Dining room by one of the top interior designers in palm beach - Heather Weisz

Tropical and lively, West Palm Beach is a vibrant place to settle down. No wonder as it’s a mix of big city sparkle and small-town sensibility. Its diverse population and inimitable interiors are what make it so alluring. So, read on to get to know the top West Palm Beach interior designers behind the trendiest homes in town!

Interior Design in Palm Beach

Kitchen and dining interior design in Palm Beach - Anna C
Kitchen and dining design in Palm Beach interior design style by Decorilla

West Palm Beach architecture is as unique as the locals. However, the Mediterranean and Mission Revival styles have featured prominently since the beginning. Today, newer buildings still reflect these past styles but with a contemporary twist. 

The best Palm Beach interior designers honor the architecture as well as their clients’ personalities. Of course, their skills reach far beyond the expected beach interior design. In fact, they can produce any style a client desires with ease.

Best West Palm Beach Interior Designers

Palm beach interior design style - Casey H.
Kitchen interior design in Palm Beach by Decorilla

Interior design in Palm Beach wouldn’t be the same without these designers and their firms. Whether in need of a quick, one-room remodel or a complete interior overhaul, they can do it all. In fact, the diverse interior designers of West Palm Beach, Florida, can accommodate every need, taste, and budget.

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Lorraine Rogers-Bolton

One of the top palm beach interior designers - Lorraine Rogers

Lorraine Rogers-Bolton is the driving force behind the Rogers Design Group. She’s equally skilled at coming up with trendy concepts, like spring home décor ideas, and turning them into reality. Her bespoke creations certainly cement her legacy as one of the best Palm Beach interior designers.

Formal living room interior design in palm beach - Lorraine Rogers

WHAT WE LOVE: How Lorraine’s designs reflect her clients’ values and sensibilities. It makes her high-end interiors perfect for their lifestyles. 

Amanda Keeler

one of the best west palm beach interior designers - Amanda Keeler

Ever since she was a child, Amanda Keeler knew she wanted to become an interior designer. Her passion for her work is apparent in her commercial, hospitality, and residential projects. Even though modern coastal and mountain styles are her favorites, she can beautifully apply any style to any interior.

Kitchen by one of the top Palm Beach interior designers - Amanda K.
Modern kitchen by one of the top West Palm Beach & Decorilla interior designers, Amanda Keeler

Top Palm Beach interior designers like Amanda know to look for inspiration in more than one place. History, nature, fashion, art, and travel influence her work. Drawing from these sources and her clients’ visions enables her to tell unique stories through design. The resulting spaces have harmonious atmospheres that tie whole homes together.

Interior design palm beach - Amanda K
Dining room interior design in Palm Beach by Decorilla designer, Amanda Keeler

WHAT WE LOVE: Amanda’s mission is to create more than beautiful spaces. She firmly believes interiors should be as functional as they are attractive. Amanda loves working with new clients – if you like her work, get started on a project with her today!

Krista Watterworth Alterman

one of the top interior decorators palm beach fl - Kirsta

Multi-award-winning designer, Krista Watterworth Alterman, creates gorgeous interiors. She’s also the founder and creative director of Krista + Home. Her clean, modern yet classic signature style is in high demand around the county. It’s no wonder as Krista adds a holiday vibe to every interior. Furthermore, she respects both modern and historical elements. These are only some of the reasons why she’s counted among the top West Palm Beach interior designers.

Nursery with palm beach interior design style - Krista

WHAT WE LOVE: Krista’s knack for balancing different patterns, textures, and contrasts. As a result, every room Krista designs is not only luxurious but livable. 

Ellen Kavanaugh

one of the best interior decorators palm beach fl - Ellen

Ellen Kavanaugh has been designing Palm Beach interiors for over a decade. As lead and principal designer of Ellen Kavanaugh Interiors, she wants clients’ unique styles to shine through. She also ensures her versatile spaces complement existing architectural features. Comfy textures, fresh colors, custom details, as well as distinctive finishes and furnishings define her projects.

Palm beach interior design style - Ellen

WHAT WE LOVE: Ellen’s partnerships with local and international craftsmen. They give her easy access to custom-built light fixtures and furniture.

Amy Feldman

one of the best west palm beach interior designers - Amy Feldman

Whatever a project’s size and scope, Amy Feldman shows each the same amount of TLC. Ultimately, her client’s happiness is her number one priority. She wants them to feel excited about spending time in their new space. Her designs are recognizable for their up-to-date, fresh, and modern look. They also feature elegant, more traditional touches. All in all, sophistication and class are central to her projects. It makes her stand out among the other top Palm Beach interior designers.

Bedroom by one of the top interior decorators palm beach fl - Amy Feldman
Bedroom by one of the best Decorilla interior decorators in Palm Beach, FL, Amy Feldman

As Amy grew up in and around the garment industry, her love of fashion, fabrics, color, and design started young. Because creativity has always surrounded her, she has a particularly sharp eye. She quickly gets a sense of her clients’ wants and needs, allowing her to draft their new space in a flash.

Open plan by one of the top interior designers in palm beach - Amy Feldman
Contemporary living room interior design in Palm Beach by Decorilla designer, Amy Feldman

WHAT WE LOVE: How passionate Amy is about turning empty spaces into functional, stylish living environments. As part of Decorilla’s team, her approach also happens to be one some of the most affordable interior design available!

Jason Ball

One of the top interior decorators palm beach fl - Jason Ball

Jason Ball of Jason Ball Interior Design’s philosophy is to create comfy spaces that ooze understated sophistication. His balanced designs absolutely reflect the client – how they live, dream, and want visitors to feel in their interior. He believes in removing any pieces in a room that don’t have a design role.

top interior designers in palm beach - Jason Ball

WHAT WE LOVE: The innovative way Jason uses patterns and textures in his Palm Beach interior design style.

Sophia Passerini

palm beach interior designers - Sophia

Among the top interior designers in Palm Beach is Italian-born and raised Sophia Passerini. Her European flair sets her apart in the local design community. It also gives her a fresh perspective on interior design in Palm Beach. She listens closely to her client’s desires and delivers the harmonious, well-balanced spaces they want.

Top interior designers in palm beach florida - Sophia Passerini

WHAT WE LOVE: Apart from Passerini Interior Design, Sophia also has an eponymous luxury brand. Here, she sources exclusive, elegant pieces of furniture and décor she comes across during her frequent European travels.

Annie Santulli

top interior designer palm beach - Annie

Having received regional, national, and online praise, Annie Santulli is one of the best interior decorators in Palm Beach, FL. Her firm, Annie Santulli Designs, offers a host of services. They range from quick interior refreshes to more extensive redesign projects. Whatever the project, she ensures the resulting space represents the client and their lifestyle.

Bedroom with a palm beach interior design style - Annie

WHAT WE LOVE: Annie’s commitment to creating one-of-kind interiors for all her clients.

Heather Weisz

one of the best west palm beach interior designers - Heather

The principal designer of HW Interiors, Heather Weisz, developed her signature style during her travels. She and her team are top Palm Beach interior designers because of their beautiful, comfy spaces and efficient service. In fact, Heather’s talents aren’t limited to West Palm Beach. Her firm has worked on projects around the country and even in Puerto Rico.

Palm beach interiors by Heather Weisz

WHAT WE LOVE: How Heather strives for perfection while working on her projects. 

Dawn Sabatello

top interior designers in palm beach - Dawn

Interior design in Palm Beach is so much richer, thanks to Dawn Sabatello and her firm. She’s been serving clients for the past three and a half decades and continues to draw in new ones. It’s not only due to her warm, comfy, and inviting designs but also because of her unparalleled professionalism.

Dining and kitchen interior design palm beach - Dawn

WHAT WE LOVE: Dawn’s ability to bring out the best in each home’s personality.

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[Feature image: HW Interiors]