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Sweet home Alabama indeed! Birmingham is a desirable Southern city for many reasons. It has great career prospects, low living costs, and gorgeous urban and green spaces. The varied architecture also means ideal abodes for all. And when a building’s interior needs TLC, there’s plenty of help too. Read on to discover the top interior designers in Birmingham, AL!

About Birmingham Interior Design                  

top interior designers in Birmingham Al - Dina H
Decorilla cozy modern master bedroom by one of the top interior designers in Birmingham, AL

Once established, Birmingham became a boomtown, which then grew into a thriving city. Thanks to ongoing development, it features historic and modern buildings. Popular styles include Tudor, ranch, cottage, Victorian, and neoclassical. That’s where the best interior designers in Birmingham, Alabama, come into play. They keep these architectural marvels updated inside.

Best interior designers in Birmingham AL - Alexandra L
Decorilla breakfast nook by one of the top interior decorators in Birmingham, AL

People moving to and around the city want to customize their new homes. The top Birmingham interior designers enhance buildings by respecting the exteriors as well as owners. They can help with solutions from simple outdoor furniture ideas to complete home renovations.

Need help finding the top Birmingham interior designers near you? Then, schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation with a design expert to help you find the perfect match!

Interior Designers & Design Firms in Birmingham, Alabama

Best interior designers in Birmingham AL - Wanda P
Modern farmhouse great room by one of Decorilla’s best Birmingham interior designers

There are many designers and interior design firms in Birmingham, AL. However, some are in a league of their own and have the portfolios to prove it. Whether money is no object or you need decorating on a budget, one of these top interior designers near you is bound to produce the desired results.

Dana Wolter

Top interior designers in Birmingham AL - Dana Wolter

To anyone familiar with her work, it’s no surprise that Dana Wolter is among the best interior decorators in Birmingham, AL. After all, she goes above and beyond to help every client figure out what living well means to them. As Dana Wolter Interiors’ founder, she delivers tasteful, tranquil, and harmonious spaces.

Best interior designers in Birmingham AL - Dana Wolter

WHAT WE LOVE: Dana’s furniture and décor selection process. She not only fills clients’ homes but creates graceful, welcoming spaces that show off what they value most.

Decorilla Birmingham Interior Designers

One of the best Portland Maine interior design firms near me

Browsing for ‘interior designers near me’ can quickly feel limiting. Thankfully, there are other options like Decorilla. Apart from interior designers in Birmingham, Alabama, Decorilla has designers nationwide. The best part is clients get to work with any of these skilled individuals, regardless of location, from home.

Birmingham interior designers - Gwendolyn G
Decorilla boho eclectic living and dining room – Birmingham interior designs

Decorilla makes interior design accessible, affordable, and stress-free with an easy to follow design process. In fact, every client gets paired with not one, but two vetted designers ideal for their project. After receiving room concepts from both, clients choose a favorite and work closely with them towards the perfect space.

Best interior decorators in Birmingham AL - Martina D
Transitional kitchen by one of the top Decorilla interior designers near you

WHAT WE LOVE: Sourcing new pieces for a refreshed interior can become expensive fast. Decorilla offers all clients exclusive trade discounts, further enhancing the experience. Another great thing is you can get started now to enjoy one of the chicest spaces in Birmingham!

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Heidi Core

Birmingham interior designers - Heidi Core

With over 25 years of industry experience, the owner and founder of Heidi Core Interior Design, LLC is an asset to any project. Although, Heidi Core is particularly skilled in commercial design as well. She’s among the best interior designers in Birmingham, AL, because of her talent for identifying clients’ needs and desires every time.

Interior designers near me - Heidi Core

WHAT WE LOVE: Heidi is a joy to work with due to her competence and agreeableness.

Allison Hallman

Birmingham interior designers - Allison Hallman

Allison Hallman of Willow Interiors grew up in homes built by her father. These childhood environments sparked her love of construction and design. Ultimately, it led to her becoming one of the top interior decorators in Birmingham, AL. Today, she’s celebrated for her carefully curated spaces.

Houzz interior designers Birmingham - Allison Hallman

WHAT WE LOVE: How Allison pairs modern and vintage pieces with mixed colors and materials to create enduring interiors.

Ashley Ayer

Birmingham interior designers - Ashley Ayer

Homebodies often make the best Birmingham interior designers. That’s why Ashely Ayer of Ashely Ayer Interiors successfully creates comfy, mood-elevating spaces time and again. Her artistic eye and natural talent for composition help too, of course.

Birmingham interior design - Ashley Ayer

WHAT WE LOVE: Ashely’s distinct yet elegant spaces reflect the spirit of those who inhabit them.

Mandi Smith T

Birmingham interior designers - Mandi Smith T

Mandi Smith T believes interiors can be beautiful, regardless of budget. It’s the hallmark of one of the best interior decorators in Birmingham, AL. As the owner of her design studio, she respects clients’ styles while updating their spaces to remain fresh and current.

Interior design firms birmingham al - Mandi Smith T

WHAT WE LOVE: How Mandi encourages clients to participate in home improvement projects. She finds that it helps them refine their style and boosts their confidence.

Cameron Mobley

interior design firms birmingham al - Cameron Mobley

Creating comfy yet inspiring interiors is Cameron Mobley’s top priority. She’s also committed to delivering bespoke designs that enhance buildings’ architectural features. This secures her a spot among the top Birmingham interior designers.

Houzz interior designers Birmingham - Cameron Mobley

WHAT WE LOVE: The way Cameron’s passion for travel and people influences her designs. She sees them as sources of inspiration, from which she draws to refine her style.

Barri Thompson

interior design firms birmingham al - Barri Thomson

Barri Thompson’s designs are as chic as they are functional – a testament to her ‘love the spaces you live in’ mantra. Her full-service firm, Barri Thompson Interiors, takes on commercial and residential projects. Because the results always impress, she’s among the top interior designers in Birmingham, AL.

Interior designers near me - Barri Thomson

WHAT WE LOVE: How nothing can distract Barri once she’s started a new project. She truly gives each interior design her all.

Laura Gossett

Top interior decorators birmingham al - Laura Gossett

To Laura Gossett, authenticity is key when it comes to interior design. She gives her clients attractive spaces that are highly practical too. It ensures the homeowners feel comfy enough to kick back, relax, and make memories in their house. She focuses on timeless instead of trendy designs, which makes her one of the best interior decorators in Birmingham, AL.

Best Birmingham interior designers - Laura Gossett

WHAT WE LOVE: As a certified True Color Expert, Laura’s use of tones and hues throughout spaces is on point.

Laura Vogtle

Houzz interior designers Birmingham - Laura Vogtle

Eclectic and artistic yet functional and comfy describes L. Vogtle Interiors’ designs. The founder and head designer, Laura Vogtle is especially renowned for her family-friendly spaces. So much, in fact, that it’s earned her a spot as one of the top interior decorators in Birmingham, AL. She infuses every space with her distinct style and the client’s unique personality. It results in the ultimate bespoke interior.

Interior designers near you - Laura Vogtle

WHAT WE LOVE: There’s no challenge too great. Laura and her team happily take on full-scale design services of all sizes and scopes. Few Houzz interior designers in Birmingham can compete with her determination or skill.

Collaborate with the Best Interior Designers in Birmingham, AL

Identifying the right talent for your project among the top Birmingham interior designers can certainly be tough. However, our team can help match you with two talented designers. Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation today to find out more!

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[Feature image: Architectural Digest

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