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Open spaces are great, but sometimes challenging to put together. It’s not always easy to match the design of different areas so that it flows without feeling boring. In this recent Decorilla project, the client wanted a transitional living room online interior design that would match with his dining room and kitchen, and Decorilla came to rescue!


A space that looks stylish and functional for everyday life; this is what the client was looking for in his living room online interior design. Therefore, the designer needed to solve a few challenges:

  • Create a stylish and practical transitional interior design
  • Keep some of the furniture the client already had
  • Include a wow factor in the design



The client had already worked with Decorilla for other areas of his home, and at this point, he knew he wanted a transitional living room design. He preferred muted colors, like dark green and blue, brown and grey. And these are also the colors he chose for his inspiration pictures.


Decorilla 3D rendering – Transitional living room design

Already in the initial proposal, the designer Rachel H. came up with a sophisticated transitional living room design. She created a neutral color palette with dark blue accents that would enhance the masculine colors in the rest of the home. The layout didn’t change, but the designer touch is definitely evident in the final result, as everything flows perfectly, creating a cohesive and welcoming space. Details are key in this space. For instance, the built-ins next to the fireplace got a full makeover. In the final design, a patterned wallpaper in the tones of blue is laid on the back of the shelves. Besides tying the entire color palette in, it’s a great way to really make the white structure of the built-ins stand out! All accessories are also chosen carefully and the designer has created few vignettes to fill in the shelves while keeping an overall harmonious look.

Decorilla transitional interior design moodboard

As requested by the client, functionality was considered a key priority, achieved with plenty of seating options and an overall practical design. Another one of the client’s requirement was creating a wow factor in the design. To start with, this room already had a stunning wooden sloped ceiling. Choosing a simple color palette has complemented this feature, making it shine as the real wow factor of this transitional living room design.


Decorilla 3D rendering – transitional living room design


transitional online living room interior design before2
Before photo – Transitional living room interior design

What came out of this living room online interior design is a sophisticated space, that feels elegant and masculine at the same time. Everything starts with the first impression. Instead of seeing the back of the sofa (as it was in the before layout), the designer introduced a console table with two beautiful table lamps. She then added two stools to give the option of extra seating when entertaining. And when they’re not needed, the empty space below the console is perfect to keep them neatly stored!

Decorilla transitional interior design
Decorilla 3D rendering – Transitional living room design

In the dining room, both the round table and the four chairs are the ones the client already owned. But it is the design of the little alcove that makes all of the difference here! First of all, the inside of the alcove is painted with a medium shade of grey that makes a strong contrast with the white on the rest of the walls. Then, an oversized artwork fills the wall space and adds interest. And finally, a console table dressed with a tall lamp and some accessories give the last stylish touch!

The main conversation area includes a spacious sectional and two armchairs. Blue accent pillows are added throughout to blend the space together and two side tables provide space to put things on. But if there is one thing that really makes this transitional living room design stand out it is the artworks. A big canvas on the fireplace mantel creates an interesting focal point. And since it has very subtle colors, it doesn’t detract from the stone finish of the fireplace itself. On the side wall, four framed art pieces finish up the corner and give it an extra touch of elegance.

living room online interior design shopping list
Decorilla shopping list


  1. Sectional sofa
  2. Statement coffee table
  3. Floral artworks
  4. Velvet ottoman
  5. Elegant table lamp
  6. Masculine armchair

Once more, this living room online interior design shows that design is really all about the details. And the help of a designer will make it much easier to achieve a great final result! So if you want your home to look its best, schedule a free interior design consultation with Decorilla and get started today!

Written by Decorilla designer Silvia C.

[Images 1 , Decorilla designer Rachel H.]