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Top 5 Winter Interior Design Trends

winter design trends emerald sofa

As the days grow shorter, our time spent indoors grows longer and winter is the perfect time to focus on our interiors. We’ve asked some of our top interior designers which winter trends they are keeping their eyes on this year and they’ve been crushing on deeper tones, cozy & comfy textures, and striking metals… Read more »

Scandinavian Interior Design: 10 Best Tips for Creating a Beautiful Space


Scandinavian style and hygge decor have swept the world over with a distinct look hailed in our favorite design magazines and blogs. With a focus on simplicity, minimalism, and functionality, this design movement which emerged in the 1950s has added an appreciation for craftsmanship and understated elegance in homes. Here’s a quick guide with our top… Read more »

7 Interior Design New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make

Creating a space like no other and calling it home is like anything worthwhile: a labor of love. And, like anything of importance (our health, our relationships, our work), inspired motivation is extremely helpful. Luckily, New Year’s resolutions offer the cyclical opportunity to make improvements in these areas as well as our environments. We’ve gathered… Read more »

5 Reasons to Layer Living Room Rugs

Area rugs are an important part of interior décor, especially for multifunctional spaces like living rooms. Besides having a soft under foot and creating warmth in the space, living room rugs also frame organized focal points.  Often used as artwork too,  they help determine the style and color scheme. Choosing the right area rug is… Read more »

10 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home Interior Design

Wanting to refresh your home interior design is a popular wish. Maybe the living room feels a little lack-luster or the bedroom is needing a bit of a design umph. Like wardrobes and hairstyles, our interiors need a change now and then. True, getting interior design help with a professional is ideal. But, for those… Read more »

Designer Wall Decor Ideas with Curioos Home

You can never have enough wall decor ideas. Today we’re excited to have our friends at Curioos, content manager, Koun Bae, and resident interior design expert, Mary Rogers, share their insiders’ tips in the blog post below.   Decorating your walls can become an overwhelming task if you don’t know where to start. With the new Curioos… Read more »