiration from the beauty of the outdoors, which she finds ample in Winnetka as an interior decorator.

Winnetka interior designers near you - Eileen Psenska
Decorilla combined living and dining room – example of inter design in Winnetka by Eileen Psenksa

WHAT WE LOVE:  She combines extensive experience and all-inclusive design packages, certainly making her one of the most accessible interior designers near you! So start a project with Eileen today.

Melinda Cahill & Suzanne Galvin

Top Winnetka interior designers - Melinda Cahill and Suzanne Glavin

Melinda and Suzanne, of North Shore Nest Interior Design Studio, share a passion for exceptional design. Both designers bring different attributes and qualifications to the decorator’s table. With a fresh approach and a belief that spaces must form in layers, this duo knows how to create exquisite high-end designs.

Loung by Winnetka interior decorators - Melinda and Suzanne

WHAT WE LOVE: Melinda and Suzanne’s philosophy behind each of their designs; “Live beautifully every day”.

Ashley Colombo

Best Winnetka interior designers - Ashley Colombo

The daughter of an interior designer, Ashley Colombo has made a name for herself in Winnetka interior design circles. She has a great talent for creating stylish homes that look effortlessly sophisticated. Ashley certainly knows how to play with design, sparking a sense of functionality through elegant style.

Winnetka interior design by Ashley Colombo

WHAT WE LOVE: Ashley brings a room to life through her knowledge of colors, fabrics, and the right accents.

Katy Duewer

Winnetka interior designers near you - Katy Duewer

“Customized” and “classic” are two words that come to mind when viewing the talented Katy Duewer’s work. This creative has a large following in the Winnetka interior design field. The reason lies in Katy’s trademark: her ability to form spaces for both fast-paced and composed lifestyles.

Winnetka interior design - Katy Duewer
Elegant and classic Winnetka interior design by Decorilla‘s Katy Duewer

Well-balanced structure with a trickle of unexpected flair, Katy’s designs connect. Described as traditional, transitional, and eclectic in style – you can’t go wrong when starting a project with Katy! Her well-traveled aesthetic is as covetable as it is livable. 

Winnetka interior decorators - Katy Duewer
Sophisticated open concept by Decorilla Winnetka interior designer, Katy Duewer

WHAT WE LOVE: Katy does not allow her personal style to cloud her judgment when designing for clients. As a result, she creates truly personalized spaces that fit the homeowners like a glove. 

Courtney Chessen

Winnetka interior design - Courtney Chessen

Courtney Chessen is a natural designer. Head of Mandarine Home, Courtney and her team design vibrant spaces with their enthusiastic approach. With a fresh take on its aesthetics, Mandarine Home is renowned for working productively with any budget. Pops of color, elegance, and practicality come to mind when viewing a classic Courtney Chessen design.

Winnetka interior decorators - Courtney Chessen

WHAT WE LOVE: Courtney is passionate about her community and loves to find ways in which she can give back.

Mark Lavender   

Winnetka interior designer - Mark Lavender

Mark Lavender, a beloved Winnetka interior designer, is head of M. Lavender Interiors. Clean and timeless interiors are certainly his trademark design. By viewing each of his projects as an individual challenge, Mark brings bespoke ideas to life.

Best Winnetka interior designers - Mark Lavender

WHAT WE LOVE: Most of Marks’s projects are from referrals. His clients are for life!

Suzanne Danilek

Winnetka interior design - Suzanne Danilek

Combine timelessness with a versatile approach and you have Suzanne Danilek, the founder of Suzanne Designs. From new constructions to remodeling, Suzanne is popular because of her high-end delivery. Along with her devoted team, Suzanne does it all, from quiet sophistication to traditional havens.

Interior designers near me - Suzanne Danilek

WHAT WE LOVE: Due to her organizational psychology degree, Suzanne understands her clients on a deeper level. As a result, her spaces feel naturally home.

Alexandra Kaehler

Winnetka interior decorators - Alexandra Kaehler

Alexandra Kaehler of Alexandra Kaehler Design is an eclectic designer. Her ability to play with different periods in time and aesthetics stands her in good stead. It is not difficult to see why she rates highly as one of the best Winnetka interior decorators.

Winnetka interior designers near you - Alexandra Kaehler

WHAT WE LOVE: Alexandra’s philosophy is that a home should occupy all things that make people smile above all.

Lj Savarie

Winnetka interior design - Lj Savarie

Last but not least, the founder of Savarie Interiors, Lj Savarie impresses interior-lovers. Her spaces evoke a sense of neutral harmony as she opts for a unique take on traditional designs. Lj loves to make a home feel comfortable and warm above all else. Moreover, getting to know her clients is her favorite part of the design process.

Top Winnetka interior designers - Lj Savarie

WHAT WE LOVE: Lj also worked in the publishing side of interior design before converting to a designer herself.   

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