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We have our fingers on the pulse of the who’s who in interior design circles. From the small town creatives to the latest Houzz Interior Designers Baton Rouge Award winners and more. Read on to discover the top 10 best Baton Rouge interior designers and decorators that can transform any space into one that simply oozes Southern charm.

Interior Design Baton Rouge

Interior design in Baton Rouge - Farzaneh K.
Bedroom by Decorilla interior decorator in Baton Rouge

Located along the banks of the great Mississippi River lies Louisiana’s capital city. Given that Baton Rouge is known for its delicious foods, rich history, thriving art and culture scene, and more, it’s no wonder that the city is so beloved. When taking a closer look at the impressive architecture found around the Red Stick, one can only imagine the interiors hidden out of sight.

This unique melting pot is rich in American, African, French, and French Canadian cultures. As a result, architecture and interior design in Baton Rouge is a vibrant mix of old and new. Bay windows, detailed ceilings, and timeless fireplaces often form the base of these stunning interiors. 

The Best Baton Rouge Interior Designers

Top Baton Rouge interior designers near you - Berkeley H
Open concept by one of the top Decorilla Baton Rouge interior designers

The interior design in Baton Rouge is as varied as those who call this city home. These top interior designers and decorators help clients in and beyond Baton Rouge. They can provide ideas on how to decorate a small living room or assist in refurbishing an entire home or business. Whatever your interior design dilemma, there’s a professional on this list who can help.

Need help finding the best approach to design your space? Then, schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation from one of Decorilla’s interior designers near you today. 

Arianne Bellizaire 

Best Baton Rouge interior designers

Arianne Bellizaire stands out amongst the interior decorators in Baton Rouge, LA. This award-winning designer is the founder and head of Arianne Bellizaire Interiors. Not only does she help her clients create stunning spaces, but she also saves them time and money thanks to her foolproof processes.

Interior decorator Baton Rouge - Arianne Bellizaire

WHAT WE LOVE: Arianne’s commitment to making home improvement stress-free and affordable.

Decorilla Baton Rouge Interior Designers

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Quick, easy, convenient and amazing results. That sums up working with Decorilla Baton Rouge interior designers in a nutshell. Because Decorilla is one of the top online interior design firms, services aren’t limited to the Red Stick, Louisiana. In fact, the opposite is true too: clients can work with designers from all over the country! Decorilla pairs every client with two skilled designers at the start of the process. Both designers then provide the client with a unique design concept, then the client chooses their favorite to proceed.

Interior decorator in Baton Rouge - Drew F
Decorilla interior design in Baton Rouge

Whichever designer’s concept the client picks will continue working closely with the client to bring their vision to life. Unlike some other interior design firms in Baton Rouge, Decorilla offers clients more than knowledgeable interior designers. Clients also benefit from:

  • Lifelike renderings of their soon-to-be-updated space
  • A detailed online shopping list 
  • A helpful implementation guide
  • Step-by-step assistance
  • Exclusive trade discounts
Interior designers near you in Baton Rouge and beyond - Casey H
Top Decorilla Baton Rouge interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: The sheer number of talented Decorilla team members. Their variety of interior designers ensures that all clients find their perfect match. Because of this, every client is sure to enjoy the services of the best-suited interior decorator Baton Rouge has to offer. Sounds good? Then be sure to get started today!

Jillian Freiberg 

Interior decorators in Baton Rouge, LA

Artistic by nature, Jillian Freiberg knew since childhood that she would become an interior designer. Due to her diverse background, she is equally skilled at designing commercial and residential interiors. Today, she is the proud owner and designer of Jillian Freiberg Interiors.

Interior decorators Baton Rouge, LA - Jillian Freiberg

WHAT WE LOVE: Jillian’s designs clearly follow her philosophy of function meets beauty. 

Ty Larkins

Houzz interior designers in Baton Rouge

After launching Ty Larkins Interiors, principal designer Ty Larkins achieved near-immediate success. Because of his commitment to his craft, Ty’s interior designs have featured in numerous local and national publications. Furthermore, as one of the top Houzz interior designers in Baton Rouge, he’s also appeared on HGTV’s series Dream House.

One of the top Baton Rouge interior designers - Ty Larkin

WHAT WE LOVE: His signature “livable, elegant, modern” design style.

Becky Walker

Interior decorator in Baton Rouge

Owner and principal designer of The Design Studio, Becky Walker, has nearly two decades of industry experience. An absolute pro at what she does, her portfolio is incredibly diverse. It consists of commercial, as well as residential projects. It’s no wonder, her interior design firm sets out to create timeless spaces for all clients in Baton Rouge.

Houzz interior designers Baton Rouge - Becky Walker

WHAT WE LOVE: Becky is 100% committed to and focused on her clients – she aims to deliver turnkey services to all.  

Aimee Walker

One of the top interior designers in Baton Rouge

Aimee Walker is a five-time Best of Houzz Interior Designers Baton Rouge Award winner. She’s also the founder and head designer of Aimee Walker Interiors. But above all, Aimee is someone who sees the opportunities and turns them into reality for her clients.

Interior decorator in Baton Rouge - Aimee Walker

WHAT WE LOVE: Aimee’s talent for creating warm, inviting interiors.

Dixon Smith Interiors

Top Baton Rouge interior designers

The iconic interior design Baton Rouge business, Dixon Smith Interiors, has been in the game for over seven decades. After her impressive run in the industry, founder Dixon Smith left the reins to her capable designers. Today, designers David Coco, Joel Fazende, and Hilary Smith Kennedy make up this dream team. As is clear in their work, they focus on creating cohesive settings using unique, high-end pieces. 

Interior decorators Baton Rouge, LA - Dixon Smith

WHAT WE LOVE: The Dixon Smith team’s passion for collaborating with clients to make their wildest design dreams come true.

Karen Giffel

Interior designers near me

Look up “in-demand interior decorator Baton Rouge” online and Karen Giffel will certainly be amongst the top results. She’s been the owner and designer of her firm, Karen Giffel Interior Design, since 1992. There is truly nothing that makes Karen happier than bringing a client’s style to life.

Houzz interior designers Baton Rouge - Karen Giffel

WHAT WE LOVE: Karen continues learning to stay at the top of her game. 

Meghann Landry

Interior designers near you

With a keen eye for traditional designs, Meghann Landry excels at designing interiors for Louisiana homes. In other words, she truly is an asset to the interior design Baton Rouge community. Ever since 2006, Meghann has been a valued member of Bill McMillin’s McMillin Interiors.

One of the top Baton Rouge interior designers - Meghann Landry

WHAT WE LOVE: Meghann’s knack for designing timeless interiors with an unexpected little twist.

Rachel Cannon

Baton rouge interior designers near you

Clients can enjoy a simplified construction and interior design process in Baton Rouge thanks to Rachel Cannon. The owner-designer of Rachel Cannon Limited is also well-known for her sophisticated designs. Her past clients and all agree: Rachel is an expert at creating polished residential and commercial interiors.

Interior decorator in Baton Rouge - Rachel Cannon

WHAT WE LOVE: An interior decorator Baton Rouge is lucky to have, Rachel’s wit and knowledge certainly make her a joy to work with.

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