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At one point or another, an online quiz is going to tempt you into finding anything from your fashion style to your personality and even interior design style. Well, rather than be disappointed with a standard answer to a three-point personal style quiz, try ones you’ll actually benefit from and enjoy. We’ve scoured the web and put together a list of our favorites – read on and have fun!

What’s My Style?

Whether you’re wondering what your style is in terms of clothing, haircuts, or personality there’s a style quiz for every topic and every person. Chances are you’ve seen links to Buzzfeed quizzes and others when scrolling through your newsfeed, but not all quizzes were created equally. We’ve rounded up some of the best style quizzes across leading categories that you’re sure to enjoy. Simple and interactive, each style quiz will give some insight into your preferences, tastes and characteristics. Let’s get started!

1. Personal Style Quiz

personal style quiz

The personal fashion style quiz is one of the core quizzes we gravitate toward when wondering “what’s my style?”. It’s a good place to begin the journey: it’s light and easy to understand and gives clarity on your clothing style preferences that will set you on your merry – shopping – way. Your style identity couldn’t be easier to discover than with Visual Therapy. After taking the quiz you can direct your fashion into an exciting avenue. Anything from classic to whimsical to avant-garde – and it all lies within you, the quiz just helps ease it out more.

WHAT WE LOVE: That the result of Visual Therapy’s clothing style quiz indicates your main style, be it classic, chic, whimsical, bohemian, or avant-garde. But it also shows your percentages of each style.

2. Style Quiz for Interior Design

Style quiz interior design results: luxury living area by Decorilla designer, Amelia R.

Sometimes getting swept up in inspirational images can make us mistakenly assume we know what our interior style is. There is some truth to it, but when it comes to designing your home, those images are more likely to befuddle than to beautify your space. It’s better to go in with a clear style vision and how you want to decorate. That’s how a style quiz for interior design helps. Once you’ve pinned your style, you can mix your favorites with some of the hottest interior design trends for a unique and fresh look.

Style quiz interior design for bedrooms
Bedroom style quiz for interior design by Decorilla

WHAT WE LOVE: With or without knowing exactly what your style is, you can get professional design help after finishing the interior design style quiz. The designers figure it out for you, and the result often takes you beyond your happiest interior dreams.

Tip: It’s important to know that your style can be a combination of two or more styles. Taking an interior design style quiz will really help pinpoint your aesthetics because sometimes a personal style has no name!

3.  Wedding Dress Styles Quiz

Bride with a bohemian wedding dress style in a Moroccan outdoor lounge

Not only does David’s Bridal quiz provide your wedding dress style, but it also gives you shop-the-look options. In other words, you can buy the dress of your dreams directly from the quiz results. Their broad selection of dresses makes this possible, though not mandatory. When it comes to entering your budget, be sure to select the biggest boldest number. This way the quiz will give you more options and you can get a better idea of your wedding dress style.

WHAT WE LOVE: David’s Bridal offers more than a result to the wedding dress styles quiz. In fact, you can get everything from gifts, satin face masks, bridesmaid’s dresses to shoes. If a one-stop bridal shop is what you’re looking for, this might just be it.

4. Home Style Quiz

Home style quiz - modern exterior
Architecture style quiz results: modern home by Decorilla designer, Lisa W.

Perfecting your home style and honing the details is a lifelong expedition, a fun one at that. But knowing exactly what you prefer can give you a great start. What’s more, an insightful quiz, like this one on architectural styles, not only helps to clarify your favorite architecture but also sheds light on which house type suits you best. Architecture holds more than the structure of a home; it can be full of art and personality.

Architecture style quiz - Spanish coastal home
Home style quiz results: Spanish coastal by Decorilla designer, Anna I.

WHAT WE LOVE: That this home style quiz relies on basic knowledge of architecture, not just on color preference or furniture. The style result, accordingly, is rather accurate and reliable.

5. Personality Style Quiz

Woman sitting on a leather sofa in a loft apartment

Discover more about yourself with an alternative personality test, one that looks at the darker parts of your personality. In doing so, you can gain valuable insight into what other tests may omit. The 105-question personality style quiz relies on fluid aspects of an individual, unlike the rigid structure of typical personality tests. Combine the results of the IDRlabs’ quiz with a test that focuses on the positives, like the 16 Personalities Test, for a comprehensive idea of your strengths and weaknesses.

WHAT WE LOVE: The variety IDRlabs has to offer. Even more so, that most of the quizzes are based on psychological theory or studies on human behavior. You can also try a Jung or Freudian style test.

6. Hairstyle Quiz

Hair style quiz

After answering a few quick questions, The Hairstyler will suggest over a hundred hairstyles based on your criteria. Find the look for your face shape, hair color and hair type in no time. With the suggestions and a hairdresser appointment, you can wave limp, lifeless hairstyles goodbye and say ‘Hello!’ to what suits you best.

WHAT WE LOVE: That after completing the hairstyle quiz, you can receive a hair consultation. You can then upload a profile photo of yourself and have professional hairdressers advise you on the best style according to your specifics.

7. Work Style Quiz

Work style in an open plan space - quiz ED

Even in work-mode, you have a personal style, and Idealist’s quiz can pin how you approach tasks, work in a team and handle challenges. More than just a description, this work style quiz can help determine your professional strengths and potential weaknesses. What’s more, you can use the information as a guide to improving your performance and attitude about work.

WHAT WE LOVE: If you’re in a management position, you can ask your team to take the test and share the results with you if they feel comfortable. In doing so, you can better assess which tasks are better suited to which team member. The result is a stronger, well-understood, and more efficient team.

8. Learning Style Quiz

A child reading on a bed next to a fluffy dog in his learning style - housebeautiful

We never stop learning. Whether you study via a university, enhance your professional skills, or take on a new hobby, you have a specific approach to growing your knowledge. And once you get acquainted with your approach, learning can get much easier. A learning style quiz, like Education Planner, evaluates your answers in terms of auditory, visual, and tactile approaches, and provides a thorough description of your result.

WHAT WE LOVE: The clear explanation of the learning styles. Each primary type, (visual, auditory, and tactile) comes with tips on how to make learning easier for you as well as pointers on what to avoid. This can also help parents understand and assist their kids and teens with studying.

9. Love Style Quiz

Love language style quiz - happy couple listening to a record - AT

The result of a love style quiz can benefit you as well as all your loved ones. With insight into your love language, you can more fully grasp how you give and receive love. But that’s not all – you can build any relationship type with this knowledge. Your kids, friends, partner, and even your office bestie, can also take the test. By knowing the love languages of those close to you, you can connect and grow relationships even more.

WHAT WE LOVE: How each love language comes with an explanation based on The Five Languages by Gary Chapman. These include words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch and gift receiving.

10. Parenting Style Quiz

Being a parent has its ups and downs. But you can increase the good times by understanding your parenting style. Psych Central’s quiz assists in identifying your parenting style and potential areas of improvement, and in creating positive change. It’s also beneficial if both parents are available to take the test as different parenting styles can be problematic. In taking the quiz together, parents can find where to adjust and settle on a middle ground.

WHAT WE LOVE: That Psych Central caters to two-parent and single-parent households. The results are divided into three categories: authoritarian, flexibility, and permissive. And you’ll get a score in each category, a description as well as helpful tips and further reading suggestions.

With 10 life-improving quizzes, you now know your style across a variety of topics! Looking to bring your interior design style to fruition, but need a little help? Then schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to get started today!

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