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Rich in history and culture, North Carolina’s capital has drifted through urban renewal, transforming into a modern city while preserving heritage. Design is present everywhere, from vivid murals to public art, highlighted by Art Walks, a top-notch music scene, parks, and music festivals. Interiors also overflow with this talent, some of which we’re lucky enough to have on the Decorilla team and others we love to watch grow. Check out our picks for the top Raleigh interior designers who rightly represent this destination, and its spirit deeply rooted in creativity and expression.

Jenny Cimino

Top Raleigh interior designers Jenny Cimino

Jenny Cimino is a prominent residential and commercial designer and the founder of Lavish Designs, LLC. Being the third generation of furniture and interior designers, Jenny’s career choice, followed by a diploma from Liberty University, was hardly a surprise. Her transitional design signature comprises shaping clients’ personal tastes into visual and tactile experiences. Jenny’s professional expertise also reflects in the curation of decorative items, art, and furniture in her retail studio, which opened in 2016.

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Top interior designers Raleigh NC Jenny Cimino

WHAT WE LOVE: Inspiring, livable spaces immersed in sophisticated elegance.

Casey Hardin

Top Raleigh interior designers Casey Hardin

Casey Hardin specializes in imbuing joy and positivity into modern farmhouse, bohemian, and eclectic design. She is also a multi-disciplinary designer with a strong artistic background. Casey believes that design, above all, is an opportunity to encourage positive energy through creating unique spaces that reflect the client’s personality. Her repertoire includes landscape architecture, graphic design, and jewelry design. Furthermore, Casey regularly shares her knowledge of home decor tricks and design inspiration on her blog.

Decorilla designer and top interior decorator Raleigh NC, Casey Hardin
Decorilla designer and top interior decorator Raleigh NC, Casey Hardin

Casey’s interiors are vivid examples of functional beauty that effortlessly blends old and new, light and dark, subtle and bold, and masculine and feminine. Eclectic and transitional designs present a special kind of challenge in her work. It’s an irresistible opportunity to fuse the period pieces with unique colors and finishes. The final results, consequently, emerge as multi-dimensional, dynamic spaces filled with varied fabrics, textures, and unique decor pieces. Fully one-of-a-kind, yet still incredibly trendy interiors.

Lush coastal bathroom by one of the top raleigh interior designers casey h
Bathroom by Decorilla designer and one of the top interior designers in Raleigh NC, Casey Hardin

WHAT WE LOVE: Casey’s vibrant pops of colors and her way of setting up individual elements to form cohesive, yet authentic spaces. Not to mention, she offers some design packages for every budget. Love her style? Get started with 15% off Casey’s design services today!

Elizabeth Burns

Top Raleigh interior designers Elizabeth Burns

Elizabeth Burns has dedicated her entire career to the home furnishing and building industries. After graduating from Meredith College with a Bachelor in Interior Design in 2009, she developed a passion for renovating and remodeling. Today, as one of the top Raleigh interior designers near you, Elizabeth draws her inspiration from reusing and repurposing, aimed to make quality design more affordable. In addition, her clients are encouraged to preserve their valuable items, investing primarily in major pieces and developing the rest of the interior around them.

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WHAT WE LOVE: Design approach that builds a space character through vintage and repurposed items.

Betsy Bardi

Top Raleigh interior designers Betsy Bardi

Betsy Bardi decided to become a Houzz interior designer in Raleigh at a very young age. After graduating from East Carolina University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, she gained practical experience working in a variety of design centers, showrooms, and retail. Betsy’s design inspiration lies in translating clients’ needs into functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces that they will adore. Her work reflects different personality segments to create tailored, livable homes.

Top interior decorator Raleigh NC, Betsy Bardi

WHAT WE LOVE: Betsy’s cheeky, yet refined flair that is simultaneously relaxed and inspiring.

KaSonndra Leigh

_interior designers Raleigh nc Kassondra Leigh

Charlotte-born KaSonndra Leigh is not only one of the top Raleigh interior designers near you, but also a bestselling author. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from the National University, a Bachelor’s degree in business management, and an MFA in Creative Writing. Her designs range from residential interior plans, Airbnb conceptual designs to glamorous entertainment areas. KaSonndra believes that a beautiful interior should be an experience available to all.

Pantone CotY 2021 in the living room by Decorilla designer and one of top interior designers Raleigh NC KaSonndra Leigh
Living room by Decorilla designer KaSonndra Leigh, one of the top interior designers Raleigh NC

KaSonndra’s inspiration lies in traveling and immersing in the Mediterranean coasts and Japanese gardens. Consequently, her concepts grow from the fusion of ancient beauty and modern culture, adding a romantic aspect to interior design’s technical side. The result is a rewarding experience of solving practical problems while delivering something her clients will love and cherish.

Modern rustic master bedroom retreat by interior decorators raleigh nc kassondra l
Bedroom by Decorilla designer and one of the top interior decorator Raleigh NC, KaSonndra Leigh

WHAT WE LOVE: KaSonndra’s bold color use that sparks a jazzy-tuned joie de vivre as a result. In addition, her design services are very accessible and affordable. Love KaSonndra’s work? Then, get started with 15% off her design services today!

Heather Garrett

Top Raleigh interior designers Heather Garrett

Heather attended Parsons School of Design while working at the same time for a French designer, Robert Couturier. This experience strongly influenced her ability to strengthen her personal stamp. Heather’s design signature grew from a variety of interior styles, ranging from French Modern to Southern Traditional. What she terms “The Modern South” is deeply rooted in historical Southern American architecture and spruced up with modern decor. Heather is also a member of the American Society of Interior Designers, with projects often featured in relevant magazines.

Top interior decorator Raleigh NC, Heather Garrett

WHAT WE LOVE: Classic as much as classy interiors with a lot of visual dynamics.

MA Allen

 interior designers Raleigh NC MA Allen

As the head behind one of the best interior design firms in Raleigh, NC, MA Allen‘s scope of work stretches from commercial to residential. As a result, her portfolio includes trend-setting restaurants, corporate developments, high-end fashion boutiques, and client-centered gyms and salons. Although each space is distinctively different, they all feature a timeless, inviting flair. Clean, polished lines define her design approach, taking sophisticated, yet highly functional ambiances to an entirely different level. MA’s goal is to create elaborate interiors, equally marked by customized comfort and striking style.

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WHAT WE LOVE: Creative sensibility that is both classic and modern, and bold and contemporary.

Angela Crittenden

Top Raleigh interior designers Angela Crittenden

The lead designer and owner of Teal Interior Design is renowned for creating comfortable, bespoke interiors with southern vibes. Smooth lines and refined color palettes characterize her style. Angela holds an Interior Design, Art and Business Degree and a variety of certificates, which granted her the opportunity to challenge herself in diverse design projects. What’s more, she is firmly devoted to properly defining each client’s needs, goals and priorities. As a result, she translates their dreams into timeless, alluring spaces, put together in acoherent whole with an inherently contemporary flair making her a favorite among interior designers in Raleigh, NC.

Top interior decorator Raleigh NC, Angela Crittenden

WHAT WE LOVE: Design rooted in lifestyle, therefore highly functional for everyday living.

Rima Nasser

Top Raleigh interior designers Rima Nasser

Rima bases her signature style on the principle that design should be fun and stimulating. An artist by nature, she takes inspiration from diverse cultures, traditions, and heritage. Moreover, Rima holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Culture from George Mason University and a Master’s in Interior Design from the Florence Design Academy in Italy. Plenty of traveling provided her with a comprehensive understanding of different styles and tastes. Furthermore, she incorporates a variety of influences into her unique designs, from Tuscan classics, French rustics, to the Southern charm.


WHAT WE LOVE: Diverse influences expressed in bold colors and patterns.

Lisa Rice

Top Raleigh interior designers Lisa Rice

Lisa Rice has a reputation for making the design process an enjoyable and comfortable experience as an interior decorator in Raleigh, NC. She believes in a consultative approach that turns an average space into a reflection of the client’s individual style, taste, and personality. Lisa’s design inspiration comes from all places, as a way to correctly meet the needs of daily lifestyle, above all. This can include hobbies, travels, and all the little things that provide a unique character to the client and their property. As a result, her unique design process transforms rooms, enhancing their functional and aesthetical dimensions.


WHAT WE LOVE: Calm, well-structured spaces with a welcoming air.

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